Costa Rica’s beaches have something for every beachgoer – be it tropical Rasta vibes, offshore coral reefs, or watching sea turtles nesting. From black volcanic to golden and white beaches – each beach provides something different.

Playa Negra stands out as an iconic beach in Costa Rica that attracts families as well as surf enthusiasts, thanks to its inky black sand extending across six miles. This beach’s inky black sand attracts both families and surf enthusiasts.

Playa Flamingo

Playa Flamingo

Playa Flamingo Beach in Samara in Guanacaste Province exudes all the hallmarks of a tropical beach paradise, from its wide stretch of white sand that makes swimming enjoyable, to calm sea waters that allow kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving activities.

Furthermore, March brings thousands of locals and visitors to its fantastic Sandcastle-Building Contest. 

With beautiful sunsets lining this shore and palm trees lining it as it holds some of Costa Rica’s most stunning sunset views – making Playa Flamingo one of Costa Rica’s crown jewels!

Playa Punta Uva on the southern Caribbean coast is an idyllic postcard-worthy beach that is equally serene and stunning. Situated close to both a national park and striking coral reefs, this beach provides the ideal environment for swimming and snorkeling activities as well as relaxing under an old palm tree in its shade or taking long strolls along its sandy strands.

Manuel Antonio is unquestionably Costa Rica’s best-known beach, nestled within its national park and drawing in nature lovers and luxury hotel guests with sparkling Pacific waters, playful monkey families swinging from trees overhead, and luxury hotels lining its shore. 

However, for an unparalleled beach experience visit Cahuita; an intimate beach town boasting one of Costa Rica’s premier black-sand beaches featuring six idyllic miles of black sand stretches for six idyllic miles, providing ample swimming areas while still exciting enough for beginner surfers.

Ostional Beach on the Nicoya Peninsula stands out among Costa Rica’s finest beaches for its dark sands and tall palms, creating an exquisite scene not suitable for swimming but still beautiful to look at. You might just catch sight of iguanas or other exotic wildlife while relaxing on this breathtaking beach!

Surfers often flock to Jaco’s breathtaking beaches, which are lined with high-rise condominiums and offer a range of services and facilities. Surfing lessons can be found at one of Jaco’s numerous surf schools while after dark its lively nightlife draws young and old alike for drinks, dancing, and live music.

Playa Negra

Playa Negra is an internationally renowned surfing beach renowned for its right-hand barrel waves, found along Costa Rica’s Pacific coast in Guanacaste’s province. 

Popular among both surfers and non-surfers alike, its dark-colored sand features numerous rocky outcroppings and tide pools perfect for exploring. Playa Negra draws birdwatchers, hikers, yoga retreats, and yoga practitioners due to its idyllic natural setting. 

Swimming opportunities abound for young children or those seeking to avoid rough waves. On the Caribbean side, there are a variety of serene swimming spots like Playa Punta Uva and Cahuita.

Samara Beach boasts peaceful waters as well as its own small beach town filled with restaurants and specialty food shops – great options to consider when selecting an ideal destination. It might also help you decide if you consult experts; Did you know that All World ranks the beaches to help you make your decision? Doing some research before your trip can help ensure you get the best results possible.

Playa Hermosa is one of Costa Rica’s best beaches for watersport enthusiasts, providing shallow, clear waters with calm currents suited for snorkeling, kayaking, and boating activities as well as watching an unforgettable sunset.

As one of the major tourist destinations, Jaco Beach draws a wide range of people. It’s lively bars and restaurants draw in both locals and those from faraway locales; its idyllic shoreline lined by tall palm trees makes it the ideal spot for relaxation and restorative moments; fast hollow waves for expert surfers are perfectly suitable, while there is also a calm zone suitable for beginners.

Tortuga Island once provided shelter to pirates eager to plunder Costa Rican towns, while today it serves as an attractive day trip destination from Jaco. Take a 90-minute boat ride out and experience this tropical island firsthand; Scuba divers may see stingrays and spinner dolphins; snorkelers can search out angelfish and stingrays too. 

Hiking trails traverse across its surface. Be sure to bring along a waterproof camera for taking photos of its impressive scenery and vibrant marine life during your visit; the ideal season lies somewhere between November and March; temperatures are warmest with less risk of rain!

