A trip across the splendid regions across the globe has to go hand-in-hand with a resort. If someone has to travel, they should do so with comfort and style. It stays true irrespective of where they go and for how long. A beach is no exception.

Let us see the top 10 best beach resorts among the rest of the world in this article.

Palm Island Resort

1. Southern Ocean Lodge

Located in Kangaroo Island in Australia, Southern Ocean Lodge offers an ultra-modern style and design and a magnificent and extensive view and panorama of Hanson Bay.

The resort provides excellent rooms. They have mod furnishings, virtual glass walls, and floors composed of sandblasted limestone. Almost all sections of Southern Ocean Lodge provide the tourists with the opportunity to take in and soak in the beautiful scenery.

Southern Ocean Lodge offers various island tours with experienced guides. It consists of a package that takes the tourists to see sea lions at specified areas of Seal Bay and kangaroos at Grassdale. These extended tours get included in the resort’s room rates.

2. The Mulia

The Mulia is a recent beach resort in Bali in Indonesia that has opened not too long ago. Nevertheless, it does not cut back on satisfying its customers.

It opens several hidden and underground Hindu temples with century-old histories to tourists and visitors. In addition, the resort features towering statues. They remain in line with the numerous pools within the property.

The Mulia allows its customers to enjoy the performance of the local dancers and the magnificent experience that comes with a beached or mini-city cruise ship. The resort offers exceptional service and delivers an overall fresh and contemporary design and concept.

3. Jade Mountain

Operating in St. Lucia, Jade Mountain offers a high-class service and experience, making all its customers feel ultra-VIP. The resort provides rooms having huge pools that look over to the Piton peaks and the Caribbean. On top of that, it comes with a bar, spa corner, and a private restaurant.

Jade Mountain leaves no place for dissatisfaction even before the tourists come to check-in its quarters. It offers a helicopter transfer over the unpaved and bumpy road from UVF airport. Once the customers arrive, it is all about comfort and convenience.

4. Curtain Bluff

Curtain Bluff in Antigua offers the best place to relax around the area of the Leeward Islands. The resort includes all that an individual can ask for, from rare wines and spa services to Cuban cigars. The amenities and facilities of Curtain Bluff are of the highest quality.

Situated in a tranquil location between the Morris and the Carlisle Bay, it offers the perfect gateway to those looking for fun, activities, and relaxation.

5. Pueblo Bonito

Pueblo Bonito in Mexico features elegant architectural structures that represent the style of Ancient Rome. The resort offers various services such as spas, restaurants, timeshares, and access to the beach. The rooms reflect a welcoming and warm atmosphere and oversee a striking landscape along the sea and shoreline.

Pueblo Bonito gives beneficial offers under its timeshares. They are available for any of its customers to take. However, an individual may wonder how to cancel Pueblo Bonito timeshare. The process is undemanding and can get completed quickly with the exceptional assistance of the resort.

6. qualia

qualia, located in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, offers an easy-to-reach location where tourists can experience a relaxing and enjoyable time. Although the resort lies in a remote place, it does not lack a single amenity. The rooms, called pavilions here, come with the feel of an open treehouse and a private pool.

The food varieties offered by the resort are sublime. In addition, qualia allows the customers to tour over the 74 islands that make up the entirety of the Whitsundays in a helicopter.

7. Four Seasons Resort

The Four Seasons resort of Malaysia lies in an exceptionally strategic location that allows all tourists and visitors to explore the archipelago and World Geopark of Langkawi. The resort offers all it can, from mangrove safaris and jungle to guided tours on bicycles. It takes its customers on an exciting voyage through the surrounding tiny villages and forests.

The Four Seasons Resorts offers both action and comfort. It takes people on a padi planting experience in the Rice Museum. On the other hand, it gives comfortable and well-furnished rooms to relax in.

8. Guana Island

Located in the British Virgin Islands, the Guana Island offers elements of peace and serenity. The resort generally does not take more than 30 guests at a time to maintain the tranquil sense of paradise. It offers villas and cottages, some furnished with private pools.

Guana Island welcomes kids with open hands. However, they implement strict rules to abide by and maintain calmness. Nevertheless, the private beaches that come with the room offer are open to all sorts of wild actions.

9. St. Regis Bora Bora Resort

St. Regis Bora Bora Resort in French Polynesia spreads across a broad area of 44 acres in Motu Ome. It offers rooms in either of its properties. It can be in its two overwater and oversized bungalows or several beachfront villas. Furthermore, the resort provides golf carts for interested individuals to have a round of golf.

The resort provides complimentary bicycles with all its packages. The resort residents can use them to go around the divine retreat. Also, the food offered by St. Regis Bora Bora Resort goes to an exceptional level.

10. Palm Island Resort

With room space for less than a hundred guests at a time, Palm Island Resort in the Grenadines and St. Vincent offer an exciting feel. It remains surrounded by three trails for hiking, five beaches, and several hammocks attached between the numerous old palm trees.

Palm Island Resort opens up to its customers the crystal clear waters across the beach, strung with multiple shades and hues of blue. The visitors can also hop on board the Pink Lady sloop owned by the resort and go around the Tobago cays for a day.

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