The Florida Keys, a paradise of crystal clear waters, diverse wildfires, and white-sand beaches, has a way of calling out to travelers throughout the year. But every season fills the color palette of the keys in a very unique way. So, if you are planning to visit the Florida Keys and looking for the best time to visit Florida Keys, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to explore the perfect time to visit the place, considering the seasonal events, the price, the weather, and the crowd levels. More than five million people visit the Florida Keys every year. Even though the archipelago is quite busy throughout the year, some months are less crowded than others.

The Best Time To Visit Florida Keys

The best time to visit Florida keys

Let’s start with the months when the Keys receive the maximum amount of crowd.

  • High seasons – This depends on which island you are visiting, but mostly it is January to April, then July, August, and December. 
  • Shoulder seasons – May-June
  • Low seasons – September-November

Best Time To Visit The Florida Keys To Avoid The Crowd

The popular months for visiting Florida Key may vary depending on which part you are visiting. There are some months that are undesirable for a certain reason and desirable for some others. If you want to visit a place where there is not much crowd, it is better to visit the Key between the winter and the summer.

Best time to visit the Florida Keys to avoid the crowd

During the later part of the spring, the crowd is less than it is throughout the holiday season, and the temperature is also pleasant. This time is not extremely cold, and the heat has not reached up to that level. Crowds are also less during the fall season, which is the tail of the hurricane season. Both of these are amazing ties to visiting the Florida Keys.

But before you visit, you should know that fall here is not like the breezy, leaf-tinged, cool dreamland you imagine it to be. Winter here is muggy hot, and comes with a possibility of a lot of rain.

The Perfect Time To Visit To Experience The Amazing Weather

Every month in Florida Key comes with its own set of pros and cons. Thus, the best time to visit the place depends on your purpose of visit.

Summer is one of the most popular times to visit this place, but during this time, the weather here gets extremely hot, and there is a constant threat of hurricanes from June to November. The time when the risk is at the highest is from mid-August to mid-October. But this is the time when the water is warm, and this is also a good time for boating.

The Perfect Time To Visit To Experience The Amazing Weather

During the winter months, Florida Key experiences the mildest weather. This is the time from November to February. This does ot mean that the weather gets extremely chilly. January has the lowest temperature, but that means it goes close to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. It is very pleasant in the Florida Keys during this time, but this is not a good time to get to the waters. So, if you have plans to go snorkeling or scuba diving, this is not the perfect time.

But for many, late spring is the perfect time to visit the Florida Keys. The weather is pleasant during this time, but not too hot. The hurricane season has some time to arrive, the water is also warm, and the summer crowd has not arrived yet.

Want To Get Out On The Waters? Know The Best Time For It

The beaches on this island are far and few, but that cannot be said about the reefs. The Florida Keys is more of a boating destination than a beach destination. The majority of the crowd visited the place with thoughts in mind to get to the water. The place offers a lot of water sports and activities like diving, fishing, and snorkeling. Or you can just take a boat ride from the reef to the sandbar.

Want to get out on the waters

During the winter you will not find any locals taking a dive into the water, and that is mainly because of the temperature of the water. On the other hand, during the summer, the water is warm, but there is a possibility of getting sunburnt easily. You will also have to forge the thunderstorms that are regular in the afternoon. Spring has a mixture; it sometimes brings the heat up and sometimes dials it down, and it is windy as well. During the early fall, the crowd level decreases, but it can be rainy during this time.

Floridians have a love for catching lobsters. During the mini-season, or during those two days just before the beginning of the main season, when they are allowed to go lobstering. This is done best from a boat and along with some company. But keep in mind that the traffic could be heavy along the main single-lane overseas highway.

Is There A Bad Time To Visit The Florida Keys?

Choosing a particular time to visit the Keys can be a tricky thing, as the best time to visit Florida Keys could turn out to be the worst.

For instance, the mini-season is the favorite of most, but that is where the problem lies. It is not just your idea to visit the keys during the lobster season, but there are many others like you. Similarly, spending Christmas in the Keys might sound like an amazing idea. But getting a good deal on flights and hotels would be immensely tough. And the case is similar for most holidays.

If you cannot handle the heat, then avoiding the summers would be the best option for you, and avoid the winters as well if you plan to get into the waters.


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