12 Chairs Cafe shares authentic Israeli cuisine.  Not only a wide range of dishes but also daily specials. It is in the United States, Brooklyn.The Cafe offers a huge selection of Israeli wines from wineries that enhance the taste and feeling of Israeli and Middle Eastern dishes along with other dishes like jakun, hamin, and shakshuka. They provide delivery, takeout, dining, and catering. 12 Chairs Cafe is committed to serving the original of everything. It offers freshness and quality from both overseas markets and local. The famous Pita bread of Israel is flown to the United States and baked with spices, labneh cheese, pickles, tahini, and other delights. In this article, I am about to give a full picture of 12 Chair Cafe including reviews, special menu, and price. So that you don’t feel left out in the restaurant, because when you visit a restaurant you should know everything about it. 

12 Chairs Cafe- Reviews

12 Chairs Cafe- ReviewsPeople who visited this cafe appreciated the food. Some of them appreciated the location but there are things they did not like at all, or you can say almost all of the customers booed the cafe for its late service, loud music, and peculiar behaviour of all the waiters/waitress, who did not speak a word while taking and serving the order. They also mixed orders with others or just simply missed an order. The reason behind visiting this cafe that has late service is because of the food and people there do not behave rudely with anyone. They like to keep shut. To avoid any kind of ill situation, employers of the cafe avoid talking much.The interior of the cafe is very modernized and clean. The chairs and tables along with glasses and dishes are super clean. The presentation of the food is pretty eye-catching, which will make you take some pictures first to put on your Instagram feed. Like every restaurant or business I might rephrase, it goes through ups and downs. Not every single day the chef is going to deliver the best food or the DJ can give you the best beats. Since they are new in the market. They have to learn more for people to fully like the restaurant and recommend it to others. 

12 Chairs Cafe- Special Menu

As I have mentioned earlier, they have a wide range of cuisines to offer. They have categorized it in an organized manner for foodies to choose by their preferences.


Breakfast Breakfast in the 12 chairs cafe is served all day.The list starts with an Israeli breakfast that includes two eggs with freshly chopped Israeli salad along with cheese with dips and coffee or freshly squeezed orange juice. So now you know how your Israeli friends like their breakfast. There is more preparation to make you have breakfast there every day.They serve Shakshuka which is eggs poached in spicy Moroccan tomato sauce with Israeli salad. Western omelette, greek omelette, spinach and goat cheese omelette, mushroom omelette, and salmon omelette are available here for breakfast. They also offer extra, obviously, that is going to cost you extra too. You can order egg whites, a side of eggs, a side of bacon or ham, cheese or brie. If you are in a sweet mood this morning and want something honeyed, then just go through the sweet morning section on the menu. They serve French toast, Pancakes, Blueberry Pancakes, Oatmeal along with sides like sweet potato fries, french fries, their own home fries, and mashed potatoes. 


lunchIn their lunch section, they serve their own 12 chairs burger that contains filet mignon, red onions, island dressing on crispy buns along with sweet potato fries and green salad. They also have lamburgers, chicken livers, chicken pocket, grilled chicken, Moroccan fish, pelmeni, pierogi. On the weekend they have lunch specials that include soup and sandwiches. 


Salads ieve in salads. In this section, the chefs have shown their amazing creativity with salads. First comes their house made a salad that has mesclun, avocado, gra[pefruit, and roasted pecans.They also serve arugula salad, chef salad, goat cheese salad, greek salad, Israeli salad, grilled chicken, and schnitzel salads. In sandwiches, they offer brie sandwiches, fresh mozzarella sandwiches, smoked salmon sandwiches, sabich sandwiches, Tunisian sandwiches. Check Out: Top 10 Vegan Restaurants In The World


AppetizersIn appetizers, the 12 chairs cafe presents you with grape leaves, mini lamb kebabs, roasted beets, labneh, and Baladi eggplant.You will also be able to taste hummus-like hummus falafel, meat, mushrooms, and onions. They have their house-made hummus too that pita bread with Israeli pickles. Other than that you will get babaganoush, falafel, and pickles. 


Drinks Drinks have three sections, divided into hot, cold, and beer.In hot drinks, they have to offer coffee, cafe latte, espresso, cappuccino, tea. They might have added a few more.In cold drinks, they have brewed iced tea, fruit shake, milkshake, Orangina, coke, lemonade.In beer, they have Corona, Samuel Adams, Goldstar, Heineken and blue moon. Don't ever forget to bring your ID with you, because 12 chairs are very strict about the right age to drink alcohol which is 21 years.The special menu offers you deliciously cooked foods on weekends. Their menu contains only two cuisines right now and they are Jachin and Hamin. Hamin is only served during winter.


Desserts To end your best meal of the day is only to get the best desserts.12 chairs offer their house-made sweet that has fresh fruits, whipped cream, chocolate, roasted pecans.Other than that they serve Bavarian cream, cheesecake, warm pecan pie a la mode, cheese blintzes, and fruit salads. There you go with the entire menu along with a special menu of 12 chairs cafe.

12 Chairs Cafe: Price 

Price The price of the dishes is expensive in the 12 chairs cafe. People somewhat avoid the cafe because of the price. But good things come with a cost.Here is the range of costs for all the sections in the menu.
  • For breakfast, the range is from 9 to 16 dollars. With extras, sweet morning and sides the range is from 4 to 10 dollars.
  • Hot dishes start from 13 dollars to 17 dollars. The salads have a different range from 11 dollars to 14.
  • The sandwiches start from 12 dollars.
  • Small plates and hummus start from 2 dollars to 15 dollars.
  • In the drink section, everything is under 7 dollars. 
  • Weekend specials are 14 to 17 dollars.
  • Sweets start from 10 dollars.

Wrapping It All Up

Here you go with an absolute painted picture of the 12 chair cafe, Brooklyn, the United States.A good well maintained restaurant is always expensive as they invest a lot in the restaurant and food to satisfy customers. Despite the bad reviews, I think one should experience things all by themselves.Leave a comment down in the comment section and share your experience with us.Read More:

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