The savviness of traveling is a process coming from foolish behavior, missed buses, countless tiny errors, and cultural unawareness. Then you start moving through airports seamlessly and begin integrating yourself in contemporary cultures like fish in water.

We have prepared some tips that we hope would be useful to you but before jumping into that, let’s acknowledge that luggage consideration is the first thing for you to do. Decide how “loaded” you will be on your travel and think about the type of luggage you will need. There are plenty of options available for small bags, backpacks, or even large suitcases among many brands like Delsey Paris, Travel Pro, Open Story, and others. In most cases, however, travelers opt for medium size suitcases as those are the most comfortable option. The mid-size lightweight suitcase by Eminent, for example, has the optimal size suitable for almost all occasions.

Top 10 Best Travel Tips:

1. Get travel insurance:

travel insurance

This type of insurance is contemporary, but you may never desire to use it. If something is wrong, you do not wish to be thousands out when it comes to bills. It is there if you are robbed, you get injured or sick, flights get canceled, and having to go back home immediately. It is comprehensive, and for a few dollars daily, it is among the best investments to have for your trip. You might be thinking that you are a superman or woman but so is your friend that broke his arm and did not have insurance to pay for medication.

2. Pre-book tickets to attraction sites:

The majority of essential attractions give you space and time to identify and skip the line. You need to look on the internet to ascertain if there is this option. It helps you to avoid time wastage in the queue and helps you to get in. Many people have had to wait for hours in historical sites, churches, war rooms, Louvre, and much more places because of not booking. Pre-booking the day before is among the best travel tips since it will help you skip the line and see more.

3. Avoid TripAdvisor:

The trip advisor is good when seeking an address or open hours, but concerning reviews, ignore it. People leave negative reviews after something terrible happens but rarely do they leave a positive review when a good thing happens. Therefore, reviews are quite skewed. Additionally, it is quite easy to create reviews that are fake and make an area to look better than the way it is. A lot of restaurants and hotels employ firms to inflate their reviews on different platforms. Also, the trip advisor is known to eliminate overly negative and sexual assault reviews. Use it cautiously or avoid using it altogether.

4. Take free walking tours:

walking tours

Besides the term free, walking tours will offer you background and orientation of the place you are visiting. When traveling, free walks should be among your best travel tips. You pass some time, get to the guide with questions, and learn more about where you are. A walking tour is grand while traveling.

5. Employ sharing economy, meetup, and hospitality sites to meet the locals:

These sites will assist you to get insider perspectives on the destination of choice by getting you to locals in the areas of your visit. Sharing economy changes how people travel, which allows you to save a lot of money, get off tourist travel, and meet locals. It is a definite win on the resources you employ while traveling.

6. Do not fly direct:

While booking flights, it is sometimes cheap to fly to airports that are close to the destination, and then use the bus or train to where you want to go. Make sure that you shop around for the flight and understand that direct is not always the cheapest way. You can use top-flight search engines like;

Momondo – Momondo is a favorite search engine for many people. They find airlines that offer great deals and the view of the calendar allows you to see the cheapest days to fly. They provide even the smallest booking sites in the world.

Google Flights – It is among the best travel tips provider when it comes to flights. It allows you to departure the airport and flies all over the world with the help of a map to see the cheapest destination.

Skyscanner – This site is excellent for searching several airlines including budget carriers that are not on large sites.

7. Visit the local tourism office:

These offices understand all things going on in town. The will direct you to special events and activities while on your stay, and any other stuff in between. They provide discounts on transportation and attractions. Their work is to help you experience the destination well. Many travelers skip this while it is the best travel tip in town. However, as a savvy traveler, utilize this resource because it is vital on your journey. This is among the most underused advice around the world. It will help you save money.

8. Travel by yourself:

You will learn so much about yourself and ways of becoming independent. It is a cliche, but it is true. Traveling alone will teach you how to fend for yourself, handle unfamiliar situations quickly, and talk to people. It will make you comfortable with yourself, help you learn what you are capable of, and allow you to be selfish and do what you want. It takes getting used to it if you have never tried it before, but you need to do it at least once. Become uncomfortable and give yourself a surprise. You will learn many life skills when you have a push from within.

9. Make Copies of Important Documents:

In your life, you have probably had the craze of keeping copies of your documents in separate bags or areas away from the original documents. However, with time, you become lazy thinking that nobody can steal them or they cannot get lost. When you come across a passenger or friend who gets to the airport and realizes that there is no passport or extra passport photos, you will understand what he has to lose in the long run. If you have copies of your documents, the chances are that you will travel without any problems. Not having copies and losing the originals can make you forfeit an expensive flight and a trip abroad. Always carry a copy with you!

10. Keep Good Notes:

A detailed memory in the brain sucks. When you begin traveling, the chances are that you did not have a good journal and it is time for regrets. Data like people names, conversation details, new experience feelings, or the smell of particular towns go missing at once.

In case you want to write about the travels, details are handy. Nowadays, people use the Evernote app as their second brain. It is among the best travel tips of all time because it helps you make a journal.


The best travel tips above are crucial when you want to travel around the world. Many people ignore them, but they always come in handy in the hour of need. You better use them if you want your tour to be successful and enjoyable.

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