The blue clouds are meeting on the peck of the green mountains. Combining the picture-perfect mesmerizing natural landscape and the diverse culture is turning this hill station into a perfect tourist spot. For the enchanting natural scenic beauty, this single place is famous for the name of the princess of the hill station. But before making a plan to visit this beautiful place, you have to know which is the best time to visit Kodaikanal to increase the intensity of the traveling.

Like the diverse culture, the Kodaikanal weather shows many colors in the diversity in nature. If you like to enjoy the sunlight and the hot summer weather, the Kodaikanal summer season is the perfect time to enjoy the bright sun and the warm weather. And if you like to enjoy the chilling winter, pick the winter season to travel to Kodaikanal.

3 Diverse And Unique Seasonal Charm Of Kodaikanal

Each season brings its own charm in Kodaikanal. So let’s see which is going to be the best time to visit Kodaikanal.

Here are the descriptions of Kodaikanal weather for every tourist season. After you know the charm and the attractions of the individual season, you will surely go to find out which is the best time to visit Kodaikanal.

1. The Little Hot Summer In Kodaikanal

Months: April to June 

Temperature: 31ºC to 20ºC

The refreshing breeze of the Kodaikanal of this season is the biggest attraction. When you love to enjoy the bright summer but without the sweating and the high temperature. Hence this is going to be the best time to visit Kodaikanal.

These hill stations are rolling with long green landscapes. And you are going to experience the bright sun reflecting on the green landscapes and creating a charming beauty. When you are choosing this summer season to travel to this place you can enjoy the whole hills stations especially the lakes and the rivers. The climate in Kodaikanal in May is that the pretty balancing sun rays are upon you, the temperature is not going to be very hot.

What To See In Kodaikanal In Summer?

Kodaikanal In Summer

The beauty of the place is almost similar to the beautiful landscape of Scotland. Kodaikanal is the place where you can see and experience the internal outlook of Scotland. The best part is that you can explore the places by walking and bicycle riding during the summer and explore the different hiking routes and mountain paths.

Here are the five places for travelers to feel the real essence of Kodaikanal.

  • Croakers Walk – For hiking and walking and enjoy the natural views of the hills.
  • Berijam Lake – Popular picnic spot for enjoying the mysterious environment
  • Kodai Lake – For an outdoor picnic, cycling, and boating
  • Bryant Park – Visit the Annual Horticulture show organized in May
  • Pillar Rocks – The princess of the hill station

2. Rain And Rainbow Of Kodaikanal

Months: June to September

Temperature: 27ºC to 20ºC

The green mountains of the Kodaikanal are looking very refreshing from the rainfall. Every tree of the mountains is starting to shine with every drop of water. For the rainy season lovers, this is the best time to visit Kodaikanal. The whole mountain station is covered under the clouds, and the atmosphere is turning to be mysterious and calm.

The chilly breeze of the mountains is starting to flow on every tree and making the whole atmosphere a perfect hangout place for the romantic couple. Every waterfall and the rivers are overflowing with rainwater, and the waterfalls are starting to get down from the cliffs.

What To See In Kodaikanal During Monsoon?

Kodaikanal During Monsoon

Every rose is coming with the thrones. And this beauty also comes with a price. Nature is looking fresh and gorgeous, but the slopes of the hills are becoming slippery, which is pretty dangerous for the hikers and the riders. 

Along with that, the forest is going to fill up with different kinds of poisonous insects and leeches. So when you are going to visit the place in the monsoon, keep your dress well protected.

Here are the four places for travelers to feel the beauty of the monsoon Kodaikanal.

  • Silver Cascade Falls
  • Bear Shola Falls
  • Fairy Falls 
  • Glen Falls

These falls are always the best picks for travelers who like to experience the beauty of heavy rainfalls.

3. Soothing Chilly Weather Of Kodaikanal

Months: December to February

Temperature: 20ºC to 10ºC

For the adventure seekers, this is the best time to visit Kodaikanal. The chilly climate of the place is turning the whole hill area into a complete visitor preferred destination. The day is blazing with the bright sunlight, and the night is going to feel the chill. But this is a hill station; hence there are no chances of snowfall. So you can enjoy the whole night outside. The winter season is the perfect time for outdoor camping.

The Winter season is the best time when you entirely enjoy the views of pillar rocks. Most of the travelers are planning outdoor camping in the pillar rocks. The daytime of the winter season is the most attractive time when you can do almost anything from hiking adventures to picnicking near the falls.

What To See In Kodaikanal In Winter?

Kodaikanal In Winter

The Winter climate in Kodaikanal is very different than the other hill stations. The weather of Kodaikanal is very bright and soothing in the winter. The views of the winter mountains in the Kodaikanal are fantastic. If you want to click on some beautiful pictures of Kodaikanal. This is the right time and the right season to plan your trip.

Here are a few areas where you can enjoy the Winter:

  • Coakers Walk – Hiking and camping place
  • Devil’s Kitchen – This is a heritage site and visits the guna caves outskirt of Kodaikanal.
  • Pillar Rocks Most popular picnic and the outdoor camping ground.
  • Dolphin’s Nose Tracking and the hiking route for the adventure lovers.
  • Kodai-Palani Trek For adventure trekking and camping

Tripadvisor Review

“do you wanna relax when you are holidaying???? or do you wanna go for all the adventurous stuff that the place is offering you??? yes…this place is a mixture of both!!!! so guys.. definitely you wanna hit this place for the same obvious reasons!!

we went as a family of 5 (3 kids aged 17,13 and 5). the place is amazingly cold. to get on top of the hill station was a sweat, as most of us were naustic, and trust me it was a hell of a ride. but the view at the end was so thrilling that all was forgotten and we soon forgot about the unthrilling ride. PS people who are not naustic will not have any problem.!!!!

The lake which is the most famous around in that town, offers a wide number of activities like cycling, skating, boating, etc etc. There are food joints around the place for a relaxing time. right next to the lake is the center for shopping. SO, shopaholics, be ready for the varied shopping experience you are gonna get soon. Various trekking activities keep happening in and around the place which is fun thrilled. One must note that it can get rough and must carry extra pairs of clothes for the same!!!!

Sightseeing attractions are also a part of the thrill, with the 500 year old Banyan tree leading the front with dolphin nose etc.

The people are quite friendly and the mode of transport is at its ease. our week went in a jiffy and we were dragged away from our holidaying destination. Our entire trip was close to Rs10,000 as it was at its luxurious end. (we had membership in sterling).

Overall, the trip was amazing and the place was unforgettable.”

-pratik g

Wrapping It Up

Want to know which is the best time to visit Kodaikanal? It is entirely dependent upon your choices. Here we are describing all the flavors of the seasons in Kodaikanal. Among these choices, you can pick any season and start exploring the place. Are you an adventure lover? Then pick the summer or the winter season. But for the newly married couple and the romantic lovers, the monsoon season is the best time to plan for your next trip at Kodaikanal. So what are your current travel experiences? Do not forget to share your traveling experience story and the pictures in the comment sections. 

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