It is a known hipster hangout, but when it comes to Berlin, it is not about style, even though it is available in plenty from architecture to fashion. Learn of the turbulent history of the city, see the world-class music live, and shop for a low-cost gourmet grub on the market. Taste the best beer in the world here and keep from telling Bavaria. These are just some of the few things to do in Berlin.

Top 10 Best Things to Do in Berlin :

Hunt bargains in Mauer Park :

Mauer Park Berlin


When you go to Berlin and you want to know the things to do in Berlin Germany, you need to start by knowing that Berliners embrace green spaces and long grass strip in the middle of Prenzlauer Berg’s Mauer Park. This park opens daily from eight am and is known for being a relaxing spot and a messa for market lovers of energy. This park hosts a huge flea market on Sundays with its vendors selling bargain clothes, food, furniture, pianos, records, souvenirs, and bicycles.

Explore the Jewish history of Berlin :

Jewish history of Berlin


The judisches museum represents the story of the Jewish population in Berlin in the architecture of the museum. The most eye-grabbing and newest section of the construction has its design from Daniel Libeskind, a Jewish architect. The shape based on the exploding Star of David with the interiors disappearing to angles. The experience of the museum is all about space effects than artifacts and documents. The Neue synagogue underwent construction in the 19th century and survived World War II and the golden dome is outstanding from far. These are among the best things to see in Berlin as you will walk day or night in the history of Berlin called the Holocaust memorial.

Philharmonic orchestra :

Philharmonic orchestra


The philharmonic orchestra of Berlin is among the best things to see in Berlin. It performs regularly and is directed by Sir Simon Rattle, an Englishman, and intensively tours the world. The home of the orchestra is a yellow tent-shaped philharmonic near the Potsdamer Platz. The interiors have seating terraces around the stage. Do not miss Tuesday lunchtime free concerts by renowned and upcoming musicians. Be in thirty minutes early and come with a soft thing to sit on because the audience sits on the floor.

Take a differentiating tour :

There are several tours around tourist sites in Berlin but the top things to do in Berlin are joining tours around the districts. The history is as interesting as the city center and you will have insights in the normal life. You can join tour companies that organize district walking tours that take time for extensive exploration of the western Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer, or wedding. You can also join the Istanbul walk which includes a chat with Turkish shop owners and bakers in Neukoelln. If you want to sight-see alone, you can rent out vintage bikes.

Markthalle 9

Only two out of thirteen Berlin’s market halls survive and the number nine hall in Kreuzberg dates back to 1891 has received a revival from the weekly farmers market. Wander the enticing stalls on Fridays and Saturdays for it is a place full of regional food and dining. The Kantian restaurant offers excellent lunches daily and a populous food market on the streets on Thursday evenings and special markets on Sunday dedicated to local sweets or crafts. By the exit of puecklerstrass, the weltrestaurnat Markthalle is lovely for a beer or schnitzel on the terrace.

Beer in microbreweries of Berlin :

Bavaria may be having the famous beer brands in Germany but Berlin has its brewing tradition too. Recently, several brewers have opened shop. Hidden in the wedding student complex, Eschenbach is among top things to do in Berlin as it is worth visiting due to its flammekuchen pies and home-brewed beers. Hops & Barley bar attracts youthful crowds in Friedrichshain district. Brauhaus Lemke is a Berlin brewpub with its operations starting in 1999. In town, the best place to go for beer is the oldest Biergarten Prater Garten, serving its Prater Pils.

Take the photoautomaten selfie :

Posturing for shots in the photoautomaten in Berlin is among fun things to do in Berlin and is a very obligatory activity. These white and black photo booths are open at all times of the day all over the city. They take several minutes to print and they offer a brilliant souvenir of the moment in town. Draw curtains back and cram friends for fun snaps.

View sights by bike :

sights by bike

In case you are pressed hard with time, get on the wheels for a quick tour for the must-do sights. There are many rental outlets in Central Berlin, and it has a welcoming culture, with a cycle lane and cyclist signs at traffic lights. The route covers the micro-tour for big sights clustered close to one another, starting and ending with power sites. Start at the Reichstag and adjacent parliamentary buildings, then across leafy paths of Tiergarten, the Holocaust memorial, Checkpoint Charlie, and the Potsdamer Platz.

Anthropomorphise at the zoo :

For a date or outing of the family, it is good to go to exotic bird cries at Zoologischer Garten & Aquarium at Tiergarten. This zoo is very popular in Europe and among the oldest in Germany. It is in a beautiful landscape with many spots for picnics. It is a crucial scientific resource plus a rich entertainment value with fourteen thousand creatures that are rare and endangered. Visit the aquarium on a rainy afternoon is one of the fun things to do in Berlin because you will find extraordinary crocodiles, sharks, amphibians, and insects.

Enjoy films at dusk :

Enjoy films

Friedrichshain or Kulturforum Potsdamer open-air cinema often shows the original language films in English. The screening is popular; therefore you are advised to arrive early enough to get the best seats. There are refreshments and the shows run from sunset to dark hours.

Honorable Mentions

Apart from all the things we have talked about, Berlin still has some more things and activities in its kitties. Here is a detailed rundown of some more things that Berlin presents to its travelers or guests.


If you take our advice and start exploring the city on foot, we suggest that you make your way to the famous Tiergarten of Berlin. This is the city’s most famous park and every day, hundreds of locals visit this park for their own joy. It is probably the only park where you will be allowed to sunbathe naked. So, if that is your jam, head over to Tiergarten.


Officially known as Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin. The famous Berlinale was founded back in 1951 and is currently home to one of the most famous film festivals. Each February, this iconic Berlin location transforms into a hotbed of culture, films, and art. Even though screenings take across different locations, Potsdamer Platz is the most famous location out of all of them. A truly iconic and culturally rich place to visit. 


Berlin is a haven for all the cinema lovers out there. The city is known for hosting some of the best and most important film festivals in Europe. Every year during summer months, some of the most famous parks across Berlin, like, Hasenheide, Neukölln, Rehberge, Volkspark, and Friedrichshain, turn into open-air theatres. Grab a beer and chill while watching films in an open-air theatre. 

Conclusion :

Thanks to the abundance of cool attractions, galleries, and venues of nightlife, there are so many things to do in Berlin. If you need some help in planning your journey, it is advisable to consult experts with experiences in Berlin destinations.

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