London has one of the best tourist attraction centers in the world attracting more than 27 million visitors each year. This is the most visited city in the whole region of Europe. No wonder London is at the top of the travel plans of most people.

This city that was originally founded by Romans has continued to thrive over centuries. Obtaining a UK visa has become easier, particularly for citizens of countries within the EU, EEA, and Switzerland. Additionally, the United Kingdom has implemented the UK ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) for citizens of several countries, such as Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, thereby streamlining the visa application process and making it more convenient and accessible.

Currently, London is among the most diverse cities all over the world. It has some of the most outstanding cultural practices all over the world and a rich history. Here are the top 10 things to do in London (England).

Top 10 Things to Do in London:

1. Leicester Square :

Leicester Square

Pay a visit to Leicester Square to get a chance to walk on the Hollywood stars footsteps. This square is well known when it comes to hosting film premieres for some of the largest blockbusters. This square has remained to be a hotspot for London from 1670 and a great entertainment center from the nineteenth century. This square is surrounded by several cinemas with the biggest screens in the city and a broad range of restaurants. It is an excellent cooling and resting place during the summer. The Square hosts all the new year celebrations for London and you will get lost in the crowds as you have a view of the traditional dancing dragons making it one of the best things to see in London.

2. Buckingham Palace :

Buckingham Palace

A London trip will not be complete unless you stroll through Green Park to get a glimpse of Buckingham Palace. This palace has been hosting the British Royal Family since 1837. It features the largest private garden in London and 775 rooms. Some parts of the palace are open for visitors and hence you can experience some form of the royal lifestyle. You will watch the famous changing of the guard that happens a few times each day and you can witness this historical tradition of the Royal Guard.

3. Hyde Park :

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is the largest and most famous park in London. This park has the historical significance of hosting several protests and demonstrations including those done by the suffragettes. The famous speaker corner of this park is filled by performance artists, protests, and debates on a weekly basis. Hyde Park also houses several memorial features as well as two water bodies with the Serpentine being the most famous one. You will go paddle boating in this place, view several swans, and breath the fresh city center air.  Visiting Hyde Park is one of the best things to do in London.

4. Oxford Street :

Oxford Street


Oxford Street is one of the things to see in London. It tops the list of London’s shopping spots and has the busiest shopping streets in Europe. The area has 300 shops and attracts more than 500,000 visitors every day. There are several famous designers and international department stores such as the House of Fraser and Debenhams. Selfridges have beautiful and intricate window displays that keep on changing with the season. The lighting of Oxford street will illuminate your shopping sprees during Christmas and add extra glitter in the evenings making it one of the best things to do in England.

5. Explore at Night :

london at night


London is a vibrant city in the daytime and throughout the night. So many things happen during these off-peak hours that range from club nights to one-off events. The London lights switch on as the sun sets and this gives the city a magical illumination.  The city has free walking tours who explore it at night or you can decide to hop on a night tour bus. You will be able to see how the St. Paul’s Cathedral lights up during the night or take a visit to the Westminster Cathedral or Big Ben Gothic architecture. You will also find a buzzing nightlife in Soho and Westend. There is just too much that you can explore in London during the night if you are looking for things to visit in London.

6. Museums :

Museums in london


London is one of the cities that have the largest number of museums all over the world. You can find so many museums that are close to each other on the exhibition road that is in South Kensington.  You can take a photo with the infamous skeleton at the Natural History Museum. Exploring this museum will allow you to find stuffed animals and ancient fossils including the dodo replica. The other museums include the Science Museum, Victoria and Albert (V&A) museum, and the British Museum just to name a few. There is always a unique thing that you can explore at each of these centers. With all these museums, you cannot lack great things to do in London England.

7. Galleries :



London has so many galleries that lovers can visit and all of them feature high-end contemporary and classic art. Most of these galleries are free to visit like the national gallery that is in Trafalgar. This gallery basically has everything for everyone. The building in itself is a piece of art that towers above the waterfront. You will find inside pieces by Delauney, Klee, and Picasso. The gallery also has incredible temporary exhibits on each level of the building and this makes it an ideal place for art mix.

8. Soho :

Soho in lindon


Soho is renowned for being the base of the sex industry in London. Currently, this area has the most famous nightlife spot and you will find a few dotted sex shops in the region. This brings a delightfully risqué vibe to Soho. The region is known to be the center of the LGBTQ community of the city with several lesbian and gay bars that become active once the sun goes down.  Soho is a cultural spot because it has several restaurants, jazz bars, and theaters that you can explore. It is very close to Leicester Square and hence you can go for a few drinks after the stage show or play. Soho does not lose its charm during the day. It has several quaint bakeries, small cafes, and music shops. You can spot a pastry and coffee on the renowned Compton street for the best people-watching.

9. The Harrods :

The Harrods


The Harrods is among the famous departmental stores in London. It serves the super-rich and elite class quite well.  The Harrods opened in 1924 and its patrons include the Royal Family, Laurence Olivier, and Oscar Wilde.  Its luxury spreads across several floors that are laid in style via the Harrod themed walls. You will get several delicacies that range from pates, superior marmalades, cheese, and fresh meat. You will get fashion sells from the Egyptian and this will leave you feeling like a pharaoh. Harrods puts together several Christmas hampers that come with goodies that turn the season into a special one. You can get lost as you explore the building while shopping for pets, kid’s toys, and lavish perfumes in this exclusive department store.

10. Piccadilly Circus :

Piccadilly Circus

You will instantly recognize this region because it is filled with big electronic screens and bright light. It is among the busiest spots in London from the 17th century as it was a commercial. It is still the West End heart to date. You will get a lot of access to the famous nightclubs and theaters in London. The statue of Eros is a great tourist destination and a popular meeting. It gives you so many things to do in London and you can learn some of the weird things about the world from the available museums.

Conclusion :

There are so many things to do in London. This destination has everything for everyone. The most important thing is to identify the activities that will meet your needs with the highest level of precision.

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