Tucson is in Arizona state, Pima County. It is the second state in Arizona when it comes to size after Phoenix. It has five hundred thousand inhabitants and home to Arizona University. This city is in the north side of the US-Mexico border and is under influence from the desert it stands from. When visiting Tucson, the things to see in Tucson include the leafy gardens, beautiful architecture, desert fauna and flora, traditional activities, and diverse Mexican inspired beverages and food.

10 Best Things to Do in Tucson

1. Desert at Sonora desert museum :

Sonora desert museum


Taking over ninety-eight acres, this desert museum is among the best things to do in Tucson today as it features a botanical zoo, aquarium, art gallery, and a natural history museum. The museum has put its focus on visitor education regarding diverse flora and fauna found in the desert region housing over two hundred species of animals and more than one thousand plant types. This is the most visited destination in Arizona by attracting more than four hundred thousand travelers each year. It has diverse exhibitions providing the contemporary and historical description of plant life and wildlife. They include the life on rocks, cat canyon, and river to the sea.

2. Sabino Canyon :

Sabino Canyon


The sabino canyon is found in the north of Tucson and is in the nest of the Coronado National Forest and Santa Catalina. It offers fun things to do in Tucson like trails, trekking, hiking, and majestic views opportunities.  It is surprising that even though this canyon is in the desert, there is a creek nearby featuring admirable waterfalls you can cross by the bridge. For those that love hiking, the canyon has a team with nine stops on the way.

3. Saguaro national park :

Saguaro national park


The saguaro national park is split into west and east locations. Sections of the Sonoran desert, Tucson mountains, and Rincon mountains are in this park. The name of the park comes from the indigenous cactus growing there and you can witness it on the treks that are in this park. Long and short hiking trails are available and marked if differing levels of endurance and fitness, even though the authorities of the park advise visitors not to attempt long hikes in remote areas of the park in summer.

4. Be a botanist at Tucson botanical garden :

Tucson botanical garden


If you want to stroll in natural surroundings while looking for things to do in Tucson this weekend, then get to the botanical gardens. It has sixteen different gardens. The whole complex has more than five acres and provides moments of quiet respite in the frantic city. The garden has themes for promoting Arizona flora to its visitors, including the Zen garden, butterfly garden, and the children’s garden. There is also a gallery in the complex with several rotating installations and exhibitions on themes regarding botanical interests in the area including desert plants.

5. Wild walk at Reid park zoo :

walk at Reid park zoo


After its establishment in 1960, this park spans over twenty acres and hosts over five hundred animal species. It has a split of four different zones and has animals like elephants, bears, and giant tortoises. Veterinarians have employment at this zoo and it a favorite for people looking for Tucson things to do in the city. The locals of the city have been raising money for taking care of animals and providing them with the required care. You can see these animals as well as indigenous species while traveling.

6. Tohono Chul Park :

Tohono Chul Park


The Tohono Chul translates to the dessert corner and originates its name from the Tohono O’odham indigenous people. This park has an onsite museum and focuses on environmental education and stewardship about the desert region. The mountains of Santa Catalina rise in the background and visitors can enjoy both the riparian habitat, the botanical gardens, discovery trails, and the geology wall.

7. Pima air and space museum :

space museum


It is known to be among the largest air and space museums around the world, buffs of aerospace can see a spacecraft and three hundred aircraft at the facility with more than eighty acres. This museum is privately sponsored and raises its funds through admissions and ticket sales and the beginnings were humble in the 1970s with just forty-eight aircraft. If you have an interest in USA history, you can take a historical tour through the edges as it is among the best things to do in Tucson at night because there is a replica of the control tower at the venue.

8. Become spiritual at the San Xavier del Bac :

the San Xavier del Bac


Located in Tucson downtown, the San Xavier Del Bac is a Catholic mission with roots in Spain and sits at the Indian reservation of O’odham Sa Xavier.  This mission gets its name from a missionary that is a co-founder of the Francis Xavier, Jesuit Order. This site is very iconic and visiting it is among the best free things to do in Tucson as it bears the finest Spanish colonial architecture. It is open to everybody and attracts over two hundred thousand visitors yearly that may consider this place a pilgrimage. It is run by the Franciscan Christian community members.

9. Raise sight at sentinel peak :

sight at sentinel peak


Sentinel park is nested in the Tucson mountains and lies in the southwest of Tucson. The peak has a wrong perception of resulting from a dominant volcano as the surrounding land is volcanic. The peak offers hiking and trekking opportunities for visitors but highlight views are the city of Tucson and the Tucson valley.

10. Movie at old Tucson studios :

old Tucson studios


For fans and buffs of movies, a trip to the old Tucson studios is among the things to do in Tucson. The studios are next to Tucson mountains and are specifically built for famous movies like the gunfight at the O.K Corral, and Arizona, and movies little house. Studios have undergone development to become theme parks for visitors to take tours with live-action performances and historical explanations.

Conclusion :

A visit to Arizona is something you will not forget because the available destinations will make sure that you are having maximum fun. The listed above are among the best things to do in Tucson today while on the visit. You will keep going back to Tucson just to have a similar experience over time.Read Also :


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