The purpose of this article is to highlight the best places to travel which are off-the-beaten-path. They do not have to be very cheap but should be placed for you to vocation minus breaking the bank. That can be a state where Americans possess a strong buying power or somewhere that is far but provides excellent value when it comes to experience. Without further ado, below is an official list of the best places to travel on a budget for your next trip.

Top 10 Best Places to Travel:

1. San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, TexasSan Antonio has it all whether you are craving authentic Mexican or Tex-Mex food. Before your family can afford an international destination, you can get to San Antonio via the road on the weekend. You can stroll along San Antonio Riverwalk and then chase thrills at the Six Flags Fiesta Texas to have a blast. There are many historical sites to visit like San Fernando Cathedral that host free nightly light shows. If you visit San Antonio over the weekend, wander through the mart at Pearl Brewery.

2. Puebla Mexico

Puebla MexicoWith fabulous architecture and great eats, Puebla, Mexico needs to be on top of your best places to travel. This city is a heritage of UNESCO, and it is easy to see the reason for this. Lovers of architecture can spend days exploring historical centers and marvel at aspects of endless amounts of churches. Despite being a large city in Mexico, it is not easy to see other tourists. You will feel like you have the whole place to yourself. It is among those cities for you to soak in the atmosphere of tranquil. It is known for the mole sauce that you cannot miss when visiting.

3. The Philippines

PhilippinesThe Laguna province in the Philippines is among the best places to travel on a budget. The Philippines is famous due to its white-sand beaches in Boracay, Cebu, or Palawan; mountains of the north, and surfing in Siargao. It is recommended to visit the province of Laguna because of its hot spring, and San Pablo city also called the city of seven lakes. The best lakes to visit are Yambo lake and Pandin Lake. It is easy to access these attractions by local transport or car rental at a minimal cost of ten dollars. Consider yourself blessed when you visit this province. You will experience the warmth of its people, beautiful structures, great delicacies, and fresh air in the region.

4. Balkan Peninsula

Balkan PeninsulaThings like paragliding are cheaper in this peninsula than in other destinations in Europe. Everybody thinks that Europe is very expensive. Traveling in Europe does not need to be costly. If you want the best place to travel on a budget, try the Balkan Peninsula. You can then cross the border to Bosnia and Herzegovina by bus. The time you spend in Montenegro will not be like any other. You can go for a boat tour to our lady of rocks, Porto Montenegro, and Perast and wrap up your trip by paddle boarding and kayaking on the nearby beach. Other fun activities are diving and paragliding.

5. Nepal

NepalIf you love mountains, Nepal is the country you cannot miss. Trek around Annapurna ranges and foothills of Everest, and enjoy views of river Nepali which wraps around Himalayan gorges. Nepal is a cluster of the most adventurous hearts and dramatic landscapes. It is possible to jump from paraglides, kayaks, canyons, and mountain bike steep ravines and hills of the country. This country gives travelers an opportunity to embrace nature to the finest.

6. Colombia

ColombiaFound on the equator, Colombia is a nation of many landscapes. From the Amazon rain forest to the Andean summit and Caribbean coast, it is a country full of unmatched adventures. The rich history of Colombia and enthralling scenery draws explorers from the whole world seeking different experiences. The biodiversity of this country, highlands, colonial past, and seaside resorts make it a great kept secret. You will relax at Tayrona national park, check street art in Bogota, and go for a mud bath in Tome Volcano.

7. Indonesia

IndonesiaIndonesia is a country sprawling across over seventeen thousand volcanic islands with eight thousand of them being inhabited. More than three hundred languages are spoken here. It has a myriad of traditions, animals, customs, people, and cultures; it is like finding many countries in one. Every island has a unique characteristic and personality, which welcomes many adventures for visiting travelers. You can walk and relax on the beaches, hike on active volcanoes, and experience the Saung Angklung Udjo shows.

8. Vietnam

VietnamWalk in the rice terraces and thousand-year-old trees, get lost in rural villages and chaotic cities, and explore caves in this Asian Gem. Vietnam is a beautiful land with a compelling history and complex cultures, meaning, it has space for everybody. The diverse cultures of the country, Buddhist shrines, ancient temples, and remnants of the French people have travelers coming back. You can eat delicious street food, relax on the beaches, and sip ‘weasel’ coffee.

9. Croatia

CroatiaCroatia lies at the crossroad of the southeast and central Europe on the Adriatic Sea. It has a coastline that can be referred to as the best in Europe. The sapphire, clear waters, Dinaric Alps, and dazzling beaches hug the coast. The ancient towns of the country, home-style meals, and classic architecture will create special memories. The distinct culture and climate make it be among the best places to travel on a budget in the world. While here you can visit the Roman ruins, climb the Dinaric mountains, and dip at Zadar beach to cool off.

10. Morocco

MoroccoAfrica’s gateway shines when it comes to diversity. The lyrical landscape of this country will make you fall in love, whether by the sweeping Saharan dunes or Atlas mountain ranges. You will discover centuries of desert medinas, ancient ruins, and old trails when finding familiarity in the urban designs of the country. Morocco remains to be a country of many sounds and faces rooted deeply in Middle Eastern, European, and African culture. It is best for cultural adventures.


The destinations above are the best places to travel when you are on a budget. This is not to mean that they are cheap, but they are destinations that you visit and stay within the budget you had set aside. You will have the best experiences both for you and your family throughout the stay or journey in these destinations. Enjoy your travel!Read Also: 

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