The Mughal Emperor Jahangir presented Kashmir with the name Heaven on Earth. It is difficult to put together words to describe how beautiful Kashmir is. Life is incomplete if one has never taken a trip to Kashmir. The gushing rivers, dense forests, pristine lakes, and snowy glaciers will take you to dreamland in a literal aspect.

Kashmir is truly a blessing from mother nature. The valley offers different kinds of experiences as a complete package for tourists. From houseboat rides on the Dal Lake to skiing on the slow-covered mountains in Gulmarg, it is sublime.

Glide your fingers through the ice-cold water of the Dal Lake while taking a shikara ride, trek to Gadisar Lake, walk up to the Vaishno Devi temple, ski through the snowy mountains, and take back a bag full of memories for a lifetime.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Heaven?  

What is the best time to visit heaven

Can there be a best time to visit heaven? I don't think so. Anytime to visit Jammu and Kashmir, it will welcome you with open arms and offer you the best it has in store. You can visit on the basis of what you want to see. Any season you choose, it will not fail to amaze you with its beauty.

The winter season has a snow-covered majestic view, whereas the summer season is like colorful bliss. The vibrant flowers would take you to paradise for a ride. If you visit Kashmir just in summer, you will miss out on the beauty it has in the Winter and vice-versa. Visiting Kashmir once is never enough.

The winter season is the busiest, though. It is from the month of October to March. This time is considered to be the best because of the snowfall. It is the time when then snow-capped mountains peek out as the first ray of the sun falls on them. It is a heavenly experience indeed. The weather is perfect, the scenic beauty is at its best; what more can you ask for?

Kashmir During Summer (April To June)  

Kashmir during Summer (April to June)

Weather- Summers in Kashmir are warm, but the evenings can be a bit cold. This is the season if you want to go on a trek or do some adventure sports. It is the summer season when pilgrims go through the risky path to visit the famous Amarnath temple. The temperature normally stays between 15 to 30 degrees, with a maximum of 31 degrees. The lowest range it can reach is from 9 to 15 degrees.

Significance- It is the dream of many newlyweds to visit Kashmir for their honeymoon. Of course, it is the perfect place. The weather is beautiful, and a ride through the Dal Lake in a shikhara can make your day. Can you ask for anything more romantic than this?

Not just a romantic ride, it can be a family trip where they can enjoy the ride on the glassy waters with the backdrop of the majestic mountains.

It is better to go for a morning ride during the prayers. The Shikhara markets are beautiful and a good place for doing some shopping as well. Staying one night on the houseboat can be a delightful experience.

Reason for visiting during summer- One of the prime summer attractions is the Tulip Garden. This is also the best time for Amarnath Yatra. The clear weather, along with the colorful flowers and lush green valleys all around it, will give an amazing experience.

Summer to-do list

  • River rafting
  • Paragliding
  • Shikhara ride
  • Trekking and camping
  • Horse riding

Things to keep in mind before visiting- The price of hotels can be high during this season, and booking in advance is a necessary precaution. Check the weather before packing and carry light woolen clothes as it can be a bit chilly in the evening.

Kashmir During Monsoon (July To September)  

Kashmir during Monsoon (July to September)

Weather- This is an off-season in Kashmir. During this time, the temperature ranges from 13 degrees to 17 degrees. The weather is warm but cools off as soon as the cloud covers the sky and starts pouring down. This is the best time to visit Jammu and Kashmir if you want to see the lush green valley.

Significance- The weather is amazing during the monsoons and a key factor for visiting during this time. The valley gets covered in green pine trees and offers a very beautiful view for tourists.

Reason for visiting during monsoon- As it is considered off-season, this time offers the best hotel deals. The rates are relatively cheap, and you can get the best of everything. This is the time if you want to see the rawness of nature. Picking apples is one of the main attractions of the season.

Monsoon to-do list

  • Attend Gurez festival
  • Pony ride
  • Trekking
  • Heritage Walk in Old Srinagar
  • Golfing
  • Bird watching

Things to keep in mind before visiting

People tend to avoid mountains during the monsoon season, but if you check the forecast properly before visiting, then you can visit many places without the rush.

Kashmir During Winter(October To Mid-March)

Kashmir during Winter(October to Mid-March)

Weather- The best time to visit Jammu and Kashmir is during winter. This is the peak season. Winter is considered to begin in the month of October, but the actual winter begins in December.

Fresh snowfall marks the beginning of winter, and it continues till the end of March. The goes from zero to sub-zero. But the extreme climate condition does not stop the tourists. This is the best time for people who particularly enjoy the Winter Wonderland.

Significance- Visiting Kashmir during winter is like visiting paradise. The snow-capped mountains call for tourists. Gulmarg and Sonmarg look like enchanted fairylands during this time.

Reason for visiting during winter- The temperature in Jammu is less cold if compared with Srinagar. This can get a little uncomfortable for the tourists, but that will never stop them from visiting Paradise. The Pir-Pinjal Range becomes majestic at this time.

Winter to-do list

  • Trekking
  • Cable car rides
  • Snowboarding
  • Sledding
  • Mountain biking
  • Paragliding
  • River rafting
  • Skiing

Things To Keep In Mind Before Visiting

Again pre-booking is recommended as it is the best time to visit. The temperature can be a challenging factor, so packing accordingly is advised. Certain activities are not possible during this time, like Shikhara rides and visiting Mughal Gardens, but it offers a wide range of winter activities.

Last But Not The Least  

As mentioned above, there can be no best time to visit paradise, there are challenges every tourist faces when they travel. So make sure you plan the trip according to your convenience, as Kashmir will not disappoint you at any time of your visit. So plan a trip and get the experience of your lifetime. It is called the heaven of Earth for a reason.

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