Do you want to explore Doha? This is one of the best places in Qatar’s capital. It is placed near the Qatar Gulf. This is a home of around 800000 people. One of the best places to explore in Qatar. While you wait for the Hamad International Airport, You can try out things that can make your holiday worthwhile there. Try several stop-over activities near Hamad International Airport. 

You will love to explore hidden artwork there. This can offer you some exotic experience near the Hamad Airport. Feel the charm of delight while you want to experience something different from your end. 

If you’re here for a long stop, check out the many different cultural events hosted by local institutions like the Qatar Foundation or Years Of Culture . Qatar has become a dream destination for art lovers in recent years, welcoming them with vibrant cultural expressions from the moment they step foot in Doha.

Stop Over Activities To Do Near Hamad International Airport In Doha

Activities To Do Near Hamad International Airport In Doha   

There are several Stop-over activities you can try near Hamad International Airport in Doha. You should be well aware of it while itching your goals. 

1. 3-Hour Bus Tour

You need to travel for 3 hours with a minimum of 6 hours of transit time to discover the exotic place of Doha. Be careful; a visa is essential to enter the state of Qatar, but some countries are eligible for visa-free entry. During this bus tour, you can see downtown Doha from your own perspective. You can find the iconic architecture of Doha Corniche.   

The trip consists of several stops, starting with the Museum of Islamic Art. Before you get through the museum you will get the opportunity to experience Doha Corniches architectural wonders. The next destination is Katara Cultural Village, a paradise for art enthusiasts with its many galleries, workshops, and exhibition spaces. 

Ending the tour with a stroll around Souq Waqif which is one of the top tourist destinations in Qatar. You will be able to see the Falcon Souq and one of the largest Falcon Hospitals in the Middle East. During hot weather, the walking tour of Katara will be replaced by a panoramic drive through. This is one of the best stop-over activities near Hamad International Airport

●   Fee : From $32 per person

●   Tips : If there is no availability, and you’re travelling within two days, visit the Discover Qatar desk

●   Meeting Point : Discover Qatar desk at Hamad International Airport

●  Accessibility : People can walk up to 30 minutes (not recommended for wheelchairs)

●   Language : English

2. Museum Of Islamic Art (MIA)

The Museum of Islamic Art keeps one of the most complete collections of Islamic Art in the world. From the museum, you will be able to enjoy panoramic views of the city’s waterfront. The architecture of this building is unique as it demonstrates traditional Islamic architecture from the 21st-century. Don’t be in hurry if you want to visit the museum, as it takes about 2 hours, but you could spend more time.

●  Fee : Free admission, except for Adult Non-resident of Qatar ($14) and Student Non-Resident of Qatar ($7).

●  Tips : To enter the museum, you must dress modestly and respect local culture.

● Transport: It is accessible from the airport by car (13 min) or bus 831 (50 min).

●  Accessibility : The museum’s public areas are accessible to wheelchairs

3. National Museum Of Qatar

National Museum Of Qatar

The National Museum of Qatar gives the opportunity to everyone to immerse themselves in Qatar’s past, present and future.  In the museum, you will see important objects and artifacts that are well conserved and restored by the museum and experts from all around the world. Some of these objects highlight the story of Al Zubarah, an archeological site recognized by UNESCO. You should plan a minimum of 3 hours to visit the museum, make sure not to miss your next flight !

●  Fee : Free admission, except for Adult Non-resident of Qatar ($14) and Student Non-Resident of Qatar ($7).

●  Tips : Shoulders and knees should be covered ; no food or drinks ; head covering is mandatory for women (for Mosques)

●  Transport: It is accessible from the airport by car (12 min) or by taking the red metro line (Lusail) and then the gold line (Ras Bu Abboud).

●  Accessibility : Wheelchair ramps and elevator access to all galleries, café and gift shop.

