National parks have become the center of attraction as people are willing to spend time in nature. And American beauty stands tall when it comes to getting up close and personal with Mother Nature. 

The annual visitation numbers in National Parks hit 5 million in 2022, hunting at the increasing popularity of parks. From maintenance to availability of facilities, some of the best national parks in the USA deserve mention. 

Hence, the guide kicks in! This one is actually a compilation of the best national parks in America you must go to in 2024 or at least once in your lifetime. So, what are we waiting for?

Let’s get started… 

Head Over These 11 Best National Parks In The USA.

There are over 400 sites in the U.S.A. falling under the National Park Service. More than 50K visitors are heading over to these parks every day. Hence, I see no reason why you shouldn’t be a part of this memorable trip!

Explore these national parks either solo, with your loved one, or with your family.

1. Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

    Rock climbers find solace at the Yosemite National Park, which for years, has remained an iconic national park in California. Granite monoliths in the park have dominated the entire landscape, making it the tallest El Capitan. 

    One of the most iconic features of the peak is Half Dome, which is a fun-filled adventure for professional hikers. Trail over a 4,800-foot ascent and enjoy the hike with copious sceneries and mesmerizing water bodies. 

    From the extraordinary rock faces to steep, risen valleys, Yosemite can be a perfect hiking destination for beginners, too. Opt for shorter hikes like the Bridalveil Fall Trail or Mirror Lake Loop if you are not too experienced. 

    2. Acadia National Park

    Acadia National Park

      Acadia National Park is the only Northeastern park that perfectly surrounds New England with bustling harbors and craggy coastlines. This park in Maine is home to the tallest coastal peals around the eastern seaboard. 

      It certainly reminds one of the Nort Californian and Pacific Northwestern seaside cliffs. Popular artists in the mid-19th century, including Sanford Robinson and Thomas Cole, traveled to this picturesque destination for painting and sketching inspirations. 

      Presently, it is gaining traction for its Beehive and Precipice hiking trails as they ascend through sheer granite rocks. There are iron rails and rungs that help hikers to be safe while going to heights.  

      3. Grand Canyon, Arizona

      Grand Canyon, Arizona

        The dizzying 6,000-foot elevation of the Grand Canyon makes it an epic beauty standing tall amidst Arizona. This impressive geological formation comes with yellowish-orangish walls and sharp descents. 

        The Grand Canyon National Park is of impeccable importance to the American tribes residing in the region. It has influenced their culture, language, and even their lifestyle for years. This is why it is one of the best national parks in the U.S.A. 

        The Rik-to-Rim hike was 14.5 miles might be a grueling hike that takes almost two days to complete. Furthermore, it helps visitors to travel the canyon from one corner to another. 

        4. Yellowstone National Park

        Yellowstone National Park

          Yellowstone National Park wasn’t always this popular. It was on 1st March 1782 that President Ulysses Grant signed the Protection Act of the park. After this incident, America started making more improvements inside Yellowstone. 

          Today, it is one of those national parks with a wide variety of elk and bison. One also enjoys the glacier-carved valleys, hot springs, and geysers in and around Yellowstone National Park. 

          The Old Faithful Geyser is one of the oldest hot water springs and is an active geyser spread over 2.2 million acres. If you want to spend a peaceful night around Yellowstone Park, stay at Canyon Lodge. 

          5. North Cascades National Park

          North Cascades National Park

            This national park in Washington is an alpine wonderland that is surrounded by remote and rugged peaks. North Cascades is capped by over 300 glaciers and is only a two-hour driver from Seattle. 

            It’s true that a lot of hikes are possible on the North Cascades Highway. Hence, one must definitely consider going on a backpacking trip to the 400-mile trail. But if you’re looking for something easier, opt for the 34.2-mile hike in Beaver Loop

            One might experience steep ascent on top of the ridges which needs careful hiking under expert supervision. Thus, if you are planning to hit the North Cascades, travel during the spring months. 