Playas Del Coco

Playas del Coco

If you prefer more modern beach amenities like hotels and restaurants nearby, Playas del Coco offers plenty of resort-like beach options with amenities.

This Pacific beach town draws visitors thanks to its stunning beachside beauty as well as lively atmosphere – it makes the ideal spot for watching the sunset with a margarita from one of many popular local bars while watching surfers tackle Playa Salsa Brava waves!

Playas del Coco Beach in Guanacaste offers some of the driest weather throughout Costa Rica, making it one of the most sought-after spots for swimming, sunbathing, or enjoying watersports activities. Not to mention stunning views of nearby hills and its collection of moored boats!

Surfers from around the globe come here for some serious surfing action, while its calm waters and long shoreline that is suitable for swimming make it popular with families as well. In fact, many consider this beach to be among the most family-friendly of Costa Rica’s beaches.

Jaco is just a short drive from Playas del Coco and offers plenty of amenities to locals and day-trippers looking for relaxation such as bars, restaurants, and shopping opportunities. Plus, it boasts one of the nation’s most acclaimed surfing beaches that attract both beginners and advanced surfers!

Playa Carrillo, located in Costa Rica’s southern Caribbean region, is one of the country’s best beaches. Boasting calm waters of the Gulf of Papagayo and protected from weather fluctuations by an island chain called Papagayo Island National Park, Playa Carrillo provides sun worshipers and fishermen a relaxing getaway – especially those fishing for tarpon, barracuda, snapper, or rainbow runners – alike.

Marineo Ballena National Park boasts this captivating beach known as “Whale’s Tail,” so named due to the rocky shoreline resembling a whale’s tail at low tide. Visit this Costa Rican destination and experience its natural beauty and wildlife – such as humpback whales during their annual migration journey!

Tortuga Island

Tortuga Island is one of Costa Rica’s finest beaches and an idyllic environment for snorkelers, home to manta rays, dolphins, and octopuses – you might even spot shipwrecks! For an easy way to reach Tortuga Island take a boat tour from Montezuma nearby.

Playa Santa Teresa on the Nicoya Peninsula is an idyllic hideaway beloved by surfers and travelers searching for peace and serenity. Its calm waters provide ideal swimming conditions, while numerous beachside restaurants serve up fresh seafood fare. 

Playa Santa Teresa also boasts hiking trails, yoga retreats, and diving expeditions that allow visitors to discover nearby coral reefs – everything one needs for an enjoyable stay at this beach resort!

Nestled within the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge on the Nicoya Peninsula, this black-sand beach is an eco-friendly gem for turtle conservation efforts. If you visit from July to October, you might even witness its annual mass sea turtle nesting, known as an ‘arribada.’ A local guide is also recommended to ensure an exciting wildlife experience! You can learn more about sea turtle nesting by clicking the link.

Tamarindo Beach town sits along the Northern Pacific Coast and draws surf enthusiasts from around the globe. Its wide, sandy stretch makes for ideal surfing lessons as well as featuring plenty of bars, shops, and restaurants – perfect for sunset cocktails! Do not miss dining casually at Microbar Samara!

Playa Cocles on Costa Rica’s Caribbean side is one of the premier beaches in Central America. This spot boasts world-class surfing waves and delicious cuisine, as well as an idyllic beach atmosphere that still feels hidden. Plus, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca nearby offers even more delicious dining, drinking spots, shopping opportunities, and nightlife!

As a traveler, Costa Rica can enchant you with its natural wonders: magma-spewing volcanoes in the north; idyllic surf beaches to the west, and Caribbean reefs in the east; not also forgetting its rich culture, vibrant history, and sustainable practices that made it one of the first ecological nation states worldwide.

Be sure to leave any expectations at home–or the idealized images you see online–and be open to experiencing all that Costa Rica has to offer during your trip. 

While in Costa Rica, it is important to remain mindful of safety. If rip currents pose a concern, consult locals for advice or follow warning signs on the beach. Also, brushing up on Spanish before traveling can be invaluable in meeting locals and learning more about their culture.

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