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Traveling solo is something everyone should do at least once in their lives! Just imagine – you are exploring different corners of a new place without someone second-guessing your decisions.  

Doesn’t it sound like a dream – a dream where you are independent, fierce, and not afraid of chasing your own dreams? 

Solo travel is not just empowering – it enables people to embark on an adventure of self-discovery. But unfortunately, for a long time, India has become an unsafe destination, particularly for female solo travelers. As a result, most women think multiple times before venturing out on their own in the country.  

But the thought of traveling on your own without anyone’s interference is indeed a luxury. And we are not the only ones saying it. The rising trend of solo traveling generally and female solo travelers specifically indicates that in spite of safety being a major concern, there’s no stopping anyone high on wanderlust.  

So, the idea now is to combine the thrill of exploring new places with travel experiences that are hassle-free and safe. Keeping safety as our top priority, Dream and Travel has curated a list featuring the best places for solo female travel in India.  

Let’s dive in – shall we? 

The Best Places For Solo Female Travel In India: 

It is official – solo travel is on the rise, with 19% of female travelers choosing to travel alone more frequently, as per Travel Pulse’s statistical report. As a result, it is more important than ever to find the best places for solo female travel in India.  

So, without wasting time, let’s get started! 

1. Shillong, Meghalaya: 

Are you seeking a destination where you can relax in the middle of natural beauty? Then, Shillong is definitely your top choice. Located 4908 ft above sea level, Shillong is literally India’s only hill station that tourists can access from all sides.  

The best part? Shillong welcomes tourists with crystal-clear skies, massive mountains, and mesmerizing waterfalls. When you are in Shillong, the peak is definitely a must-visit since it offers a beautiful panoramic view of the entire countryside.  

The hospitable crowd, the pleasant climate, and the picturesque beauty make Shillong a secure and safe travel destination for female solo travelers.  

Review By Vishwas Borse: 

This was my first-ever tour to North East India. I usually plan and execute all the tours for my family on my own. But since I’d never been to NE India, I was in a fix whether to plan and proceed on my own or to book through a travel company. Finally, we decided to do it on our own, and it turned out that the tour was well organized and executed. The itinerary for each day was clear and easy to follow. The driver was polite, friendly, and knowledgeable. He knew our itinerary and ensured we covered all the points as promised.” 

2. Kaziranga, Assam: 

For solo traveling, the national park has attracted tourists in big numbers. Kaziranga National Park is one of the best places for solo female travel in India. Home to the exotic one-horned rhinos, Kaziranga will help you experience wildlife really up close.  


Moreover, you can actually travel around the forest in a protected jeep or even on the elephant back to spot animals such as Hoolock Gibbons, Asian elephants, Royal Bengal tigers, and more.  

Review By Ankan Gupta: 

The view during winter is really awesome and so beautiful. There are two different types of rides available: one includes an elephant ride, and the other is a jeep safari. You must carry your govt. IID proofs are required to book tickets. Various animals are available in this park. I recommend evening time to watch various animals.” 

3. Darjeeling, West Bengal: 

Darjeeling always looks like it has been taken straight out of a book – but it still has a slow life and colonial aura. Most people would argue that this beautiful hill station is too touristy for their taste, so many millennials don’t refer to visiting the spot.  


Also, the world’s third-highest peak, Kanchenjunga, is one of the primary attractions in Darjeeling, along with the iconic steam railway line. Additionally, West Bengal has only one hill station, and it is very beautiful. Plus, the culture, the food, the people, and most importantly, the old-world colonial charm make Darjeeling one of the best places for solo female travel in India.  

Review By Lakshminath Chaturvedi: 

A complete year of no travels or moving owing to the lockdown left me feeling highly depressed. It was then that I and my friends quickly planned a trip that would include the total Silk route. Staying in Kolkata it is the closest destination we could travel to. But, after a lot of deliberations as to who would arrange the trip. And we are so glad we did.

