Whether you would like to pay homage to the birthplace of the Buddha or scale the beautiful slopes of Mt. Everest, a trip to Nepal is one of the best decisions that you can make. The region is strategically located between India and China in South Asia along the Himalayan mountain range. This country has some of the most diverse landscapes on the earth ranging from the subtropical forests to the snow-capped mountains. Nepal has a varied culture that is full of shrines and centuries-old temples. If you are planning for a vacation, here are the best places to visit in Nepal.

1. Lumbini


You will see crowds of Buddhists in Lumbini every day as this is the traditional birthplace for Siddhartha Gautama, Lord Buddha. It has archaeological findings that date back to 550 B.C. and this legendary site attracts curious visitors, scientists, and scholars. Buddhas’ mother gave birth in this place near a tree and the temple now bears her name. It is located at the center of a small park that was designed by a Japanese architect called Kenzo Tange. The other things you will get in this complex include cultural facilities, medication centers, sacred ponds, and multiple monasteries. It is among the best places to visit in Nepal.

 2. Janakpur


This center is located in the south-central Nepal and on the Terai plains. At some point, Janakpur was the capital city of a millennia-old Indian Kingdom that was known as Mithila and the Maithili culture is still thriving in this place. according to Hindu, Lord Ram Wed Sita (Janaki) married in this place and thousands of Hindus from all over the world come in this place to celebrate the marriage anniversary. The three-story construction has sixty rooms and this is the largest temple in Nepal and was constructed from marble in the 19th century.

3. Nagarkot



This is a perfect destination for travelers who would like to experience the majesty and beauty of the Himalayas with no arduous physical activity.  What makes it the best places to visit in Nepal are the mountainous views and the Kathmandu valley it offers. Nagarkot is perched on a high ridge to the North-Eastern side of Bhaktapur. The region has close to 45000 inhabitants that commend the view of the eight Himalayan ranges. It has appealing hotels that come at affordable rates. You can also view the beautiful sun rising over the Himalayas.

4. Khumbu


Thousands of adventurous come to Khumbu every year to trek the Mt. Everest summit. The region is on the North-Easter side of Nepal. The journey starts from the Lukla airstrip that has a clear two-lane trail that will lead hikers to the Base Camp of the Everest. It is primarily located within the Sagarmatha National Park and most expeditions to the mountainous peaks are located in the Sherpa village of Namche Bazaar.  The foremost Tengboche Monastery and Buddhist center for the country is located in Khumbu. You will get a broad range of comfortable accommodations at the monastery and most of them will give you stunning views of the tallest mountain in the world.

5. Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park

This destination is among the best places to view wildlife in Asia. Chitwan National Park is located on the South-central side of Nepal and provides a sanctuary for endangered and rare species such as the one-horned rhinoceros and Bengal tiger. It allows you to have a close look at exotic wildlife like sloth bears, rhinoceros, Indian bison, leopards, and elephants which are the biggest attraction of the park. These views make the Chitwan National Park be one of the best places to visit in Nepal.

6. Pokhara


Pokhara has mountain views, verdant shorelines, and tranquil lakes which make it a famous resort destination for tourists from all other the world. It is the gateway to the Annapurna in the North-Western side of Nepal. It’s the best places to visit in Nepal for weary hikers and has exclusive opportunities for outdoor adventures. Phewa lake is the largest among the three lakes of Pokhara with several shops, bars, restaurants, and luxury hotels. It has a temple Island that is dedicated to the Barahi Bhagwati goddess that holds nearly every weekend.

7. Patan



The region is located across River Bagmati from Kathmandu. Patan is renowned for the stunning displays of the Newari architecture and its artisans. It was built in the 17th Century and the temples, courtyards, and palaces in Patan are the star attractions of the city.  With gilded spires and a multi-columned façade, the stone Krishna temple that was recently restored is so striking.

8. Bhaktapur


Bhaktapur is among the three ancient capitals of the Kathmandu Valley and this beautifully preserved destination experienced great damage during the earthquakes of 2015. Fortunately, most of the temples in the city are shrines forming the main attraction centers referred to as the City of Devotees managed to escape unscratched. Bhaktapur is less hectic and crowded than Kathmandu hence inviting leisure walks through the pedestrian-only thoroughfares, winding streets, and medieval squares.

9. Annapurna Circuit

Annapurna Circuit

Annapurna is located on the northwestern side of Nepal and gives hikers the best outdoor experience. The region has varied landscapes and the classic trek will lead you high into the Himalayas. The trek allows travelers to pass through several quaint villages and religious sites. The journey begins east of Pokhara and will take you close to three weeks to come to an end though some trekkers fly out at the Jomson Airport to walk half of the distance. It is among the most popular treks in Nepal with tea stops and lodges at intervals of one hour or even less till you get to the highest section.

10. Kathmandu


Kathmandu is the cultural capital of the country and most people who visit Nepal start from this place. The reason is that all the flights from overseas land in the airport of this city and hence you cannot avoid it. Kathmandu is a crowded metropolis with more than one million inhabitants and has a chaotic mix of artisan workshops, religious sites, restaurants, hotels, trekking agencies, and tourist shops making it the pale best places to visit in Nepal. The famous Durbar Square of the city is undergoing renovation after the recent earthquakes. However, it has several intact sites that are worth your exploration.

Honorable Mentions

We have mostly covered Nepal and all of its extravagance. However, the list still feels incomplete, and we believe that we need to add some honorable mentions that you need to visit at least once in your lifetime. These places did not make it onto our list, not because they were sub-par, but because the list did not have the space to accommodate more locations.

Pashupatinath Temple

The Pashupathinatch is one of the oldest temples in this part of the old. The temple apparently dates back to the fifth century. It is also one of the most sacred places in Nepal. The sacred temple is located just off the banks of the Baramati River. Recently, UNESCO declared this temple a World heritage Site, and this shot up its popularity. The temple provides a unique mix of culture, religion and a historical look into Nepalese society. This is one of the few temples in the world that houses deities from two different religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. 


Chandagiri is primarily known for its cable car rides and magnanimous scenery. The expansive view of the Himalayan Range, coupled with the fresh atmosphere, really makes this location one of the best spots for tourists. In order to reach the top of the hill, you either have to drive across meandering roads stretching 11 kms, or you need to trek all the way upwards. I suggest that you trek your way up to the summit. This will allow you to experience nature and break away from the monotony of the urban lifestyle. 

The Boudhanath Stupa

The temple boasts an amazing mandala that sets it apart from most others in the region. An iconic aspect of this temple is that it has one of the largest spherical stupas. This is one of the most sacred sites for Buddhist pilgrims. It is believed that this temple houses the final remains of Kassappa Buddha. An amazing site for worship. 

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