Which is the biggest lake in the world? If that is what is keeping you awake, then this article is for you. A comprehensive list of all the biggest lakes in the world that can make a sea look like a pond. Read more. 

What Is The Biggest Lake In The World?

Personally, I always thought lakes were supposed to be small and restrictive. But after years of traveling across the globe, I have realized that the term ‘lake’ is not the one that is used for small bodies of water. In fact, some lakes can be so huge that they attain the status of sea. 

As per recent satellite data, there are currently around 100 million lakes that clock more than one hectare, which amounts to 2.47 acres. There are thousands of lake that boasts the size of medium-sized cities or even a small country. So today, we will look at some of the of the largest lakes on this planet to answer the burning question of the hour. Which lake is the biggest lake in the world? So without further ado, let us dive right in. 

Superior Lake

Superior Lake

Area Spanning: 82,1000 square km.

The volume of Water: 12,070 cube km

Length of the lake: 616 km

Depth: 406 m

Location: Northern America

Lauded as the second-largest lake in the world, the Superior Lake shares a shoreline with two countries at the same time, USA and Canada. The lake hosts a massive amount of water that surpasses many such super or great lakes in the world. The USA and Canada mainly used the lake to ship goods for close to a century. Therefore, it is not only a geographically significant lake but also has a significant economic importance.

Victoria Lake

Victoria Lake

Area Spanning: 59,940 square km.

The volume of Water: 2,420 cu. km cube km

Length of the lake: 322 km

Depth: 81m

Location: African Great Lakes

Another lake that is arguably the biggest freshwater lake in the world, the Victoria Lake, is a marvel to look at. The lake is so massive that it shares a shoreline with at least three countries: Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. The Victoria lake has been a source of water for generations, but the modern name was given by British colonizers, who used it as a trade route between the three nations. The lake is also a great fishing spot where a complex ecology has sustained itself for generations. However, the recent crisis in Central Africa has made the lake less accessible to tourists. Every year hordes of animals come over in the dry season to sustain themselves in the water of the lake. 

Huron Lake

Huron Lake

Area Spanning: 59,590 square km.

The volume of Water: 3,520 cube km

Length of the lake: 332km

Depth: 229 m

Location: Northern America

Another American Great Lake on the list, Lake Huron, is located in mainland Northern America and acts as a natural barrier between Canada and America. Lake Huron is considered the second-largest lake according to surface area and the third-largest lake by overall volume. The lake currently boasts the longest shoreline of the lot, along with approximately 30,000 inhabited as well as deserted islands. The lake was also used as a trade route back in colonial America and was infamous for shipwrecks. As of now, scientists have confirmed that there are well above 30. So, if you were planning to take a cruise, be mindful, guys. 

Michigan Lake

Michigan Lake

Area Spanning: 58,030 square km.

The volume of Water: 4,930 cube km

Length of the lake: 494 km

Depth: 282 m

Location: United States of America

Popularly lauded by the locals as the ‘Great Water,’ this massive North American lake was the primary source of water for the local wildlife and society back in the day.  Uniquely, the whole lake is situated inside the American mainland and does not share a border. This makes it one of the most unique amongst the lot. However, the lake does share its shoreline with some American states. The east-west spanning of the lake makes it perfect for traveling across the east-west line of America. 

Tanganyika Lake

Tanganyika Lake

Area Spanning: 32,900 square km.

The volume of Water: 12,070 cube km

Length of the lake: 676 km

Depth: 1,470 m

Location: Central Africa

One of the most prominent great lakes in Africa. This lake holds a few titles, namely the world’s longest, oldest, and deepest freshwater lake. It is also the second-largest lake in existence in terms of volume. The lake shares its coastline with at least five different Central African nations, including Burundi, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic Of Congo, and Zambia. The lake is located in such a way that it eventually runs into the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, it was also used by many pirates to plot their course back in the day.  

Caspian Sea

Caspian Sea

Area Spanning: 389,000 square km.

The volume of Water: 78,200 cube km

Length of the lake: 1,119 km

Depth:1,025 m

Location: Eastern Europe, West Asia and Central Asia

You know a lake is massive when it is referred to as ‘sea.’ It is rightfully the world’s biggest lake in existence. Like the previous lake, the Caspian Sea shares its shoreline with five different countries Kazakhstan, Russia, Iran, Turkmenistan, and Azerbaijan. Unlike most other lakes on this list, the water of this lake is actually salty and brackish. It is rightfully one of the biggest lake in the world

End Note

Is your curiosity satiated now? We have brought in top names for the biggest lakes in the world. But if you’re interested in exploring more than just size and want to experience the beauty and activities a lake can offer, you might consider exploring the wonders of Gull Lake. While it’s not the largest, it’s renowned for its stunning scenery and excellent fishing opportunities. If you have your own suggestion for a noteworthy lake, do let us know in the comments. Until then, these are the lakes we consider to be the largest in the lot.


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