5 Amazing Destinations to Visit in These Winter

| December 8, 2018 | Destinations

Don’t we just love the aroma of winters in the air! The chilly winds, the cold, the steaming coffee, and of course the snow. We just love winters! And while most of the people like to have a vacation in the summers, some people with an extra adventurous streak would love to go and explore a destination in winters. Whether it’s your first time traveling in winters or you are a regular traveler but you are short of inspiring options to visit, we are here to help. If you ask our personal preference, we would love globetrotting to a comparatively far-off destination. Because once you set-off, it’s good to go farther and explore the beauty in the world. After all, it’s not an ISP that it has to be close by, like looking up ‘Cox Bundles near me’. You are undertaking an exciting traveling experience!

With temperatures dropping and nature willing to put on a fascinating show, we are going to give you a list of destinations to visit this fall. Interestingly, the hotel fares and flight prices also drop, along with the temperatures. It is another plus for people who love to travel in winters. You also get to escape the crowds and enjoy the magic in the true sense of the word.

5 Destinations that should be on your radar this fall:

Here you go:

  1. Greece
  2. Peru
  3. Italy
  4. Southern California
  5. Marrakesh, Morocco

Let’s know what you should see when you are there.


GreeceDo you know Greece is one of the most magical places to behold during fall? Don’t believe us? Go find out yourself! Here are a few reasons why Greece should be on your Fall travel bucket list.

The temperatures remain warm but you won’t get a heat stroke. Crowds clearly thin out, hotel fares drop and it is a great time of the year to scour the beautiful streets of Athens. You can actually go swimming to an island and pretend it’s still summer! You get to experience olive groves, traditional taverns, and wineries in autumn. Also, don’t miss Santorini. The blues verandas and terraces, coupled with the blue seas offer such a stunning view. The place is a trending travel destination.


PeruIt wouldn’t be wrong to say that Cuzco and Machu Picchu in our favorite country Peru are literally once-in-a-lifetime destinations. And guess what! Fall is the best time to visit them. it’s more beneficial to travel in fall despite the fact that the rainfall levels increase. Here too, you’ll enjoy warmer temperatures. And the rainfall increases the vegetation, making it lusher and greener!

To be on the safe side, make sure you book the Machu Picchu part of your itinerary first and then make the flight and hotel bookings. Because you cannot miss the incredible multi-day hike and treks. They just need advance bookings.


ItalyWithout a doubt, Italy is one of the most beautiful countries of the world, irrespective of the season. However, fall brings more greenery and magnificence to this beautiful country. It has to be one of the top three destinations on your travel bucket list.

Try going to Tyrol and Naples. Also, if you have a good stamina, paddle boarding to Capri and Amalfi Coast is a thoroughly amusing experience.

Southern California:

Southern CaliforniaWe all love California, don’t we? Yes, it is a great destination to visit in any season but it becomes the best in fall! It has the Indian Summers, which means it still has warm days. In October, the temperature reaches 80F. The beaches are less crowded and you get to behold the most stunning sunsets in the fall.

The best time to experience this galore is late September and early October. You will get to have affordable rates on accommodation too.

Marrakesh, Morocco:

MarrakeshThis mesmerizing Moroccan city has always attracted an artistic crowd since as long as the 1960s. The vibrant landscape is a great attraction. The cultural scene of Marrakesh is reinvigorated recently. The city has some well-regarded and beautiful galleries. The place provides a rich cultural experience and you get to buy a lot of cultural souvenirs for your loved ones. The architecture is also incredible, especially the mosques are spellbinding. Don’t miss experience the Moroccan spa. You will remember it as the most relaxing experience ever. The cuisine is worth trying, especially the street side vendors.

To choose one of these incredible destinations is as hard as choosing one of the Cox Internet plans. Because all of them are quite intriguing. But it’s time to pick one and make all your itinerary bookings. Happy traveling!

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