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9 Best Cinnamon Rolls In Las Vegas That You Can Not Miss

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For your sweet tooth, cinnamon rolls are one of the best that we can have. The flavor of cinnamon in Las Vegas will set your mood and make your day start with a smile on your face, no matter how last night was. While walking through the roads of Las Vegas, you can hop in those places which offer the best cinnamon rolls in Las Vegas. In case you do not want to risk your taste buds with a lousy cinnamon roll, here is a list for you. 

9 Best Cinnamon Rolls In Las Vegas

Cinnamon RollsLas Vegas is famous for the best Cinnamon rolls in the world. If you ever visit Las Vegas the delicious and sweet Cinnamon rolls will attract you definitely. You will miss this food item if you didn’t even try it before. Here is the list of the 9 best Cinnamon rolls in Las Vegas that are must-tries. 

1. Mr. Mamas Breakfast And Lunch

Mr. Mamas Breakfast And LunchThis is the best cinnamon rolls in Las Vegas, located at W Russell Rd. However, the name may not be that much suitable for a cinnamon specialist. But the size of the cinnamon rolls that this place has to offer can be considered as huge. The 7 inches cinnamon rolls are more than worth the visit. 

In addition to that, the owner is too friendly, and the service that they are providing should be ranked beyond the top. As per the visitors, the cinnamon rolls are to die for. They also reviewed the staff servicing, which is the best in Las Vegas. 

Cinnamon is an amazing Christmas treat. Also, check out the Las Vegas Speedway Christmas Lighting  Iconic Glittering Lights to see what more fun things you can do this Christmas with your family. 

2. The Henry

The HenryThis place is located in the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. People call it the paradise for vegetarians’ breakfast paradise. They serve the best cinnamon roll french toast. Starting your day can not be better than starting with the first bit of Henry’s cinnamon roll french toast. 

This is one of the best cinnamon rolls in Las Vegas. Another best thing about The Henry, which will bring a smile to your face, is that this place is open 24/7. This place is quite reasonable and will let you have your meal without punching a hole in your pocket. 

3. Cinnaholic

CinnaholicIt is located at South Grand Canyon Drive in Las Vegas. Here you will get one of the best cinnamon rolls in Las Vegas. As the name suggests, this bakery is a specialist in making delicious cinnamon rolls. You can choose from a wide range of cinnamon roll combinations. 

But among all the options, there are two combinations, which have won the visitor’s heart. One is the combination of a cinnamon roll with strawberry jam. On the other hand, the peanut butter banana cinnamon roll is another option for those who are not that fond of strawberries. 

4. Hash House

Hash HouseAre you looking for fresh cinnamon rolls? Well, in that case, Great Buns Bakery is the perfect place for you. This place has old-fashioned homestyle cooking, which will give you a retro vibe while biting your freshly baked cinnamon roll. There is no doubt that this is one of the best cinnamon rolls in Las vegas place. 

Each day Mary Rusch arrives at her bakery before dawn and bakes those yummy cinnamon rolls. Though the place is a little hidden in a small strip mall, you should not go with the look. The service of this place is also efficient.

5. Homie’s Cinnamon Rolls And Comfort Cafe

Homie’s Cinnamon Rolls And Comfort CafeThis small family-owned business is a must-visit cafe in Las Vegas. You can smell the cinnamon from a distance, which will definitely make your mouth watery. The business owner offers outstanding customer service. The delicacy of all the cinnamon rolls is maintained here properly. 

They also offer different types of cinnamon rolls in Las Vegas that you should try. Those who have not tried cinnamon rolls before must try the apple cinnamon roll, which is delicious. They also serve the best cinnamon rolls in San Diego. 

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6. District: Donuts. Sliders. Brew

District: Donuts. Sliders. BrewThis place is located at the Boulevard Tower, Las Vegas. It is a good idea to start your day with a vanilla latte along with a cinnamon roll. This place is also famous for its biscuits and biscuit bread. 

If you are on a mission to try the best cinnamon rolls in Las Vegas, you should visit this place at least once. The cinnamon rolls that District: Donuts. Sliders. Brew has to offer and is too yummy and moist, which will fulfill your craving for cinnamon rolls. 

7. Black Bear Diner

Black Bear DinerBlack Bear Diner is located at the S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas. Their cinnamon bun pancake is something that you definitely should not miss. However, this place is much more famous for its sausage. 

The price chart also will not fade the smile that you will have after having their cinnamon rolls. You should add this place to your list of the best cinnamon rolls in Las Vegas. If you visit Las Vegas or living there, you give this place a visit. 

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8. Starbucks

StarbucksWell, how can we forget about Starbucks when all we are talking about is coffee and cinnamon rolls? Yes, we all have tested Starbucks, but have you tried their cinnamon rolls? 

Maybe that will be the last thing we would like to have from Starbucks. But in actuality, they made one of the best cinnamon rolls in Las Vegas. Those sweet googly moogly cinnamon buns will surely win your heart. 

9. Terrace Pointe Cafe

Terrace Pointe CafeLocated in Las Vegas Blvd S, Terrace Point cafe is famous for its amazing juices. This place offers outdoor seating with great food. Their cinnamon rolls are one of the must-haves that this open environment cafe has for you. 

There is a piece of good news for vegans. This place has a different vegetarian and vegan menu. But you need to ask for that. This cool cafe serves one of the best cinnamon rolls in Las Vegas. 



Q1. What Are Cinnamon Rolls Made Of

A. Cinnamon rolls are sweet rolls made of a rolled sheet of dough leavened by yeast upon which the mixture of sugar and cinnamon is sprinkled over a thin butter coating. Now the dough is cut into individual pieces and deep-fried or baked afterward. 

The cinnamon roll is a typical sweet in Northern Europe and northern America. 

Q2. Is Cinnamon Roll A Bread Or Pastry? 

The traditional cinnamon rolls are not bread. Instead, they are sweet breakfast pastries made with cinnamon and sugar mixture over a butter coating upon a yeast-based dough. 

Q3. Difference Between Cinnamon Rolls And Cinnamon Buns

Although the cinnamon rolls and the cinnamon buns are made of the same yeasted doughs, there are differences between the two sweet delicacies; and the difference lies within the process of making both of them. 

The process of making cinnamon buns requires pouring caramel glaze into the pan first before pouring the buns. This process makes the buns look glazy because of the previously poured sticky mixture of caramel glaze and toasted pecans.

But the making of cinnamon rolls does not involve adding any sticky mixture like cinnamon buns. In this case, the bakers pour the buns directly into the pan and later drizzle cream cheese glaze atop.

Q4. How Do I Know When Cinnamon Rolls Are Done Baking?

After baking for around thirty minutes, you have to test whether it is done baking or not. Use a paring knife and pull out the centermost cinnamon roll; bake for ten more minutes if the dough is still sticky and if it still looks raw. 

There will be a golden or dark brown color to the dough, and even the center of the dough will look the same once fully baked.

Final Thoughts

So, now you know exactly which places you need to add to the list that you are making for the best cinnamon rolls in Las Vegas. Whether you want to start your day or want to grab the Sunday brunch you pick any of the places that are mentioned above.

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