So you have finally stepped into the new phase of your life! What’s better than companionship with a better half? For sure, you would be more than in love with your spouse but wouldn’t that be exciting to add some picturesque backdrops and scenic views to have a perfect flashback to get back to, at your 50th Anniversary. How about heading to the Caribbean that’s bejeweled with a plethora of astounding honeymoon spots to leave you spellbound? This blog is about those best honeymoon spots in Caribbean.Not only that, the Caribbean, known as the land of seas, can be one of the best honeymoon spots in Caribbean for you and your better half. Glide along the beach and count the stars at night. Commemorate the moments in your married life forever, as you start your second innings with your spouse.Sometimes, tourists are so quite fascinated with such places that they intend to have it as homeland and many even do just like having Dominica economic citizenship. The Caribbean has got tons of treasures in the form of exotic honeymoon spots that you must visit to entice the most beautiful period of your life;

5 Best Honeymoon Spots in Caribbean for Newly Weds:

1. Anguilla:

AnguillaThis is the British West Indies Island having uncrowded beaches and Rivals St. Bart’s, which is also known as the vacation mecca for the rich and famous. If you are a food enthusiast, Anguilla offers over 100 places to eat within 35 sq. miles. From the delicious restaurant food to the exclusive range of cuisines, you have got a bazillion varieties to tease the taste buds with. Don’t forget the water-taxi to tiny Scilly Cay for a barbecued lobster curry lunch.Anguilla is surrounded by beachside duplexes and coastal cottages where you can easily stay and enjoy the different avatars of the sea. The hospitality management is also good around the Carribean, so you can pretty much find yourself some of the most romantic honeymoon suites in the Caribbean.Furthermore, you can just grab a waterside table at the islet’s restaurant, place your order, and don’t wait for your meal with flat faces. Instead, snorkel to double the hunger while you await your meal. Isn’t it a great idea?

2. Antigua:

AntiguaHaving the most historic attraction, Nelson’s Dockyard, Antigua is known to be the Water World. This place has got many beautiful beaches that happen to be the perfect place for Sunbathers. Moreover, Antigua is also an ideal place for Sailors due to the perfect anchorages it possesses.Antigua is paired with Barbuda, its sister island and no less beautiful than the Antigua island. Although Barbuda is less populated than Antigua, it can serve as a memorable place for you and your better half. Of course, privacy is the main thing one needs during their honeymoon. Moreover, Barbuda can definitely be the center of love because the sand itself is known to be pink. Imagine the cupids throwing aways little pricks of flings here and there!Since we are focusing this spot for the honeymoon, here is good news for the newly married couples. The big plus here is that that atmosphere at this place is no less than Romantic. For sure, what can be a better place than Antigua to spend some quality time with your better half? 

3. Dominica:

DominicaThis place is also famous as the Caribbean Version of the Garden of Eden. The 60% of this island is covered in rainforest and it’s simply the best place for couples donating to Greenpeace. Moreover, Dominica is said to serve as some of the best honeymoon suites in the Caribbean. Needless to say, it is not odd to wake up listening to the birds chirping and the most beautiful person by your side.Since being ornamented with clustered rainforest, Dominical seems to be more inclined towards eco-tourism. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why it offers visitors perfect recipe of jungle river adventures and guided rain-forest hikes. There are numerous waterfalls in the area which serves as a romantic retreat for the couples. You can take a bath or even sit by the lake for a late and quite brunch with your lady love or prince charming.The natural treasures in this land are what makes it more inspiring for many visitors. The best thing here is that one can even apply for the Dominica economic citizenship and that’s surely a great gesture from the government’s end.

4. Curacao:

curacao-2009773_960_720The little Dutch island, off the Venezuela coast, is popular as the melting pot of people from all around the world. It’s the mix culture place that makes Curacao amongst the most cosmopolitan spots on the planet. In case you are looking for the honeymoon spot that is enriched with good food, natural beauty, and nice picturesque view to begin your life at with your better half, you must visit Curacao.For sure, it’s an island of intriguing art, interesting food, and pretty good duty-free shopping. In a nutshell, people can also consider these places to live other than just planning visits. In case you wish to be the citizens of any of these nations, you can consider Dominica economic citizenship and programs for other such nations as well.

5. British Virgin Islands:

British Virgin IslandsWell, the name of the place definitely does not speak for itself and you can easily plan a getaway in one of the most affordable honeymoon destinations in Caribbean.  The place is originally a cluster of islands which were occupied by the British.Currently is it is the home of many exotic beaches with crystal blue waters and natural pools. Those who have always been in love with coastal areas can definitely take dips in this best honeymoon spots in Caribbean. Needless to say, the Caribbean food and cocktails just add to the drama more!Moreover, the place provides different experiences for couples with different budgets. It is certainly a dream destination for those who love a thrilling honeymoon. There are private island resorts for secluded romantic getaways and you can go sailing under any bright sunny day.


The tropical aura is all alluring to make your moods on fire as you prance towards your soulmate to make love under the witness of the stars and the cheers from the waves. Be the first to take initiative and gift your better half the best honeymoon spots in Caribbean for the trip. Bon Voyage!Read also:


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