Do you know that road trips are an incredibly popular activity for a majority of American families? An overwhelming majority of people in the United States prefer hopping in the car to going to the airport to take a boring flight. The trend becomes more viral in summers. A long road trip in summer is a great way to spend some quality. It provides a wonderful bonding experience. For the approaching summers, I was looking up some intriguing routes for road trips with one of my Frontier bundles. And I am planning to take the Route 66, Chicago to California this year with my family. We are hoping it’s going to be amazing.There is a little downside to road trips too. Being cooped up in a car for a long time has its challenges. Especially if you have young kids or tots. They tend to get restless and bored pretty often. They begin to complain about monotony or the flat, dull scenery. Since not many people cook for these trips, having fast-food constantly can make people cranky and lethargic. We are going to make your road trip less stressful, more fun, and convenient with some simple tips.

8 Useful Tips to Make Your Road trip Stress-Free and Full of Fun:

Here are some tried and tested tips for an amazing road trip:
  1. Cook and Pack a Good Supply of Snacks and Drinks
  2. Chat Often
  3. Plan Stretch Breaks before Time
  4. Take Turns while Driving
  5. Make a Playlist for the Trip
  6. Dispose of Trash at Every Stop
  7. Expect the Unexpected
  8. Have a Few Surprises
Let’s talk about them.

Cook and Pack a Good Supply of Snacks and Drinks:

Do you know multiple stops can make your trip really long? Plus, there is nothing like home-made food. Keep a sufficient supply of quick snacks and drinks before you hit the road. Keep the snacks prepped up before time. You can save time and money both and your kids will still be happy. Even if you essentially need the junk food, buy it in bulk before starting your journey. It will save you from stopping over again and again. Making individual servings is a good idea to avoid any squabbling about sharing. You can look up some easy recipes online for family hikes and trips.

Chat Often:

Too much planning about the activities or busy bags is not really needed. The fun about a road trip is to have a quality family time. And when you talk about quality family time, opportunities for conversations are a must. This time span can be a great opportunity to figure out what’s on your kids’ minds. Know about their favorite things. Know about their problems and give them solutions. Give them some hypothetical situations to stir up their imagination. When you visit an attraction, discuss it with your kids. Ask them to share what they have learned. You can choose any topic to talk about. You can tell stories about your childhood.

Plan Stretch Breaks before Time:

Look up all the information online about your road trip beforehand. Gather all the information about the rest stops and your favorite restaurants along your chosen route. You even get to discover the cheapest gas using some useful apps. Plan your nap times beforehand too. This will make your itinerary more fun and convenient.

Take Turns while Driving:

If you have opted for a long distance road trip, make sure to take turns while driving. You can also assign roles of the navigator and the driver. The navigator should stay awake in order to entertain the kids. And he should also make sure to check on the driver. To avoid snoozing, he should talk to the driver. The role of the navigator is important because if your kids fall asleep, then someone has to make sure the driver doesn’t fall asleep.

Make a Playlist for the Trip:

You can make this a family activity. Involve all the family members and your kids in particular to choose their favorite beats. You will not find all your favorite stations on the go. And you don’t want the same songs on repeat on a long route. Therefore, make a comprehensive list of songs to make the drive fun.

Dispose of Trash at Every Stop:

Although it’s self-explanatory, know that trash piles up very quickly while you are on the road. It’s a good practice to get rid of the trash on every stop. Instead of piling it up, until there is no space in the car.

Expect the Unexpected:

When kids are with you, you should expect anything. Prep well for every possibility from carsickness to salt line crackers and paper towels. Keep all such stuff in easy reach. A sick kid in the car can make things worse. Keep plenty of paper towels and bags to keep your car clean in an event of any sickness. Keep baby wipes if you have tots along. Especially if you are still toilet training them.

Have a Few Surprises:

Kids love surprises. Be creative in giving them different options and activities. Don’t give them all the choices and activities at once. Use your surprises when they become restless or bored. They would love a surprise toy or treat at that point. We usually travel at night and that’s why I looked up some treats for kids using one of the FiOS Internet plans. Glow sticks are a great idea for road trips at night. They will keep your kids engaged for a long time. Happy Traveling!Read Also:

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