No wonder the hamlet is called New Darjeeling, as the place looks like heaven with tall pine trees and offers uninterrupted views of the Kanchenjunga mountain. We stayed at a plush guesthouse with well-washed linens and clean washrooms. If you have the silk route in mind and desire to experience the Tibetan culture at its best, then this 6-day trip to some of the most gorgeous locations of Lampokhari Lake, Reshikola, Kupup Lake, Jelep La Pass, Tukla Valley, and several more, will woo you beyond measure.” 

4. Yuksom, Sikkim: 

Sikkim is literally heaven on earth. The beauty of Sikkim will simply blow your mind with its Himalayan ranges, lush green forests, Buddhist monasteries, and spectacular views. Plus, it is a clean state – the government will fine you if you dirty nature in any way. So, be careful about throwing plastic bottles or even taking a dump in the forests.  


There’s so much to see in Sikkim – but if we had to choose, we would always pick Yuksom in West Sikkim. Yuksom is one place where you won’t be able to escape the mesmerizing beauty and hallucinating magic of the massive Himalayas.  

Moreover, Yuksom is also home to Sikkim’s best trekking routes and the warmest people. We did the fascinating Goechala trek – it was exhausting but one hell of an experience!  

Review By Katerina Kneschkova: 

We recently had the pleasure of embarking on an unforgettable trek in the stunning region of Sikkim, India. From the moment we started our journey until its successful conclusion, our experience with this company was nothing short of exceptional. Our adventure began with a smooth transfer to the picturesque town of Darjeeling, where we enjoyed a splendid day of exploration.

The following morning, as agreed, our driver picked us up and transported us to Yuksom. Along the way, he efficiently took care of all the necessary paperwork, including trekking permits and Sikkim visas, ensuring a hassle-free start to our journey. In Yuksom, we were warmly welcomed at a hotel with a remarkable host, and the food provided was nothing less than perfect. The morning of October 23, 2023, marked the commencement of our Goechala trek, an extraordinary journey into the heart of the Himalayas. The entire team of guides and support staff were simply amazing, tending to our every need and ensuring our accommodations were comfortable and well-maintained. A

special mention goes to the talented chefs who consistently prepared mouthwatering meals throughout our trek. Their culinary delights, including a heartwarming surprise with a cake, left us deeply touched. We would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the porters and their owners for their invaluable assistance with our luggage. The choice of camping locations was exceptional, and reaching the summits of Dzongri Top and Goechala Top was a truly life-changing experience for our entire group. This adventure has left us with cherished memories and a profound appreciation for the exceptional service provided.” 

5. Puducherry, Tamil Nadu: 

To cut a long story short, Puducherry is not located in the state of Tamil Nadu. So, it’s a union territory, but since Tamil Nadu is the closest state to Puducherry, we wrote Tamil Nadu beside Puducherry.  


Every year, this little union territory in South India attracts many tourists from across the globe – visitors looking for an idyllic escape. From clean, peaceful beaches and fun activities for everyone to delicious food and historical French colonies, Puducherry is legit what solo travel dreams are made of!  

Brimming with travelers and tourists throughout the year, Puducherry is an ideal place for solo tourists to interact with other travelers. Moreover, when you are in Puducherry, you must check out the city with no politics or religion – Auroville. Additionally, this beautiful beach town offers a sense of calm and peace that most beach destinations in India fail to offer (think Goa). 

Review By Subham Goel: 

Hey, I had an amazing experience scuba diving in Pondicherry, which is hard to explain in words. The experience will remain unforgettable for me. It was like going into a different world, a world that is just one step away from you when you are standing on the shore. My instructors were amazing. They gave me good knowledge and all the safety measures before we finally dived into the ocean. Looking forward to experiencing it again 😊” 

6. Waichin Valley, Himachal Pradesh: 

Waichin Valley is one of the most underrated places in Parvati Valley. People might head over to Kasol and call it the land of hippies, but you will find the OG land of hippies carefully hidden in remote parts of Himachal.  


From Pulga and Kalga villages in Pavati to Waichin, right above Malana, there’s so much beauty alone in Parvati Valley. Plus, it is so safe for women – people are really warm here. The only thing to be careful about? Locals might try to sell you drugs – it is always best to avoid buying such stuff from locals, especially when you are traveling alone.  