            6. Denali Preserve and National Park

            Denali Preserve and National Park

              In the list of the best national parks in the USA, we have Denali National Park next. Nestled in Alaska, the summit is one of the tallest ones in North America, and that’s exactly where the national park derived its name from. 

              During early summer and spring, the valley is filled with wildflowers and high alpine trees. However, the glacier-capped skyline remains uninhabited by humans. On the other hand, you will witness a lot of snow during the cold months. 

              Almost 35% of adventurers travel to Denali Preserve to find remote wilderness experience. But you can also hit the spot to get closer to nature. Ensure to pack extra food and snacks, just in case!

              7. Zion National Park

              Zion National Park

                This national park located in Utah is very popular owing to its extraordinary landscape and pink sandstone cliffs. The orange slot canyons make it look like it is straight out of a painting.

                Within 230 square miles of the park, you’ll discover meandering rivers, skyscraping sandstone cliffs, and juniper trees. The elevations here range from almost 3,700-8,700 feet, and the park also boasts diverse fauna and flora. 

                One gets to explore and experiment with various hiking trails, unlike other parks. But if you ask me the two most popular ones- it has to be Angels Landing and The Narrows. Trust me, Zion National Park is a must-visit!

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                8. Great Sand Dunes Park

                Great Sand Dunes Park

                  Can you imagine a park with ski slopes and tall alpine peaks to be the best national park in Colorado? Well, the Great Sand Dunes Park is one of them which symbolizes golden orange dunes. 

                  The dunes are the primary draw of the park and visitors love to explore the diverse ecosystem lying within the boundaries. Expect to see some alpine tundra, meadows as well and subalpine forests. 

                  Great Sand Dunes National Park is an ideal spot if you want to practice sandboarding. Just take your board or rent them from some vendors near the park. If you want to see the wildflowers blooming, visit it during July-August. 

                  9. Wyoming’s Grand Teton Park

                  Wyoming’s Grand Teton Park

                    Grand Teton Park is located southwest of Yellowstone and boasts of its dramatic mountains. The peaks reach as high as 7000 feet above the land, thus striking a massive difference from the flat plains. 

                    At Grand Teton, you can expect to find some age-old gneiss rocks, which attract mountaineers and climbers from all over the world. However, you don’t have to be a professional mountaineer to relish this hike.

                    If you don’t want to hike, visit the Snake River flowing through it, listing it as one of the best national parks in the USA. All in all, the experience would be a unique one!

                    10.  Crater Lake National Park

                    Crater Lake National Park

                      Being one of the clearest and deepest lakes in America, Crater Lake flows inside a volcano summit. The crystal-clear and blue waters are as deep as 1,943 feet as it’s a snow-fed lake.

                      Crater Lake National Park expands to upto 183,224 acres, and it is surrounded by mountainous terrains. All over the land, you will see white lands that look like cotton candies and alpine trees.

                      The rim surrounding the lake is covered by Rim Drive which offers tremendous viewpoints to visitors. Two popular places to stay here are the Cabins and the Crater Lake Lodge. 

                      11. Canyonlands National Park

                      Canyonlands National Park

                        The last one on our list is the red sandstone cliffs encompassed with lush valleys in Utah. Yes, you guessed it right- that’s Canyonlands National Park. Every single park in Utah is unique, but Canyonlands offers an altogether different experience. 

                        The 338,000 acres of land make this national park one of the largest in the state. But you will be surprised to know that Canyonlands is still crowded as visitors pour in from multiple destinations around the world. 

                        From several attractions to roadside hiking trails, this national park will surely make you a fan. So, what are you waiting for? When Canyonlands calls, you need to pack your stuff and move right away!

                        Parting Thoughts

                        Traveling is a crucial part of the human life. Without exploring new places, the human life is worthless. After all, we don’t pay for our expenses; we pay for our experiences in life.

                        National parks are one of the best locations to visit when you wish to bring a change in your mundane life. And as you have a list of the best national parks in the USA, make sure you save them up.

                        You reading this guide is a sign that you need an age-long dreamt and delayed vacation. So, don’t wonder any longer! Comment below and share your thoughts on this with us. Thank you!

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