In contrast to the air conditioner and other accessories, caravan covers are highly recommended to add up to your shopping list.

A good cover protects the caravan from changing weather and keeps mold and dirt out, as well as bird droppings, when not in use. Even a separate caravan spare wheel covers also come with the Caravan cover.

The car’s paint can be significantly damaged as a result of these factors, making cleaning it more challenging. Before getting a caravan, take a look at the caravan cover reviews. Then select the best cover.

A caravan cover can be pricey to buy, but it is a good investment if you love to travel. Deciding to buy the best caravan covers in the market will improve your van life. Over the years, manufacturers have developed new caravan covers to choose from.

Getting The Right Size

There is a proper method for determining the appropriate RV cover size. In the event that the cover ends up being too big for the caravan, it should fit snugly and be simple to adjust. Depending on the type of RV, manufacturers had to offer different sizes of caravan covers.

First-time buyers may find it very challenging to select a caravan cover. Therefore, the first step is to measure the caravan’s body length and width, excluding the front and rear sections, as well as the tool kit and spare wheels. 

Getting The Right Size

The standard measurement depends on what caravan model you own. The caravan gas bottle covers are also required to maintain the safety and security of the caravan.

Measure the length of the caravan and add up to 2 cm because it is better to go beyond the exact size. Make sure the material fits snugly on your caravan so you can easily make any necessary adjustments. The size of your caravan cover should also take into account the windows, antennas, and roof vents.

Features To Look Out

Choosing the right caravan cover can be crucial due to the variety of sizes and shapes available. A few examples include covers for camper trailers, pop-top caravans, and motorhomes. Each one provides different levels of protection for RVs.

For instance, the tire cover needs a material that is thicker than the dashboard cover to be more durable. When shopping for a caravan cover, these are the most important factors to consider:

Getting The Right Size

1. Brand 

Countless brands offer caravan covers of high quality at reasonable prices. Because you need to take into account the length, height, and width of your caravan, selecting the appropriate size of covering is not an easy task. Brands with a good reputation also make sure to create novel products.

2. Material Used

The use of tarpaulins rather than a real cover could cause significant surface damage. The only option is to purchase a cover made of soft, lightweight materials. Try to place it in the cover, particularly on areas inclined to scratches, similar to windows and mirrors.

While not all of the cheaper covers are made of inferior materials, the majority of them are. Sometimes the materials used reflect the cost.

Caravan covers must be made of sturdy materials. This is very important in determining which one will provide your vehicle with the best protection. Check to see if the material has any sharp edges that could scratch the vehicle’s windows and other parts. To avoid damaging your car, you can choose lightweight covers that are still strong enough to withstand the strong wind and really bad weather.

Mold growth may damage caravan covers without breathable features. Moisture that remains in the vehicle for an extended time period—possibly during storage there are many primary contributors to mold. If you want to ensure the health and safety of your caravan, look for a cover made of breathable material as well.

3. Weather-Resistant

Van life is very unpredictable in terms of weather conditions. Some days are sunny for the next few days. Due to double-stitched corners and a non-abrasive lining, the RV covers can withstand any weather.

Even covers for the caravan covers that claim to be waterproof can be misleading. Vehicles may sweat. As a result, they eventually develop mold and mildew. Since the vehicle’s water resistance will vary greatly, a roof panel is added to make it easier to breathe. It is also designed to safeguard other accessories like antennas and air conditioners.

4. Warranty

If this is your first RV cover, it can be tempting to buy one at a lower price. However, because some inexpensive products do not last long, they end up costing more in the long run. Considering the previous factors can help you avoid winding up cash on cheaply made covers.

To your advantage, you can also inquire about whether the RV cover comes with a warranty. Compare the products from different brands for the best deals to save money while getting a high-quality caravan cover.

Final Thoughts

When setting up caravan covers, there are some things to keep in mind. Clean and close all the vents of the caravan before you put the cover on it. This is to avoid mold and unpleasant odors on the subsequent trip. What is more, eliminate whatever might set off scratches.

Request assistance because no one can put the cover together on their own. Start at the rear of the caravan and work your way toward the front until all of the corners are hidden.

Use the straps that are underneath the vehicle to fasten the cover. Lastly, it must be snugly fitted to protect the fabric from damage and withstand strong winds.


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