While backpacking through Thailand you will never know what can surprise you because SouthEast Asia is full of surprises.People get intimidated when it comes to backpacking in Thailand because of the language. Thailand doesn't speak much English, but some do. So don’t worry because backpacking in Thailand is easy as the country caters to tourists. Thai backpacking tips are easy to follow and will also help you save cash, learn etiquette. Remember every country you visit has its own culture and norms and you must not violate them anyhow. In this article, you will be given 12 tips to enjoy your visit to ThailandHere we go!

Don’t Hurry Up

The reason behind starting the article on Thailand backpacking with a vibe of concern is because you should not rush your tour. Thailand is a huge country, and there are many places to visit. If you rush your tour you won’t be able to enjoy the different tastes of the different places that one country holds within. Spend the necessary time in one place. It’s going to be great if you spend 3-5 days for each location. 

Keep Your Backpack Light 

Light packing is a wise choice while you are traveling to Thailand. The humidity and the heat will make you feel exhausted so there is no point to feel the exhaustion in double. Besides that, you are going to buy a lot of clothes from the markets of Thailand as they are very cheap. Anything you will buy will suit your pocket. 

Stay In Hostels 

The best backpackers guide in Thailand is that you should go for hostels in Thailand. You can choose hotels as well because everything in Thailand is cheap, but in hostels, the scenario will be different. You will meet new people there. 

Not Too Much Skin

Thailand is a conservative country, respect that, and don’t roam around with your butt peeking out from your too-short shorts. Try to maintain a good dress code, especially when you are in the main cities. In islands, you may get comfortable but that too depends on the ethical code of that particular place. Temples are the sensitive part, therefore make sure your shoulders, knees, and chest are fully covered. It is mandatory.

Bargaining Is The Way

One thing that is weird yet you will learn quickly is bargaining the prices for items.Start with the lowest price, but also keep in mind that it's not too low. Bargaining is very normal in Thailand, you can do it too. There is a need to do it because once the shopkeepers see that you are a foreign face, they will ask for more money. Therefore keep your tone firm while offering the amount which you fairly think is right and enough. You can also check: Top 15 Party Cities In The World

That One Thing  

Not everything you put your hand on in Thailand is cheaper. One thing that costs a lot is Sunscreen. They understand the need for it, especially by women. You obviously don’t want a tan when you leave Thailand. The burn is on both roads and islands, you cannot escape that. So, the best suggestion is to bring sunscreen from home. Since everyone is used to applying sunscreen on their face to not get burnt, it is not going to be hard to find one from your dressing table. If you forget then, be ready to spend some extra money. Don’t say, I didn't warn you.

Hydrate, Hydrate, And Hydrate!

Backpack Thailand is going to be a hot ride. Whatever you do, never forget to drink water at least every half an hour. If you don’t you might get a stroke. Don’t ruin your vacation that way, if you are with your family you will be ruining there’s too. If not water, go for fluids you like because Thailand is full of coconut water at the roadside, which is good for hangovers as well. If fruit juice is what you want, then just look left and right of the road, or ask for it from the room service, you will get anywhere. water bottles of 1.5 liters are very cheap at 7/11.  

Keep Your Distance From The Animals

Animals in Thailand are poorly taken care of. So, no, don't even think about going near them. They stay very irritated and furious for not being able to eat enough in a day. But if you still want to see some elephants, I suggest a place called Elephant Jungle Sanctuary in Chiang Mai. You can see them, take pictures but there is no allowance for riding. 

Best Time To Visit Thailand 

You can visit Thailand from November to December, where you will get a cool yet warm climate. This is a peak tourist season as well since people avoid sweating in the heat. The West coast islands are beautiful and comfortable during this time. For the visit to the East Coast, you will have to wait till April comes and it will continue to September. You can also ignore everything and choose the festive months to visit Thailand, where you will see the water festival, Songkran (April), and Yi Peng which is the lantern festival (November).Also check: Get a loving Honeymoon to Celebrate Your Marriage Anniversary

Basic Greetings In Thai

Sawasdee Krap, (sa-wat-dii-krap) means hello when addressing a male.Sawasdee Ka, ( sa-wat-dii-kha) means hello when addressing a femaleKhob Khun Krab means thanking a maleKhob Khun Kha means thanking a femaleChin means cheersHong Naam Yoo N? Means where is the toilet?Chai means yesMai means noBia means beerNee Tao Rai means how much

Control Your Temper

Among Thai people, there is no culture of being mad. They are very calm and understanding. So if something doesn’t go well with your situation, you should not show your temper illiteracy there. Show respect towards their culture, because you are in their country and must learn their ethics. If you cannot control your emotion and burst out in anger then be ready to face the worst outcome. 


Monks are not something you will stare at because they dress and look different. It’s their religion, you are no one to disrespect it by taking pictures without their permission. It’s a basic human ethic. Monks happen to be very sweet and they love to chat, many of them can speak in English. If you want to have their company ask for their permission first. 

Reply In ‘WAI’

When Thai people say goodbye to each other they bow their heads and join their hands on their forehead while doing a prayer for the well-being of the other person.‘If you become friends with some locals they will do the same with you. My advice is to do the same with them. It shows the love and respect you have for them.

The Bottom Line 

Thailand is a place where people often visit, for vacation or for business. The people of Thailand are very welcoming and will help out through any problem. The only thing about Thailand that many people don't like is the way they handle animals. Therefore people have recently been visiting Thailand for work and cheap items. Though Thailand is a tourist spot people also avoid it a bit for its hot weather. Here are 12 tips that will train you to . Leave a comment below and share your experience.Read More:

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