Staying healthy while traveling is not a magic trick. It is all about preparation, application of a few practices and medication if something goes wrong. We all know about the numerous benefits of traveling but it is also stressful and detrimental when you are always on the go. Travelling makes you ignore your healthy lifestyle which is obvious since you are surrounded with various distractions. But you can always fuel your body while on vacations and work trips. The old adage “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” doesn’t seem to fit here especially when you make choices in favor of your health. Here are some handy tips to stay healthy while traveling so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Make some research before you go:

No matter what your travel destination is, one should always make an internet search to know what food options are there to eat. Make a list of all the healthy food stores of the place where you’ll stay so that you don’t have to stuck with fast foods and baked food at most of the coffee junctions.

Stay at a hotel with Kitchen:

Healthy traveling is no more a hassle if you are staying at a place with a kitchen. Having a kitchen with you is very advantageous especially when you are traveling with little kids. You can prepare any healthy food of your choice without spending money at some fancy restaurant. Sites like Airbnb give you a lot of options to select your affordable accommodation with a functional kitchen. So pre-book your choice in advance and keep your health on track during your journey.

Get your own kitchen tools for convenience:

If you are unsure of what tools will be available to you in your hotel kitchen, it is always safe to bring along some essential kitchen tools to help you with healthy cooking. How much you take it with you depends upon your mode of transportation. A blender to make smoothies and salad dressings are very lightweight and always advisable to take along with you. A mini spice kit, a cutting board and a knife are very helpful during long trips. If you are traveling by car or a minibus, you can also pack a regular blender, a food processor or your favorite pan as you have enough space to accommodate all these.

Prefer to sleep more:

Your body needs rest while you are physically traveling, crossing different time zones, carrying items of luggage to and from destinations and walking on foot all day. Travelling can be very harsh on your body, hence make sure you take plenty of rest during the travel. It’s not necessary for the entire city in a single day. Pace yourself and plan your tour in a way that you give at least 2 days to explore a place. Be active and take plenty of breaks when you are roaming in a big city.

Use your hotel room to stretch out:

Travel demands a lot of body activities the whole day. So it is always better to start your day with at least a 5-10 minutes long session of stretching. Go through a proper stretching of legs, arms, shoulders, neck, and back and see how refreshing you’ll feel after this. If got time also perform a little stretching before you go to sleep.

Stay Hydrated:

Don’t forget to carry your water bottle everywhere you go. Don’t drink less water thinking about the hassle of finding a restroom. Drinking enough water is the foundation of a better livelihood during a journey. For this, your body will always thank you.

Don’t skip your breakfasts:

Always have your breakfast before running to your lunch straight. If you don’t want to go out for breakfast, then make your own breakfast with a box of instant oatmeal and a cup of hot water in your hotel room. A combination of fruits with cereal and pastries with orange juice is also good to go when hot water is really not available for you. Whatever you take just don’t forget to skip your breakfast. It is the first meal of the day that gives you energy for the entire day.

Drink less alcohol and sweet drinks:

Alcohol and all the other non-alcoholic sweet drinks are full of calories. Instead of highly consuming these sugary drinks, drink more water for a healthy journey. Alcohol also disrupts your sleep so stay away from a high intake of this. Drinking a little is obvious as you are away from home to enjoy your vacations. But the key is to drink in moderation.

Focus more on Veggies, instead of meat:

Always pick healthier options when you are dining out. Choose vegetables over a highly glorified non-vegetarian dish. Add salad when you can to balance your meal with enough nutrition. Also, don’t forget to eat fruits and healthy snacks throughout the day.

Follow proper hygiene:

Wash your hands more often, keep your nails clean and don’t touch your eyes, nose, and mouth without cleaning. Always keep a hand sanitizer with you. You will be walking all the day and meet various people and places on the go and the last thing you would want is to eat with dirty hands. A hand sanitizer is a good option when a hand soap and water is not easily available to you.So these are some helpful tips for a better and healthy vacation.  Enjoy your holidays and stay healthy.Read Also:

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