10 Interesting Facts to Visit in Northeast India

| February 15, 2020 | Travel Tips

Northeast India is one of the best visiting places surrounding the mountain. Undoubtedly, you can find a splendid adventure in Northeast India. The natural beauty of some places attracts people to spend their vacation. So many entertainments are there, like – trekking, adventure in hills, seeing sunrise and sunset, bike riding, river rafting, etc.

So many things to visit like – monasteries, waterfalls, high mountain passes, national park, etc. The weather of Northeast India is damn romantic. So these places could be your honeymoon destination as well. So those who are interested to visit hill station, Northeast India would be an ideal place for them to visit. So spend a wonderful moment here, with lots of memories.

Arunachal Pradesh

Let’s quickly go through some interesting facts of Northeast India places which are given below-

1. In India, First Time Sun Can Be Seen In Arunachal Pradesh

This is one of the fascinating facts about India trip. Sun rises in the east, and one of the village of Arunachal Pradesh, name – Dong, situate in the most east of India. In 1999, this fact was first invented. Many people come here every year for seeing the sun rise behind the mountain from here.

2. Impressing Facts Of Assam

Another important fact is there in Assam, which also belongs to northern India. Assam comprises the biggest island of India. Again the smallest island of India is also situated here. Another thing of Assam – Muga silk is only available here through the world.

3. Market Hosting Only By Women

Another impressing fact is there regarding Manipur. Manipur is also situated in Northern India. Here is a market which operated by mothers. Means selling goods and all is done by mothers. You have never seen such a market all over the world. And you can get various types of things here, like – grocery, clothes, hand crafted things, jewelry, etc.

4. Women’s Empowerment In Meghalaya

Meghalaya is another state of Northeast India. Here you can see the women’s power, and      women are hosting society. They take all decisions. And precisely birth of new baby girls are celebrated here. Another wonderful thing of Meghalaya – one place is there where it is raining throughout the year. The place is Mawsynram.

5. Consummate Design Of Pukzing Cave By Hairpin

Another surprising fact about Mizoram is the Pukzing cave. The design of this cave is completely done by a pin that we use for binding hair. This is one of the most visited places Seven Sisters of Northeast India.

6. Nagaland Is Famous For The Largest Electric Guitar Altogether

Musically Nagaland is much famous in Northeast India, undoubtedly. Almost 368 guitarists were present in 2013 in Nagaland for playing AC/DC’s songs. These things were recorded into the Guinness Book. Moreover, people use 36 different languages here.

7. A Scared Fact About Sikkim

A soldier serves his duty even after death. Even salary was paid to the soldier. Even he came into his colleagues’ dream for helping them. This is such a panicky story of Sikkim.

8. Another Captivating Thing Is Floating Palace In Tripura

Northeast India is full of interesting facts. Tripura also belongs to Northern India. Here you can see several forts, palace, etc. But Neermahal is a kind of palace, which floats in the river. This is one of the great things of Tripura and attracts travelers for coming here.

9. Cleanest State In Country Is Situated In Northeast India

Mawlynnong is the cleanest place in India, even in Asia. This small village is situated in Shillong. This is the cleanest place of Northeast India.

10. Most Educated State Is Situated In Northeast India

You can find the most educated and literate people in Northeast India. Tripura and Mizoram is well known for having huge educated people I’m these two states. Tripura is the most educated state after the declaration of 2013. Almost 65% of people are literate here.

Final Thoughts

Here, different interesting facts about many states of Northeast India are discussed. These facts make those places most visited.


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