Want to know some of the best beaches in Alibaug? Well, we bring the ultimate list that features beaches like Alibaug Beach, Korlai, Mandwa, and may more. Keep reading to know more. 

Alibaug: Location & Other Details

Alibag or Alibaug is a small coastal city located in the Raigad district of Maharastra. The city of Alibaug falls under the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. As a result, the city is often confused with Mumbai. However, Alibaug is its own city with its different flavor and essence. 

According to an Indian Jewish historian Bene Esther, the Jews landed in this small hinterland of Alibaug around 2000 years ago. The Jews traveled to the Indian subcontinent in an effort to escape the Roman Persecution of the Jews. The city of Alibaug also contains one of the oldest synagogues of the Indian subcontinent, called the Magen Aboth. 

Therefore, Alibaug is a place that played a seminal role for the Jews of India. It set the course of history for years to come. 

Top Alibaug Beach To Visit Once

Apart from the historical significance, this location is also pretty famous as a tourist destination. As a result, let us look at some of the best beaches of Alibaug that you and your friends can visit this long weekend. Here we Go!

Alibaug Beach

How can we not start a list of all the beaches of Alibaug without mentioning the most famous beach in the city? The Alibaug beach is one of the most beautiful beaches out there. The beach is adorned with black sand and provides a beautiful panoramic sight of the Kolaba Fort. You can easily access this beach through public transport as it is located 2.3 kilometers away from the city center. 

Kashid Beach

Kahid Beach is easily one of the most popular beaches in Maharastra after the famed Alibaug Beach.  The beach is a perfect place to relax and chill with your friends and family. The white sand and turquoise waters of the beach really set this beach apart from other beaches in the state. This beach offers a good corpus of adventure activities like parasailing, jet skiing, horseriding, ATV rides, etc. A perfect spot for a day out. 

Nagaon Beach

Stretching for 3 kilometers across the Arabian coastline, the Nagaon beach is a personal favorite. Nagaon Beach is quite famous for its cleanliness and diverse vegetation. The seaside is known to be lined by betel, suru, and palm trees. This makes the beaches look like something out of an artist’s representation of a beach. The calm waters of the beach make it perfect for a family beach outing. In fact, elders can even enjoy the calm waters of the beach without the fear of big waves. 

Mandwa Beach

Mumbaikars are crazy about Mandwa Beach. People are so crazy about this location that there is a movie that explores a story revolving around this beach. Mandwa is a small village located a few kilometers off of Mumbai City. However, the beach is perfectly accessible by ferries. Subsequently, the beach is laden with small shacks that offer some of the best seafood delicacies. 

Kihim Beach

The Kihim beach is located just north of Alibaug, near the village of the same name. This is a popular getaway as well. The beach can accessed easily via roads as well as ferries. Lush greenery, gorgeous water, and accessibility make this beach one of the best weekend gateway locations in the vicinity. This is a famous beach that is known for its amazing views and migratory birds that come to the beach seasonally. 

Murud Beach

A relaxing stretch of glittering white sand and a quaint atmosphere. This is the vibe of the Murud beach. Apart from its beauty, the beach is also famous for the rows of activities that it offers. Some of the most famous activities that the beach offers include things like parasailing, banana boat rides, horse riding, etc. Apart from that, many visitors also visit the beach to witness sea dolphins. A perfect patch of seashore where you can calmly have some downtime. 

Rewas Beach

Rewas beach is located just 6 kilometers away from Kihim. This beach is famous for its jetty service that facilitates the Mumbai launch service. This beach is not really open for public usage. The beach is riddled with private properties and beach bungalows. In fact, you can even rent out one of these bungalows for some beachside party situations. This beach is also famous among photographers.

Varsoli Beach

Varsoli Beach is one of the most underrated beaches out there. And this is why the beach is one of my favorite beaches. If you visit Varsoli, you will see that the beach is one of the most natural beaches of the state. Subsequently, the beach is never overcrowded. Therefore, this added bonus makes the beach one of the finest beaches in Maharashtra. The beach offers a peaceful getaway. However, the beach is most famous for its naval base. Therefore, it is one of the most iconic beaches in Maharashtra.  

Kasim Beach

This is a perfect beach for anybody who is looking to drive a little. This beach is located just an hour away from the town of Alibaug. Subsequently, With an extensive coastline and serene atmosphere, this is one of the most ideal places for quaint walks. Hence, this is perfect beach to visit with your loved ones. 

Korlai Beach

Korlai Beach is truly a hidden gem. The beach is not really as famous as Alibaug Beach or Kashiud Beach. But it is certainly one of the best beaches you can visit if you like serenity. However, The beach will not offer any activities. But it will certainly provide you with a good set of wholesome fun. 

End Note

And there you go. Here is an extensive list of some of the best Alibaug beaches that you can visit this long weekend. So pack your bags and keep your beach shorts close. Cause we are about to visit some amazing beaches. 


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