Real estate in Turkey is in great demand among foreign investors due to its affordability, high-quality construction, and wide range of properties.

For living and doing business, flats in Turkey from the developer are recommended for purchase. The organization is one of the region’s largest and most reliable construction companies. Over the years, the developer has demonstrated the increased quality of real estate, a professional approach to construction, and the security of buyer transactions. real estate

From choosing the right area of your property to deciding the bathroom remodel cost, we will guide you through. So, make sure you read the article till the end and know more.

Real estate from the developer Yekta Homes

Yekta Homes is a reliable construction company in the Gurses Group, holding and operating in Alanya. Buyers can choose from apartments in 11 modern residential complexes. There are 2 more residential complexes under construction. Real estate is presented in Mahmutlar and other areas of Alanya.

In terms of construction, Yekta Homes is the market leader. The developer provides a developed infrastructure on the territory of residential complexes, uses high-quality building materials, and considers modern consumers’ needs. There are properties on the market that meet strict requirements. Buyers can count on comfortable living conditions, profitable transactions, and the ability to choose housing according to personal criteria.

Potential buyers can familiarize themselves with all the offers using a specialized online service for choosing real estate from the developer Yekta Homes. The portal provides detailed information and convenient sorting depending on the selection criteria. The conclusion of a transaction to purchase real estate in Alanya will be the most reliable and profitable.

Purchase Benefits

Buying a property from the construction company Yekta Homes has the following advantages:

  • selection of an object in an area with developed infrastructure;
  • comfortable living conditions;
  • a wide range of apartments with different sizes, layouts, and furnishings;
  • high-quality applied materials and engineering systems;
  • moderate housing prices;
  • compliance with legal requirements when concluding transactions.

Why should you choose Turkey?

The answer is obvious. This is the most popular resort among foreigners. If you have your apartment, you can go here to rest at any time of the year if the weather conditions allow and there is time.

You can live here, for example, if the work is remote, send children on vacation with a nanny or grandparents, even if the parents are busy at work and cannot be with them. There are many options for using the apartment.

The presence of your housing significantly reduces the cost of holidays in Turkey. Because you don’t have to pay for the hotel, if the apartment is empty, it can be rented to tourists.

This is very profitable and will eventually partially or completely recoup its cost or at least cover the cost of utilities or maintenance. And, of course, it is also a great investment. After all, apartments in resorts always only grow in price.

About Company

Yekta Homes is one of the largest developers in Turkey, mainly operating in the Alanya region. It is part of the family-holding Gurses Group. The Gürses family founded the holding in 1953, one of the most influential in the country.

To date, Yekta Homes has built 11 modern residential complexes. Next in line is delivering a new residential complex in the Mahmultar area in Alanya. The company sells ready-made properties and apartments in houses under construction, allowing them to be purchased at a better price.

There is a possibility of buying a mortgage. You can order an online showing of the future apartment. Or, if you want to see everything with your own eyes, you can order an introductory tour to ensure that this is more than just a beautiful picture on the Internet.

The range of real estate from the company Yekta Homes

Yekta Homes offers apartments and penthouses of various sizes and layouts in a wide price range. No need to immediately think that it is too expensive and give up the idea of finding your own home. You can visit the company’s website to get acquainted with the options and choose the one that suits you.

If you need advice, the company’s specialists will help. Moreover, they speak not only Turkish but also other foreign languages. Residential complexes themselves are thought out to the smallest detail. It has everything for a comfortable stay with family and children.

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