Which are the best escape rooms in the world? Well, it could take a while to answer that question. So, here is a short list that would help you answer that question. There are numerous escape rooms on this planet, but a few of them lack excitement and originality.  

Well, it in mad world being a little mad is necessary. And these moments of madness are going to stay with you forever. This list might get interesting and inspire you for your next escape room escapade. Without any further ado, let’s get on with the list. 

Best escape rooms in the world 

The adventure, mystery-solving and adrenaline rush that comes with these escape rooms are just a few reasons why they are a favorite for adventure lovers. So, if you are one of those people who want to explore different escape rooms throughout the world then read along. 

The Laboratory in Bunschoten (Netherlands) 

This small escape room has been named the best of the escape rooms in all of Netherlands. People who have visited this escape room have mentioned repeatedly that their main highlight is they give access to a lot of activities before letting you directly in the escape room. These include pool tables and arcade games before letting you dive right into it. 

The Laboratory in Bunschoten (Netherlands)

They provide you with a video, so you get the chance to see yourself through all the vital points that you passed in the escape room. 

Review: “Having played Escape Room Nederland’s other two experiences (Laboratory/Meisjeskamer) a while back, I was excited to return for the Dome. My expectations were high, albeit far exceeded and left in the dust by the real thing. The Dome is innovative, mechanically superior to any room I have as of yet played (and I have played a fair few rooms) and full of surprises! 
I do not know who designed this experience, but their attention to detail, imaginative puzzles and expertise are undeniable. I’m proud to be able to say that my amazing team and I made it through (but only by the skin of our teeth). I’ll be back for a fourth experience, if ever one comes! 
P.S.; ensure that you get a group of at least four, some of the puzzles are really difficult (though not impossible) with less!” 

Claustrophilia in Budapest (Hungary) 

The Voodoo TALES by Lord Wickelwood puts the players in an old apartment filled with treasure hunter’s stashes. With numerous ends and odds, it will not be difficult to convince yourself that you are running in the 1900’s rummaging through all the collections of an adventurer who has been long gone. 

Claustrophilia in Budapest

If you are trying out escape rooms for the first time, this is a good choice. This is believed to be one of the easier escape rooms in Budapest and one of the best Hungary has to offer. 

Review: “Interesting experience. Escape rooms seem to be popping up in most places these days, but I have never been to one before. This was recommended by a colleague, and I must say it was a very good experience. Quite how it compares with the rest is hard to say though. Interesting start, as the rooms are located in a flat in an innocuous block, and seems like a perfect setting. I won’t spoil the tasks necessary to complete, but I must admit the two of us made a valiant attempt, but ultimately failed to complete in the time allotted. Help is there when it is ultimately needed. 
If you have some spare time in Budapest, and maybe some smart friends, this is a good place to waste an hour, and maybe another hour talking about your heroic problem solving afterwards.” 

The Mr. X Mystery House (Shanghai) 

Among the list of the best escape rooms in the world, this escape room deserves recognition of its own as this escape room is not just one single room, this is an entire house. Here, you get to choose from five rooms, and all these have amazing feedback. But these escape rooms are challenging, fun, scary and everything there is in between. 

The Mr. X Mystery House (Shanghai)

You must climb ladders, wriggle through small spaces, show your ninja skills to get past the lasers, and decode all the mysteries, as well as go through physical puzzles. This is filled with amusing and fun elements both for your body and your mind. 

Review: “We were a group of 7 people who went to Mr.X and loved it! This is my 70-something room and one of the best. Very high class, so much time and money must have been spent here to give you a truely immersive experience. There is only one room they advertise in English, however we did a second well enough (although we had one chinese speaker in the group), although she didn;’t have to translate much tbh. Defiantely wish more were in English, loved it!” 

The Basement (Los Angeles) 

The Basement has got the first place among all the escape rooms in United States, and this is also a favorite among the veterans. The theme itself tells that it is not for jittery adults and children. Here you will be locked in Edward R. Tandy’s basement, which is a very traumatizing, twisted and has cannibalistic killer instincts. However, you must put together all the pieces for coordinating your escape. 

Review: “The Basement was the first Escape Room I’ve done and I had a lot of fun! Being able to solve the many different puzzles really brought a nice sense of accomplishment, especially while doing it with some friends that can be quite scary when they take the lead, haha. 
There seemed to have been quite a few ways to solve the puzzles which really helped the different approaches my friends and I took toward completing the room (our group was too large and had to split into two). 
If a certain actor ever reads this: I’m still really sorry for your “girl dinner”.” 

