Over the last few years, Iceland has become the destination for Europe. And there are obvious reasons behind it. The ethereal beauty it holds calls out to the tourists, and it is needless to mention that this is a highly photogenic place. The landscape features ancient glaciers and many rugged fjords.

But before you plan the trip, do you know which would be the most suitable time to visit this island nation? Before you book the flight tickets, think of everything you want to experience, do, and see on this trip. The time of the year would decide a lot and tell you what is available.

There are a lot of sights in this picturesque landscape that will mesmerize you and are available throughout the year. Some of the places, like the hot springs, which are one of Iceland’s popular destinations, are available all year long. But there are specific times if you are going for the midnight sun or the northern lights.

Tourist Seasons In Iceland

Tourist seasons in Iceland

Here is a breakdown of Iceland’s tourist seasons.

  • High season: June-August and Late December
  • Shoulder Seasons: September-October and May
  • Low Seasons: November-April, but that does not include the holidays.

But this is not all. There are best times for every activity or experience you want to soak in. Travel along and know which one would suit your preference best.

The Best Time To Visit For Avoid The Crowd

June, July, and August are the busiest months in Iceland. This is the time when most of the attractions are easily accessible and open. Iceland is relatively warm during the initial weeks of October, so visiting somewhere around September could be ideal if you want to avoid the crowd. May is also a good time to visit Iceland, you will get a lot of daylight during that time, enjoy the warm weather, and visit the sightseeing spots without the hassle of the crowd.

The best time to visit for avoid the crowd

The season between November to April is the best time to visit if you plan to avoid the crowd but dont mind the darkness. But this time, you will only get the sun for about five to six hours of the day. Some of the roads get closed during this time, but it is ideal if you want to enjoy the hot springs, a tour in a jeep or a snowmobile, or some backcountry skiing. This is the time when you will get the chance to witness the magical northern lights. 

The Best Time To Visit To Get An Amazing Weather

If you want to visit Iceland for its weather, then it is best to visit during July and August. During this time, the temperature is around 50-55 Fahrenheit. During the month of June, Iceland sees 24 hours of daylight, making it a popular tourist time.

The best time to visit to get an amazing weather

But even during this time, there are chances of heavy rainfall and intense winds. The island’s climate is fickle, and that means it could give you the experience of all four seasons in just one single day.

The Best Time To Visit Iceland At A Low Price

The island is relatively cheaper than visiting any other European destination keep an eye on the airline app when the price of the flight goes down, and book the tickets. Most of the tours, meals, attractions, and accommodations are pricey throughout the year. 

The best time to visit Iceland at a low price

But you get to save some money if you visit during the off-season. Late fall or early spring could be the best time for that. Summers are the most crowded, so try to avoid that time to cut back on your expenses.

The Best Time To See The Northern Lights

To witness the magical northern lights, there are three important factors that you will need. The weather has to be clear, there will be a surge in solar activity, and, needless to say, you will need the darkness. Often this phenomenon is elusive and easily gets marred because of the transient cloud.

The best time to see the northern lights

To save yourself from the disappointment of not witnessing the northern lights, you should avoid planning it solely because of the aurora borealis. The weather is capricious, and there is a high chance that you might not get to see the magic you came for. But the best chance you can take is to visit Iceland from mid-October to March.

The Best Time For Whale Watching

The peak season for watching whales in Icelan is from July to July. If you are planning to visit Iceland solely for this purpose, then this is your time. During summer, you will find a higher number of dolphins and minke whales in Reykjavik.

The best time for whale watching

There is a wider window to enjoy mines, dolphins, and humpbacks in northern Iceland. They roam around in the Atlantic from May to August, and a few of them stick back till the end of the year as well. 

The Best Time To Visit The Hot Springs

Hot springs are inherent to the culture of Iceland for their social and wellness benefit. The pubic pools in Reykjavik are open throughout the year. It also has numerous hidden, hot pots that directly tap into the geothermal activity under the surface.

The best time to visit the hot springs

Sigurdur Bjarni Sveinsson, the Icelandic mountaineer expert and also the co-founder of Midgard Adventure, has some advice for those who go in search of hot springs. He says, “Check them out during September or, even better, the first half of October, when they’re all still accessible by mountain road, but the crowds of tourists have significantly died down.”

When Should You Not Visit Iceland?

It’s because of Iceland’s seasonal natural phenomena and the stunning landscapes there is really no bad time to visit this place. People who come to witness the northern lights gather around during the cold dark winter months. People who want to visit the place during the daytime prefer the summer.

But those who are traveling around fall or spring get to enjoy the moderate weather and the daylight. So, the best time to visit Iceland depends on what you want to see. Think of your preference and choose the time. But trust me when I say this, visit Iceland anytime, and it won’t disappoint you.


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