Just saying the word “Mediterranean” immediately invokes images of sparkling seas, bright sunshine and endless beaches. That’s more than enough to convince anyone to pack up their suitcases and travel. And while some spots in the region are well-known even to those who don’t travel regularly, others are more obscure but no less important to see. If you’ve never traveled to the Mediterranean before, here are some locations that should be on your list.



The Amalfi Coast is arguably one of the most emblematic Mediterranean landscapes. The panoramas here are second to none, and there’s no way you won’t enjoy a vacation in this region. Over the years, it has also been used as a location for well-known films, including the 2017 Wonder Woman. There are several municipalities to visit. Positano, Scala, Tramonti and Vietri sul Mare are just a few of them. In Furore, you can also see the fjord with the same name.

For lesser-known destinations, try Sirmione in Lombardy. The old town is full of historic buildings, and you can also visit the ruins of a Roman villa known as the Grottoes of Catullus. Alberobello in Puglia, in the south of Italy, is officially designated as one of the most beautiful small towns in the country. The houses here are particularly interesting, as they’re made entirely from stone and feature specific, pointed roofs known as trulli.

French Riviera 

Known in French as the Côte d’Azur, the French Riviera is the southeast part of France that connects with the Mediterranean. Monaco is arguably the most famous destination here. Its reputation for luxurious amenities is well-known all over the globe, so visitors from all over the world come to visit. Saint-Tropez and Nice are other well-known tourist spots on the Riviera. You can see the Cannes as part of a guided tour, and even go around as part of a boating trip.

For those who aren’t keen on the big cities and prefer something a little more relaxing, there’s Les Baux-de-Provence. This historic village is located at the top of the cliff and despite its advanced age, is incredibly well-preserved. In Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, you can visit the Villa Île-de-France, built between 1907 and 1912 by Charlotte Béatrice de Rothschild. It has been considered a heritage site since 1996 and hosts an extensive collection of artwork, such as porcelain, pre-1800 paintings, sculptures and furniture.

Israel’s Coastal Plain

Israel’s Coastal Plain

The Israel Coastal Plain hosts most of the country’s population, meaning it includes a wide range of leisure activities and cultural events. That makes it a must-see for tourists, so you should travel with Israel connection tours to explore the region. There are many places to see, from big cities like Tel Aviv to remote villages. You can visit the Rosh HaNikra grottoes, a geologic formation at the border with Lebanon. The caves are spectacular, and you can visit them via a cable car, considered the steepest in the world.

Haifa, one of Israel’s major ports and the third-largest city in the country, is also situated on the Mediterranean coastline. Around the Southern Coastal Plain is the Besor region, which contains an ecosystem that is a mixture of grassland and woodland, and the Haluza was part of the ancient Incense Trade Route that transported luxury goods, spices, and incense from the Mediterranean to the Levant, Egypt, and further into Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and India.


Gibraltar is at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain to the north. It is a British Overseas Territory and has been inhabited since prehistoric times. At the moment, its economy is primarily based on tourism but also strong financial services and it has one of the lowest unemployment rates globally. Watching the dolphins is a favorite activity of all tourists who arrive in the area. The Rock of Gibraltar is an iconic tourist spot, a limestone monolith located very close to the actual entrance to the Mediterranean.

It is also a nature reserve, home to several hundreds of Barbary macaques. The tunnels of Gibraltar are similarly very popular among visitors. They were constructed over two centuries and are nearly twice the size of Gibraltar’s road network.



Santorini is an island in the southern portion of the Aegean Sea, an embayment of the Mediterranean. It is the site of one of the most significant volcanic eruptions that ever occurred as far as recorded history goes. Catch a sunrise and sunset in Oia, a small community that has been part of Santorini since 2011. The location is nothing short of scenic perfection, being built on a sloping plane and having all the houses and restaurants situated in the niches carved in the caldera.

The Red Beach, made of volcanic sands that get their bright hue from the oxidized iron, is another popular tourist attraction.


If you want to party, there’s perhaps no place that’s more well-known for its clubbing scene than Ibiza. The island is located in the Mediterranean, about 150 kilometers from Valencia. EDM fans flock to Ibiza every summer to attend the numerous parties that last all through the night. However, during the past few years, the Spanish Tourist Office has worked to change Ibiza’s reputation as a place of endless parties and wants to make tourists who wish to relax feel more welcome.

Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, is another excellent spot to visit in the Mediterranean. Stop by the Palma Cathedral, a Gothic cathedral whose building began in 1229 and was completed in 1601. The Cuevas del Drach, Spanish for “Dragon caves”, is open to the public, but there is an entrance fee. At the end of the visit, tourists enjoy a classical music concert musicians perform on boats.

When you visit a new area, you must learn something about its culture, language, and customs beforehand to avoid embarrassment. For instance, you can get Hebrew textbooks to understand the basics of the language. Even knowing just a few phrases can provide you with a different perspective throughout your trip.

And as always, don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Traveling is all about discovering and trying new things.


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