In the ’60s and ’70s, the hippies discovered a new stopover on the popular North Goan Hippie trail - Baga Beach. Years have passed since then, but Baga continues to hold on to the characteristics and ethos of the hippie movement minus the intrinsic decadence related to it.

Located 16 km from the capital city of Panaji, Baga is situated in the northern part of Goa. You will find the beautiful Anjuna Beach on its north, and on its south lies the ever-so-popular Calangute Beach.

Baga is always high on Goa’s tourist itineraries - from its nightlife and flea markets to its watering holes, eateries, and the sea, everything together makes Baga the most popular beach in Goa. Places like Café Mambo and Café Tito have become iconic - tour guides everywhere recommend tourists to visit these places.

Stay tuned to find out more about this popular Goan Beach!

Heading To The Iconic Baga Beach? Here’s All That You Need To Know!  

The colorful and vibrant nightlife is a major tourist attraction at Baga Beach. The beach is white and sandy - in the evenings, the entire beach is lit with beautiful lamps, live bands, and lots of people, all adding up to a carnival-like ambiance.

If you love laying on the sand, soaking in some much-needed Vitamin C, then you will enjoy your days here as well. And scenic pleasures are not the only daytime attractions at Baga - you will find there are several activities to indulge in! If you are a fan of water sports like windsurfing, kite surfing, wake boarding, parasailing, or just riding the jet ski, you will be spoilt for choice.

You could also go on trips to nearly mini islands and dolphin spotting during your stay at this popular beach.

Best Time To Visit Baga Beach:  

Best Time To Visit Baga Beach

Perhaps, the best time for visiting Baga Beach is between October to March. This is the time period when the temperature of the water is perfect for water sports or even a swim.

Beachcombers can just take in the beauty of the sun setting on the beach before indulging in the popular nightlife at the beach. You will also find a well known night market at the beach where you can pick up beautiful souvenirs.

How To Go To Baga Beach?   

How To Go To Baga Beach

If you are looking up ‘Baga Beach distance,’ then stop - instead, stay tuned with us to find out how to go to Baga Beach.

The closest airport to Baga is Dabolim Airport. The airport is situated 43.7 km from the beach. You can easily reach Baga by availing of taxi services right outside the Dabolim airport.

The moment you step outside the airport, you will find counters from where you can avail of taxi services - we would recommend going to the official government counters outside the airport since these are cost-effective and also provide quality services.

The closest railway station to Baga Beach is Thivim Railway Station - the station is only 19.6 km from Baga. There are two other railway stations where you can get down to reach Baga - Vasco da Gama and Margao.

The road connectivity to Baga is pretty good. Tourists can avail of both bus and taxi services easily to visit the beach. The closest bus stop for going to Baga is Mapusa.

Accommodation At Baga Beach:  

Accommodation At Baga Beach

In the late 60s and the early 70s, Baga Beach became one of those travel cliches. The hippies first found this beautiful, pristine beach. Soon, the word started spreading about Baga’s beauty - in no time, European tourists began to flood Baga’s golden sandy beach.

Today, Baga is not longer a watering hole for hippie travelers - Hitchhiking, thumbing, or even traveling around via cheap transportation have all become a thing of the past.

Baga is now home to multiple quality hotels, resorts, and even beach shacks. During the tourist season, all the best Baga Baga Beach hotels and even the Baga Beach resorts are booked. It might be very difficult to find rooms - and as a result, you should book your rooms in advance.

Here are a few of our suggestions,

  1. Acron Waterfront Resort
  2. Lazy Lagoon, Baga – A Lemon Tree Resort
  3. Fahrenheit Hotels and Resorts
  4. Colonia Santa Maria
  5. Fiesta Beach Resort
  6. Nazri Resort Hotel
  7. The Baga Beach Resort
  8. Amara Grand
  9. Shining Sand Beach Hotel
  10. Kalki Resort And Cottages
  11. Baga Fantacia Beach Inn
  12. Casa Baga
  13. Mayflower Beach Resort
  14. Era Santiago Beach Resort
  15. Baga Hideout Premiere

Things To Do At Baga Beach: Top Attractions  

Things To Do At Baga Beach Top Attractions

The Portuguese lived in Goa long enough to influence their culture. The culture here is an aesthetic and seamless blend of Portuguese and ethnic traditions. Music and dance happen to be a primary part of the entire Goan culture.

Deeply religious, Goa’s festivals are spectacles to behold. In fact, you can still spot the Portuguese influence on the different Christian festivals in Goa.

Our favorite festivals here are,

  1. Christmas,
  2. The Goa Carnival,
  3. St Xavier’s Feast,
  4. Shimgotsav,
  5. Kalas Utsav, and
  6. Novidade.

A popular pilgrimage near Baga Beach North is the Church of St Alex.

As we mentioned earlier, nightlife is the main attraction at Baga Beach. And that’s not all - if you are a fan of classical dance and music, you can attend the concerts that take place regularly on Thursdays and Fridays at the Kerkar Art Complex.                                                         

Shopping at the beach market here is an experience worth having. While the Anjuna Flea market is bigger and better, the Saturday market at Baga has its own charm. The night market on Saturdays features an array of different shacks and stalls selling LITERALLY everything - different goodies, treats, handicrafts, bric-a-brac, jewelry, clothes, and trinkets.

The stalls and shops are all erected under the open sky at night. The flea market here has other attractions for tourists. You can get your hair braided by the local artists who roam around the beach or visit any of the trendy salons for haircuts.

You will also find Tarotoo readers and palmists who will tell you about your future. Once you are done exploring the market, head over to any of the terrace cafes and beach shacks that serve everything from espresso coffee to pork vindaloo.

Goa Diaries: Incomplete Without A Trip To The Baga Beach!  

Baga Beach is the most popular beach in Goa - there’s no doubt about that! But if you are visiting Baga, you might as well visit Calangute and Anjuna for a holistic North Goa experience. And if North Goa’s vibrant nightlife isn’t enough for you, then head over to the southern part for a quieter and more isolated experience.

If you have already been to the well-known beaches of Goa, then feel free to share your travel stories, experiences, and memories with us in the comments below.

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