Thinking about RV camping? Well, you are at the right place. This article is about to list some of the best travel trailers or RV campers that you can opt for in 2023. So, keep your bags ready as we will go on a road trip. 

Why Do You Need A Trailer?

Why Do You Need A Trailer

The Covid 19 pandemic taught us a myriad of lessons. And one of the biggest lessons that this fluke of nature taught us was the need for a proper housing arrangement on the move. For some, it can turn out to be absolutely necessary to find affordable trailers for safe living conditions. Meanwhile, for others, this was more of a hobby. Keeping two worlds in mind, this list of best travel trailers will see why getting a traveling trailer might be the next best thing for free living.

If you are somebody who wants to get into RV camping, then we believe that you must start with a travel trailer instead of a motorhome. The latter can be a huge investment which might not be feasible given the current economic situation. In fact, if you are somebody who is a sucker for luxury, you can definitely opt for luxury travel trailers instead of a full-fledged motorhome. The former will have most of the luxury that a motorhome offers but at a much cheaper price section.

The next thing that is amazing about travel trailers is the general freedom that they offer. Especially to people who want to travel but do not prefer staying at a hotel. If you have a travel trailer, you can definitely take that plunge and camp at offbeat places without worrying about shelter. This freedom is one of the biggest appeals behind owning a travel trailer, as you are carrying your place to stay with you only. 

Keeping these things in mind, let us look at some of the best travel trailers of 2023 that you can buy quite easily. So, without wasting a single minute, let us dive right in. 

Best Travel Trailers You Can Buy

Best Travel Trailers You Can Buy

Now that you are up to speed on why we are looking at the best travel trailers or why you might need one in your traveling arsenal. I think you are ready to proceed to the next stage of discussing some of the best options when you are talking about the best campers or best travel trailers. Let’s go!

Airstream Globetrotter: $120,000

Airstream is one of the most reliable names when you are talking about the best lightweight travel trailers. If you have ever seen a trailer anywhere on the road while traveling the backcountry, chances are that you have seen an Airstream trailer. As is expected from an Airstream product, the Globetrotter comes with six different floor plans that have the ability to house a full-featured kitchen, a half-size bathroom, and a bed with a queen size bed. Therefore, making it one of the best small travel trailers that money can buy. 

Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition: $225,000

Now Airstream is definitely the big daddy of travel trailers. But Bowlus is the company that brought us the first-ever riveted trailer. As soon as you lay your eyes on the shiny beauties from the house of Bowlus, you will feel like they have come out of a 1930’s movie. However, it is one of the top names in the manufacturing of best quality travel trailers. The Endless Highways Performance Edition is one of the most perfect trailers if you want something that looks vintage but houses all the modern amenities one might need. 

Bruder EXP-6: $68,000

It's a dream for all the off-road camping freaks out there, The Bruder EXP-6 is the kind that can go to even the most challenging trails and overcome them. This trailer is an Australian-made trailer, so it is understandable that it has the capability to overcome even more treacherous terrains. The black and gray color scheme, along with the tactical design of the trailer, resembles that of a combat vehicle. Apart from the overall aesthetic, the trailer is also equipped with a very heavy-duty suspension which enables it to maneuver tricky pathways. With a humble price tag of $68,000, you are getting an amazing value-for-money trailer with some very premium features. 

Living Vehicle: $230,000

I mean, the name says it all. Created by renowned architect Matthew Hoffman, the name fits the design perfectly. Hoffman has created these mobile trailers for multipurpose usage. If you want to travel across the country, they got you. If you want to live in these trailers, they got you as well. According to a user, the trailer offers every amenity a New York apartment might offer and then some. One of the biggest selling points of these trailers is the fact that there is a dedicated washing machine mounted inside this trailer. Therefore, it is a perfect trailer for somebody who wants to camp but at the same time has access to important amenities. Even though this is one of the best travel trailers on the list, one downside of these hunks of machinery is that they are extremely expensive. In this list, it is the most expensive one that you can find on this list. 

Grid Escapod Topo 2: $38,500

It is a true traveling trailer for somebody who wants to experience nature without the inhibition of modern amenities. If you think EXP-9 is the best traveling trailer for offroad, wait till the Escapod Topo 2 comes into the scene. The small teardrop design and affordable price range have made this trailer a dream for campers who want to start RV camping. 

Final Thought

And with that, we have reached the very end of our list of best travel trailers that you can find in 2023. Most of the trailers listed are quite affordable and offer a range of amenities similar to that of a motorhome. Therefore, they are, in my opinion, better options for RV camping.

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