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Tips On How To Become A Travel Writer

| March 14, 2023 | Adventure

Many people feel passionate about traveling. Some people are also passionate about writing. A combination of these two factors often inspires people to become travel writers.

They dream of becoming world explorers who bring new places closer to the readers. Indeed, it sounds like a fascinating job. However, becoming such a professional takes skills, time, and patience. After all, it is a job just like any other. So one should be ready for hard work, occasion setbacks, a struggle to the top, and all that comes in between. Let’s see what it takes to become a travel writer.

Choose the desired career path

Many young people glorify and romanticize the job of a travel writer. They view themselves in one of the European cafes in the capital, sipping coffee paid for by their publisher. Well, in reality, very few travel writers have all the costs covered when on the job. In addition, how well you are paid, where you go, and your life as a travel writer will depend on the career path you embrace in the beginning.

Thus, one can become a freelance writer, travel blogger, or staff member for a site, journal, publisher, etc. The paths are very different in how you start, how much you earn, and what level of stability and independence you can enjoy. For example, a freelancer works independently, finding stories they find interesting or worth the pay. Yet, they lack stability, never knowing when or where the next paycheck comes from.

Being a travel blogger means you will not be paid for the first several years of your career. Blogs also require a lot of work. Constant social media presence and large investments, including travel expenses. Your blog will pay off only if you are lucky, have worked hard, and have found your audience. Plus, you will face enormous competition in the market. Still, hundreds of travel bloggers succeed each year, so it is worth a shot.

Write all the time

To be a writer of any kind, you need to keep practicing your craft. Hence, writers need to invest heavily in their skills, knowledge of the niche, and writing voice. These things will make you stand out and earn you the right kind of attention. Overall, any professional writer knows about the importance of always keeping their pen and paper ready. They must complete at least several pages daily to stay in good shape.

In addition, any writer should know how to structure, proofread, and edit their works. Spelling mistakes or grammatical errors are the last things a reader should spot in a public text. For instance, you can read these studybay reviews to see what people want in a high-quality piece. Overall, readers should feel well-informed and satisfied about reading your posts. So, a good writer knows how to deliver information and what their readers expect to see in a text.

Stay curious

The key to being a good writer is to stay interested in what you are writing about. So, being a travel writer, you should stay curious about the world, different cultures, countries, people, and places. Any traveler knows the importance of letting go and learning things from scratch in every new place. You have to become a child who learns about the world around them anew. That’s what travel writers do on a daily basis.

However, such a job description is actually a dream come true for many people. They feel passionate about bringing the world closer, showing the great diversity of cultures and humankind. A travel writer knows that good stories can be found at any corner. One just needs to be interested in telling them.

Be ready for challenges

Once again, being a travel writer is not as easy or romantic as one may think. You should also be ready for some challenges. After all, travel writing comes in different forms. Some people may write about urban travels, analyzing the hospitality industry and focusing on services, arts, and culture. Others may open the least familiar worlds of wilderness, indigenous cultures, animal life, or else. Each travel writer can choose what topic interests them the most and how much they can endure on their way. 

Choosing the right niche is particularly important among bloggers and book writers. One should be well aware of the competition, told stories, popular topics, etc. Knowing your craft means knowing everyone and everything in it. Then, writers have to find their own writing persona on the market.


Lastly, to become a travel writer, one needs to become a traveler. So, learn what it means. Start your travel journey. Explore the life around you. You may start by learning about your hometown. Seeing familiar places as if it’s for the first time is a skill on its own. Learn to spot the differences, notice nuances, make discoveries, and take new paths.

Overall, you should be passionate about exploring new and familiar territories. You must develop a sharp eye for detail. It takes practice and experience to notice what others miss. For instance, you can read studybay reviews to see how most students can miss what professional reviews see upfront. That’s what a travel writer should do.

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