While the world is a fan of Malana, we say skip Malana and walk to Waichin. Yes! You have to walk to Waichin – it will take you an hour or two, depending on your speed. But it’s really close, and you will get spectacular views of the Himalayas.  

Review By Anshu Thakur: 

This is a beautiful place with a view of snow-covered mountains. It is about 23km from Kasol. 18km on the road, about 3km of the off-road ride, and half a track from there. They have lovely huts with a fire for night stays. Inside, watching walking is a little muddy, but the view makes up for all☺.” 

7. Palolem, Goa: 

Undoubtedly, Goa is India’s party destination. It is one of the most welcoming tourist spots in the country, particularly for female solo travelers. And we are not the only ones saying it – the Plan India and Child and Women Development Ministry agrees, calling Goa one of the safest places for women in the country.  


While every part of Goa is home to surreal beaches, beach shacks, and hippie markets, there’s one beach that always stands out.  

The Palolem Beach is a crescent-shaped beach in south Goa – it’s beautiful, not very crowded, and is honestly a breather from the party vibes that Goa is typically known for! Here, you can enjoy a bottle of beer at a shack and watch the sunset against a beautiful backdrop by the sea while some local musicians are playing in the distance.  

Also, if you have a day or two in hand, then do stop at Panjim and check out India’s only river casino where gambling is legal.  

Review By Purnima Pantomath: 

Most popular and picturesque beach of south Goa. The beach is perfect for swimming, kayaking, and paddleboarding. You can also shop nearby; there are a lot of shops. The beach also has good shacks. An early morning ride to Butterfly Island is recommended, too.” 

8. Udaipur, Rajasthan: 

The city of lakes, A.K.A, Udaipur, is home to picturesque forts, rich ethnicity, culture, and eminence.  

Looking back at history, Udaipur was the capital of the legendary Mewar Kingdom for years. As a result, you will find countless spots that will bewilder you, like the Bagore ki Haveli Museum, Saheliyon ki Bari, Vintage Car Museum, Lake Pichola, and the Udaipur City Palace.  


Moreover, visiting Udaipur is a cultural treat – it is an extraordinary venture of sorts. Additionally, the local Rajputs who live in Udaipur are very helpful and welcoming, going out of their way to ensure you have a good time. As a result, the city of Lakes is one of the best places for female solo travelers in India.  

Review By Ashmita Das: 

Overall, our trip was good. The days were well planned. The vehicle was in good condition and well-cleaned. The guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. Our guest experience officer was always just a call away and made sure everything was provided to us. Udaipur is a beautiful place, and we were able to enjoy it to the fullest because of the team that planned it. Thank you!” 

9. Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir: 

Ladakh is another ideal travel destination in India for female solo travelers.  


Just imagine waking up to the crystal blue waters of the Pangong Lake, serene valleys, arid plains, and massive snow-covered mountains. The beauty of Ladakh makes the spot one of the best places for female solo travelers in the country.  

Located at the center of the Himalayas, Ladakh is paradise on earth. Moreover, there are several spots to explore in Ladakh – the double-humped camels (you can ride them), Shanti Stupa, Nubra Valley, and the Deskit Monastery. 

Review By Nikita Sharma: 

I absolutely enjoyed the trip! Right from airport pick up to drop off, our driver was welcoming, and DG was amazing and the best people on the trip. The rooms were good, but it would be better if a heater could be provided. I think the staff and people made this journey absolutely amazing.” 

Exploring Incredible India: A Solo Traveler’s Paradise 

And that’s a wrap on the best places for solo female travel in the Indian subcontinent. While India is not the safest country for female solo travelers, we were careful with our choices when it came to featuring beautiful travel spots that are safe for women.  

Moreover, it is imperative that you put lots of emphasis on research – the more you research, the more familiar you will be with the local culture of the place.  

Additionally, it is best to opt for accommodations that not only have good reviews but are also solo travel-friendly. Also, ensure that you are proactive and confident throughout your trip – be alert of your surroundings.  

As long as you are cautious and confident, you will be fine. So, happy travel – here’s us wishing you a fantastic solo trip. 


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