You’re highly mistaken if you consider Gulmarg as any other usual hill station because it’s not. The meadow of flowers, as rightly said, Gulmarg, is a piece of heaven you’re allowed to taste on Earth. 

Let’s not talk about its mesmerizing, picturesque landscapes first because one might get out of words while describing it. This tiny hamlet has been attracting visitors from all over the world for all these years. 

Definitely, one of the best questions to ask is, “when is the best time to visit Gulmarg?” Since Kashmir is synonymous with mountain land, winter or even the fall season might not be ideal for the visit. 

Get a detailed description along with the itinerary attached to this article. 

Gulmarg: Location

This empyreal location needs no introduction, but for those who are new, it is a hill station nestled in Kashmir. At 2,650 meters, the region looks overall through the Pir Panjal Range of the Western Himalayas

Gulmarg, or a path of flowers, was a gift from Sultan Yusuf Shah Chak to the world, as he visited the place too often with his wife. The mystical land was also Mughal Emperor Jahangir’s beloved destination, as he collected over 21 wildflowers from here. 

When the English were ruling, it was a retreat for most British civil servants who wanted to escape North Indian heat. Many compare it with Mussorie and Shimla, but my personal experience says Gulmarg is an unparalleled beauty. 

Breaking Down When’s The Best Time To Visit Gulmarg:

The only way we could taste heaven here on Earth is because of places like Gulmarg. Hence, missing out on this one will be a major loss for you. Since it is a popular ski destination, most adventurers seek out their journey during winter. 

But here’s a detailed breakdown of every season for you, thank me later!

Peak Months: March, April, May, June

Less Visited Season: July-September

Shoulder Months: October, November, December, January & February

Travel MonthsWeather To ExpectMin/Max Temperature
October-MarchWinter- Glacial and SnowyRanges from -4 to 12℃.
April-JuneSummer- Mild and PleasantLowest is 13℃, whereas the highest is 29℃.
July-SeptemberMonsoon- Medium to no rainfallRanges from 18-35℃.

I. Visiting Gulmarg During October-March

As mentioned above, from October to March, you can expect a fluctuation of air temperature between -4 to 12℃. Winter slowly crawls down from October, so before that, you can pretty much enjoy the weather. 

Once November enters, you can expect the climate to reach within the sub-zero Sierra. A thick blanket of slow covers the entire Kashmir as soon as December enters. Hence, it isn’t the best time to visit Gulmarg!

If you are visiting it anyway in winter, make sure to enjoy the snow which looks surreal on the land. Picturesque meadows, snow-capped treetops, and peaks are surely going to leave you awestruck- just how I was!

II.  Planning Your Vacation From April to June

Summers are far more pleasurable in Gulmarg since the temperature doesn’t fall below 29℃. What else would we need while escaping the North Indian humidity- just a simple relief, I guess!

Summer days are graced with a comfortable, pleasantly cool climate, which is perfect for planning outdoor activities. Do not expect traces of snow from April to June– instead, expect to see some blossoming flowers!

Another summer specialty of Gulmarg is that you get to see interesting migratory birds here. Be it the Gulmarg Golf course or the Biosphere Reserve- places are a bit crowded during this time. 

III. Monsoon Months: Gulmarg In July-September

Are you a rain-lover like me? If yes, do not miss out on the glory of this heavenly slice during monsoon. The temperature ranges from 18-35℃, and unlike most flooded hill stations, it keeps the weather moderate for tourists. 

Humidity might leave the place muggy and warm at times, but moderate showers tend to provide relief. The place looks unexceptional with an artistic touch. 

If you are in Gulmarg during the monsoon, expect to be trapped inside doors and enjoy your piping-hot snack instead of the outdoor fun. The best places to hit here are St. Mary’s Church, Ningle Nallah, and Maharaja Place when the cloud starts grooving. 

Top Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss In Gulmarg!

Top Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss In Gulmarg!

Now that you know which is the best time to visit Gulmarg, let’s give you an idea about its top attractions. The beauty of Kashmir is you can never stay home-trapped. So, pack your bags and prepare yourself to become a temporary nomad, tasting paradise!

Apharwat Peak

    Aphrawat of Afrawat is a lofty mountain peak in Gulmarg, which is extremely famous for being Asia’s largest ski slope. Due to an escalating altitude of 4,390m, it has quickly gained major tourist attention. 

    If you are in Gulmarg, not visiting Aphrawat’s snowy landscape will be a waste to your itinerary. You’ll need not more than 12 minutes to reach here from the ropeway. 

    Aphrawat is also the origin of the popular Ningle Nallah, which puts the heart and eyes at ease. 

