Whenever we think of Mount Abu or talk about it, there rings a bell, which brings an image of Arabian folktales and Aladdin's magic lamp in our mind. Remember his pet’s name-- Abu. Mount Abu is nothing less than a magical place. Tourists love this location, where they get a perfect hill station with lakes, fort and palaces, temples, and a place to watch beautiful orange sunsets. There's a little wild fauna species, from which you can’t take your eyes off, because it is so different and rare. Honeymooners can also find a separate tourist spot that is marked for them and them only. Mount Abu with its calm nature also has calm weather all through the year. But the borders are a bit hotter in summer and colder in winter.  The best time to visit Mount Abu is the 4 months: February to June and September to December.

Best Time To Visit Mount Abu

Best Time To Visit Mount Abu Here are three seasons that are considered to be the best time to visit Mount Abu. These three seasons bring a lot of tourists to Mount Abu. As they enjoy the weather, and scenario very much.

Summer Season (April To June)

In Mount Abu, the summer season starts in April and ends in June. The temperature usually goes high to 33 degrees c during this season. Though the day during summer stays warm, the evening balances it with a chill and comfortable temperature.  In summer people tend to do more outdoor activities and enjoy the view. As the sky gives a clear panoramic view. Boating as an outdoor activity is very much appreciated during summer in Mount Abu.  This month is also known as the Ganagaur festival, it is the best time to visit Mount Abu for some cultural festivals. Since Rajasthan is basically a hot state to live in for its deserts. People, as well as tourists, try to flock to the hilly areas. Crowds are very common in this season. 

Monsoon (July To September) 

Mount Abu’s monsoon season starts in July and ends in September. There is not much of a temperature change, but you can enjoy tiny pleasing drops of rain often. The rain stays limited, no heavy rainfall can be seen during the monsoon, but be careful as the place becomes very slippery, cloudy, mushy, and swampy. This month is considered to be the most romantic season, people visit this place to spend their romantic vacations. It is the best time to visit Mount Abu for lovers. In the monsoon period, it is not possible to trek, hike, rock, climb, and even caving, as it is too dangerous to do it on slippery ground.  Waterfalls will be pleasing to the eyes but animals and birds won't, due to rain.

Winter (October To March)

Winter in Mount Abu starts in October and stops in March. The temperature will vary, it can probably go down to 12 degrees C. Mount Abu does not have extreme winters when compared to other hill stations.  The place in winter stays cool and refreshing. Since all activities are mostly available during winter everywhere Mount Abu does the same where adventure activities are accessible in this month of the year.  Animals and birds can be spotted often in the Mount Abu National Park. To plan for a viewpoint, choose noon for it, not evening as the sky gets cloudy and foggy. This season is also for honeymoon and cultural activities.  To enjoy both this season is the best time to visit Mount Abu.

How To Reach Mount Abu?

How To Reach Mount Abu The airport that is closest to Mount Abu is Dabok, they book domestic flights and taxis are available from there to your destined hotel. Marthala is the only convenient railway station. If you like traveling by bus, they have that option too.

To See

To See There are places in Mount Abu that provide beautiful scenarios and activities. To go somewhere and not embrace the roots of the place is somewhat unsatisfying.  Here are some places that you must visit and do during your visit to Mount Abu. Read More:

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