Stay fit while traveling

5 Easy Ways To Stay In Shape While Travelling

| September 15, 2017 | Travel Blog

With travel no longer a luxury these days, travelling has become more of a lifestyle statement these days. More and more people are booking cheap flights these days and travelling all over the world to their heart’s content. But travelling is not as easy as it seems. With it come several concerns which must be addressed if we want a hassle-free holiday. One of the major concerns while travelling is to ensure we are in good health throughout. If we you’re tempted into eating something that wasn’t really fresh, then you could fall seriously ill. Or if you ate too much of something which wasn’t a very healthy choice, you could end up packing a few unwanted pounds. So by the time you’re back home from your vacation, you will either be sick or overweight, both unattractive propositions. So how does one stay fit and healthy while on vacation? Here are a few easy ways to keep in mind while travelling so that you can stay fit, healthy, and keep those pounds miles away.

Stay fit while traveling

1. Always pack healthy snacks

Replace items such as cookies and chips with healthier options like protein bars, almonds, and fresh fruits. These will not only keep you full but will make sure you don’t pack on any unnecessary pounds. You can munch on these anywhere you feel like – at the airport while you wait to board the flight, on board if you don’t feel like eating flight food, or at the stop while you wait to board your tourist bus. Items like this are a much healthier option than the generally opted for chips, cookies and cold drinks. There is no risk of you falling sick either.

2. Keep yourself well hydrated

It is famously known that while man can live without food for a while, he cannot possibly survive without water for too long. The importance of staying hydrated, especially while travelling, cannot be highlighted enough. Your body needs a lot of water to keep all its organs functioning well. So carry a bottle of water with you at all times and keep yourself hydrated whenever needed to do so. Water is the ultimate cure for jet lag and hangovers as well. So make sure to not miss out on this incredibly important tip to stay healthy.

3. Pack essential medicines

We know our bodies inside out and we know what suits us best and what doesn’t. Many people forget to pack their medicines and end up paying a huge price for this. Pack all medication you regularly take and even those you feel you may need. In fact, a good medical kit in addition to a first aid kit is always a very handy tool. This way, you will always be ready in case of emergencies and if you happen to fall sick for some reason, you will not need to go in search of medicines elsewhere.

4. Carry a hand sanitizer

When you pack your toiletries, make sure to throw in a hand sanitizer as well. Whether you’re holding a magazine to read on flight or carrying your luggage, they all carry microscopic germs we cannot see. It is a wise decision to use a hand sanitizer before eating to ensure hands are bacteria free. This is a good habit to inculcate even when not travelling. It is also essential to use hand sanitizer after having been to the washroom as well. The risk of falling sick will be higher if we don’t carry a sanitizer to keep our hands hygienically clean.

5. Keep active as much as you can

Again, this is a good lifestyle change as well. Try to use your phone less and explore more on foot when in a new location. This way, not only will you discover beautiful places, but will also be in good physical shape. If your hotel has a pool, dive in for a nice long swim. If it doesn’t, hire a bicycle and go cycling to see the scenic surroundings of the place you are visiting. If cycling isn’t your thing, then you can always trek or hike up challenging trails which will help burn those calories and keep you in top shape.


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