4. Take In The Art

If you don’t have too much time to spend, you can always take a stroll to spot the amazing artwork. Hosted at the airport. Qatar Museums has strategically positioned artworks crafted by local, regional, and international artists.  Like KAWS throughout the airport and a museum gift shop where tourists can buy souvenirs before boarding. It is one of the best stop-over activities near Hamad International Airport. 

5. Visit The Orchard

The Orchard is also known as Doha airport’s indoor tropical garden covering 6000 square meters of space. Entering the Orchard is like entering an oasis with more than 300 trees and more than 25000 plants from sustainable forests all over the world. Isn’t it better to wait for your next flight in here, than in the noisy halls of the airport with people rushing in all directions ?

 If you are hungry, you don’t even have to get out of this oasis, as the Orchard houses coffee shops and restaurants offering unique dining experiences. The Orchard indoor tropical garden is located in the air side area of the airport (valid boarding pass is needed to access it). More specifically, it is at the very end of the C terminal. Now relax and enjoy the tranquility !

6. Stroll Along The Corniche

The Doha Corniche is a 7 km promenade along the waterfront, national festivities are often celebrated there.  This promenade is perfect for a bike tour, for a walk or to simply picnic while waiting for your plane to arrive. If you decide to walk, you will get to the Al Dafina Park which is one of the most beautiful parks in Doha. If you haven’t eaten yet, there is a wide variety of restaurants available on the Corniche to please all palates 

Tips : I recommend eating at the Al Mourjan restaurant.  Furthermore, excellent hummus and lamb chops with a magical waterfront view.

● Transport: To set foot on the Corniche from the airport, you must take the car (15 min) or the bus (45 min).

● Accessibility : The wide walkways on the Corniche allow the circulation to be fluid, making it accessible for wheelchairs.

7. Dhow Boat

A Dhow is a type of traditional wooden Arabic sailboat. Furthermore, these boats docks along the Corniche, ready to take you on a ride. It is a very nice way to see the sunset in Doha with your friends and family. Back in time, these boats were usable for fishing, pearling and trading, which were Qatar’s economic activity before discovering gas and oil. These boats are made with such technic that with proper maintenance, they can last up to 120 years. Additionally, this is one of the best stop-over activities near Hamad International Airport to consider. 

If you come at the right time of the year, the Traditional Dhow Festival is an exciting event to watch as it represents an ode to the maritime legacy of Qatar. In 2024, the event will be from the 10th to the 16th of December and will showcase numerous of the authentic maritime traditions.

● Fee : From $6, the prices may vary if you’re going with a group

● Tips : Take a Dhow tour around sunset time

● Transport: The closest Dhow tours you can get from the airport is at 365 Adventures.

8. Souq Waqif Old town

The Souq Waqif Old Town is known for its heritage market, making it a tourism landmark. “Souq Waqif” translates to “standing market,” and it’s Doha’s centuries-old trading market. So, when you visit the old town, I strongly recommend exploring the market and immersing yourself in its cultural ambiance. If you haven’t heard of Qatar’s favorite sport, now’s the time! You can even hold a falcon at Falcon Souq and learn about its history.

When visiting, you will more than likely see some camels and horses, perfect for a picture to blend with the traditional architecture. You must not leave the place without taking a look or even tasting some of the Arabic aromatics like saffron, sumac, dried flowers and much more. You probably won’t have enough time to visit everything, but next time, learn about the art of pearling and enjoy the street performances.

●  Fee : Free! But be prepared to seek the temptation by all the fantastic shopping finds.

●  Tips : Try not to look intimidated or confused by the chaos of the souq

●  Transport: It is accessible from the airport by car (16 min) or by taking the red metro line (Lusail) and then the gold line (Ras Bu Abboud).

Wrapping Up !

After reading all about these activities.  You might even consider taking a longer stopover or even coming to visit next time. Doha has a lot to offer in terms of history and culture. It has a rich heritage to share with everyone.

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