Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in Spain and is a place that’s perfect for almost everybody. You’ve got the hustle and bustle of city life, the relaxation of the beach and the culture of Barcelona FC and the unique music, style and living of the Catalonians.

There’s so much to do, but amidst the hop on hop off tours, trips to the Camp Nou and marvelling at Gaudi’s work, a trip to the beach to take a break from it all is a must.

A top tip can often be to avoid the beach at the foot of Las Ramblas, as it can often become overcrowded, especially in the height of summer. Instead, getting a train or driving less than an hour out can provide you with some beautiful sandy beaches, as well as a bit of peace and quiet.

If that sounds like it’s just up your street, here are five great beaches to try that are less than an hour from Barcelona…

Garraf Beach

Just a 30 minute train ride out of the city, the small and sleepy town of Garraf is a great spot to kick back and relax. The beach side is lined by huts, usually used by fisherman, but it’s a brilliant spot to relax, as well as eat and drink with Soho House having two spots on the beach. The Little Beach House is open to members only, however, a little further down you’ll find a beachside bar and restaurant, offering up some sumptuous seafood and plenty of beer, wine and sangria to while away the hours as the sun glistens down.

Sitges Beach

Just a few stops further on the train from Garraf and you’ll hit Sitges, a slightly larger but equally as charming coastal town. There are several beautiful beaches here, and is not only ideal for sunbathing but also the various water sports on offer too. 

What’s great about Sitges is that the backdrop of the town is great for exploring too, and is full of colourful boutiques, relaxing bars and great food. Sitges is also well known for its vibrant LGBTQ+ scene and is one of the most welcoming towns in Catalonia.

Castelldefels Beach

Just a stone’s throw from Sitges is Castelldefels, an affluent area of Barcelona that is home to Lionel Messi, or was until he made the move to the USA. It’s a tranquil stretch of coast that is perfect for families with children, while it’s also popular with windsurfers too, so do be aware it can get a little breezy.

The medieval castle and waterfront promenade are good for taking a break and exploring, and you’ll find some of the best seafood in the region here. For sports fans, the Olympic canal is also in Castelldefals and was built for the 1992 Summer Olympics.

Montgat Beach

15 kilometres north of Barcelona is Montgat Beach, another truly peaceful escape. The tranquil stretch offers golden sands backed by picturesque cliffs, allowing you to really immerse yourself in the surroundings. 

A great way to spend a day, there are plenty of facilities, including showers and toilets, as well as beach buys to enjoy a spot of lunch before getting back to topping up your tan.

Badalona Beach

A short metro ride from Barcelona, the beach at Badalona has some fantastic views across the Mediterranean Sea and is perfect for a day combining both relaxation and sightseeing. That’s because Badalona is home to several historic attractions, including the Roman ruins of Baetulo and the Pont del Petroli pier. The Old Town is also well worth exploring, with many quaint and cosy cafes offering up delicious Catalan cuisine.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Visiting a Beach in Argentina

No doubt, after learning about these beaches, you have already started dreaming when you go for a beach visit in Argentina. But not so fast! Before you start planning, there are several important factors you need to remember It will help you to have a god time on your trip. Let’s find out what these factors are:

Best Season to Visit: 

Argentina’s summer season is from December to February. During this time, the beaches bustle with activity. The weather is also very favorable. This is why it is the best time for visiting beaches in Barcelona.

However, you are planning a trip at this time, you should prepare  yourself to see a lot of people, especially in popular beach towns. As a result, you also need to book accommodations as soon as possible.

Cost of Beach Trip

High demand during peak season often leads to increased prices for accommodations, food, and activities. Therefore, budget accordingly and be prepared for higher costs.

Safety Concerns

While Argentina’s beaches are beautiful, you also need to remember to exercise caution. Dont forget to pay attention to ocean currents and dont go for a swimming during high tides and huge waves. Remember you are there to relax not risk your life. 

It may not always be possible for you to know when a high tide is coming, so always make it a point to listen to the lifeguard instructions when you go into the sea. Also note that while the beaches are very pretty, all the people may not be the same. So always keep an eye on your belongings to prevent theft.  

Best Beach Activities To Enjoy in Argentina

Here are some of the best beach activities to enjoy in Argentina: 

Surfing and Windsurfing at Playa Unión, Trelew:

If you are looking for some surfing action, then head to Playa Unión on Argentina’s central coast. This long stretch of white sand is perfect for surfers and windsurfers. Meanwhile, the dramatic waves attract a lot of water sports enthusiasts. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to spot Commerson’s dolphins, which are endemic to the coast of Patagonia

Family Fun at Balneario La Florida, Rosario

Balneario La Florida in Rosario is an excellent family-friendly beach. Its long sandy strip along the Paraná River provides a safe swimming area for kids. You can enjoy beach bars, a mini-market, and a restaurant. Younger children can play in the designated area, and teens will appreciate the beach’s Wi-Fi.

River Beach Bliss at Playa Arazaty, Corrientes

Some of Argentina’s best beaches are along rivers. Playa Arazaty, flanking the Paraná River near the Resistencia bridge, is a gem. It boasts fine sand, lifeguards, boat ramps, fishing spots, and jet skiing, making it a popular choice for tourists.

Sunbathing and Strolling on White Sandy Beaches

Argentina’s coastline boasts pristine beaches. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the soft sand. Set aside some time to enjoy sunbathing, beachcombing, and taking in the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean or the Paraná River.

Beach Volleyball and Soccer:

Many beaches have designated areas for sports like beach volleyball and soccer. You can either join a friendly match or watch others play. Just remember to stay hydrated, especially during the scorching summer months.

Indulge in Seafood Delights:

Argentina’s coastal regions offer a bounty of fresh seafood. Try local dishes like rabas (calamari) and river fish. Pair your meal with a refreshing drink and savor the beachside ambiance.

Explore Nearby Islands and Delta Channels:

You can also use beach towns like Rosario as a base to explore the winding channels and subtropical islands of the Paraná Delta. Take boat trips, rent kayaks, and immerse yourself in the unique ecosystem.

Now that you know about these Beaches, hurry up and plan that perfect beach escape. You will discover a perfect hidden world for relaxation offering hidden coves, pristine sands, and crystal-clear waters.


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