    Time to Visit: 9 AM-7 PM

    Entry Charges: The cable ride costs around INR 900

    The Maharani Temple

      This religious beauty is trapped within the natural beauty of skyscraping Himalayas and is a mesmerizing sight to behold. If we go back in time, the temple was constructed during Maharaja Hari Singh’s reign

      If you want a taste of Kashmiri architecture, this temple is a must-visit. The main sanctum of the temple has been dedicated to Lord Shiva but the Hindus aren’t the only ones to visit this surreal beauty. 

      People from all beliefs and religions visit the Maharani Temple every year, especially during the Shivratri festival. 

      Time to Visit: 06:00 AM-9:00 PM

      Entry Charges: Free

      Apather Lake

        Spend a day full of leisure by the Apather Lake. This picturesque water body is nestled on Apharwat’s foot. Surrounded by mountains on all four sides, this jaw-dropping lake is a must-visit. 

        Summer being the best time to visit Gulmarg; you can easily hit this lake during the hot months. However, it freezes during the winter, which makes it difficult for tourists to sightsee. 

        It is 13 km away from Gulmarg and is somewhat crowded during the peak months by tourists. 

        Time to Visit: Any time of the day

        Entry Charges: Free

        Gulmarg Gondola

        Gulmarg_ Location

          The reason why Gulmarg Gondola is a household name in Kashmir as a major tourist attraction is owing to its unparalleled beauty. Gulmarg Gondola is not only the world’s second-largest cable car but also the second-highest. 

          Cataloged into two phases, the cable car ferries over 600 people every day to and from the Afrawat peak. Gondola’s phase 1 takes visitors from Gulmarg resort to Kongdoori railway station. 

          On the other hand, phase 2 ferries people from Kongdoori Peaks to Aphrawat, which takes almost 30 minutes to get down. Not more than 900 people are allowed in the cable car. 

          Time to Visit:10 AM-4 PM, Phase 2 shuts at 3:00 PM

          Entry Charges: INR 940 for an entire day. 

          Frozen Drung Waterfall 

            Head over to Gulmarg’s Baramulla district if you are up for some frozen experience. This cascading waterfall emerging out of majestic mountains looks like one of those scenery paintings we did as kids. 

            The waterfall further blends with magnificent glaciers, leading to an unforgettable sight. Summers are the best time to visit this seraphic location, where you can spend the entire day alongside the waterfall. 

            You’ll also find a small temple located in the vicinity, eventually taking its popularity to the next level. 

            Time to Visit: 24 hours open

            Entry Charges: Free

            Gulmarg To Srinagar: Options For Safe Reach

            Gulmarg To Srinagar_ Options For Safe Reach

            The route to Gulmarg from Srinagar is somewhere around 60 kilometers if you travel via cab or shared taxis. It goes like this: 


            You are most likely to find a straight driving trail from Srinagar to Tangmarg with little to no ascent. But road conditions started changing after Tangmarg, which was were our group got a tiny shock. 

            Taxi Route For Srinagar-Gulmarg Commute

            Renting a private taxi during the best time to visit Gulmarg will leave you worry-free for the entire trip. Although it might take a toll on your pocket. 

            Based on your cab preference, the lowest fare to Gulmarg from Srinagar is INR 2,500 and might range upto INR 3,000. Taxis are readily available at the airport and railway station, or you might also book them in advance through apps. 

            Shared Taxi Options

            If you are a budget traveler like me, go for shared taxis. These are shared and contributed by 5-6 people, which is less for individual budgets. For shared taxis, you have to first reach Srinagar’s Dal Gate and then book a cab to Batmaloo or Parimpora

            You have to change to another cab from Batmaloo to Tangmarg. Here comes the third cab, which will drop you to Gulmarg. Yes, it’s a deal of three separate cabs!

            Another alternative is to reach Magam from Srinagar through buses or shared cabs. From Magan, it is quite easy to find a cab to Tangmarg. 

            Fare to expect: INR 250/person.

            Srinagar To Gulmarg Via Bus

            Sadly, there’s no direct bus from Srinagar to Gulmarg which might make it a bit difficult for you. Just like shared taxis, you have to take three buses to Gulmarg. 

            First, take a bus from Batmaloo or Parimpora in Srinagar. Secondly, board another bus to reach Tangmarg and a third bus to Gulmarg. 

            You can make the most of the JKSRTC daily sightseeing during the summer season. Under this, you get available buses in the morning, and you’ll reach Tangmarg by the evening after enjoying multiple breathtaking sights. 


            When it’s about penning down first-hand experiences, the best time to visit Gulmarg isn’t the only question into being. There’s so much more to discover, from routes to food to what clothes you need to pack. 

            However, I tried my best to divide the seasonal part into clear passages for your better understanding. If you’ve already been to Gulmarg, let us know your experience in the comment box below. 

            Having said that, here’s a wrap on this article. Thank you for reading it till the end. Keep following us for more dreamy guides. 

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