The Office (Philadelphia) 

This one is going to be your nightmare. Because here, you are going to be stuck at work.  

And the game is like you must leave before your boss comes back or you are stuck in the loop forever. And you must work in the same office forever. According to reports, only 20% of the groups managed to escape on time. However, this is what makes it more intriguing to the people. They come here to check if they can pass the levels on time or not.  

The Office (Philadelphia) best escape rooms in the world

You must take quick decisions and clever ones and have compatible minds. 

Review: “I had great fun at Escape the Room Philly. Of course, we accidentally picked the hardest escape room and there were only the two of us but we enjoyed ourselves. Michaela (not sure if I spelled it right) was AMAZING! Super friendly, helpful and gave good hints. I would definitely go back again (to a less difficult room)!” 

The Escape Game (Nashville) 

This escape room has got multiple rooms, to be precise seven. This is a great option for parties of different skill levels and sizes. This is one of the most popular destinations in the USA. They keep adding new rooms, to keep things interesting. Whether you want to mine for gold, repair a spaceship or break out of prison, Nashville got it all covered.  

The Escape Game (Nashville) best escape rooms in the world

Review: “This was our first experience doing an escape room as a family. It’s a bit pricey but we ended up doing 2 different ones. The Playground and The Ruins. The playground was a bit challenging for us at first and we found ourselves hitting the hint button quite a bit and didn’t finish the room. After that we somewhat understood what to expect for The Ruins, it was a really great family activity and we escaped! 
Our teens and 9yr old all were able to participate. The Berry Hill location staff were really great as well. Would do it again and would recommend! Thanks for a fun time!” 

Breakout (KC) 

Escape rooms in Kansas City have very low success rates in the US and the average success rate of Breakout’s six rooms is 26%. You must return here to try everything that Breakout has to offer or to try out the same room again if you failed to succeed in one room. 

Review: “My family and I did the ‘Gambler’ escape room at Breakout KC. Having done close to 50 escape rooms across the country, this was probably in our top 5. It had some very unique and well engineered solutions, and was very logical and linear. This is one of their most difficult escape rooms, so if you don’t have at least 4 experienced escapers, perhaps choose another room (there are many to pick from). The staff was friendly and our game master Jamal was great. While the location is not near much, it was definitely worth the trip!” 

The Escape Room (Indianapolis) 

The best escape room in Indianapolis is The Escape Room, and here you get to jailbreak or heist, or you just can choose a trophy retrieval treasure hunt kind of game as well. But there is one room known for its difficulty, and that is KGB Interrogation. 

Review: “This was our first time doing an escape room, and it was awesome!! Dipper was our guide, and they were funny as well as helpful, chiming in when they realized we needed a bit of assistance or refocusing. They gave very helpful clues when we asked for them. My family of 5 (2 adults and 3 kids aged 7-12) did an intermediate level escape room, as the introductory level ones were all sold out during our trip to Indianapolis. We did the Mona Lisa heist, and we almost got the painting out in time! We did actually get the painting out of its hiding place and out of the room, but *just* after our time was up. It was a fun experience for all!!” 

Locked In: The Birmingham Escape Game (Birmingham) 

This is one of the best escape rooms in the world that everyone can try. There are three rooms set at various difficulty levels. You get one hour to figure it out and get proof of the conspiracy or find an answer to the classroom mystery or get the cure for the epidemic. But these experiences are not very scary and are appropriate for all ages. But do not take it lightly though. 

Review: “There were 3 people in out group. We tried the laboratory and it was so much fun. We did not make it out in time but enjoyed every minute. You definitely learn to be thorough and to look at EVERYTHING! We definitely will go back and try another room. You are given hints to help you when you get stuck.” 

Roosevelt Escape Room at Palace Games (San Francisco) 

This is Houdini escape room’s sequel at Palace Games, but you will find a lot of originality in their games. This one tells a story and gets you engaged in a way that no other escape rooms do. Rumor has it that the world’s greatest escape artist, Harry Houdini, built this in the 1900s. 

Review: “Surprised at how well we were able to do as a beginner group – but it’s clear that if you’ve done escape rooms before you’d be challenged. We can in June 2021 and were the first group back after COVID restricted access. Totally felt normal and the staff was awesome. Did this for a birthday party group of 8 of us. Highly recommend!” 

Did you manage to escape? 

Well, these are some of the best escape rooms in the world, and you will find various difficulty levels in these. So, pick wisely, depending on your expertise, but why not give the difficult ones a try? Why not try something exciting and see where it takes you? 


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