Have you heard about Brandon Falls? In 2022, Brandon Falls was introduced for the first time to the whole world. But what if we tell you there’s no waterfall on this spot? And Google Maps was just acting out of character – Google Maps woke up and literally chose violence. Nearly an entire year has passed since the incident, but not many people are aware of the whole story.

If you are not aware of the story, get ready to laugh out loud with laughter – because when you hear the entire story about this mysterious location, you will find it extremely funny, for sure. Without wasting any more time, let’s jump straight into the main story – stay tuned to find out more about the mystery falls.

So, Where Is Brandon Falls?

So, are you wondering where is Brandon falls? Does the place actually exist, or is it a figment of Google Maps’ imagination? To tell you the truth, there does exist a place by the name of Brandon Falls – although the location sadly has no waterfalls or any similar water body, the place is connected to the current American President.

Stay tuned to find out the true story about the mystical Brandon Falls – what is the true story behind this strange waterfall?

The True Story Behind Brandon Falls:

It was the month of June 2022 when President Joe Biden paused to talk to passers-by and then subsequently fell from his bike, something strange happened. The location? Cape Henlopen State Park, in Delaware. Yes, Google Maps added the spot for a brief time before the spot disappeared again.

But that’s not the funny part! While the location did disappear from Google Maps, a pin reappeared on the entrance to the ‘now legendary’ Gordon’s Pond area, located inside the State Park with a subtly funny address called ‘Brandon Falls; Lewes, DE.’ This is the very spot where Joe Biden tumbled right after stopping and chatting with fellow pedestrians.

Later, the President did clarify how he had unfortunately caught his foot right in his bike pedal toe chip.

Around this time, Troy Nehls, the House Transportation Committee member, highlighted multiple blown-up pictures, including a photo featuring none other than a cute Easter Bunny, for questioning Pete Buttigieg, the USDOT Secretary, on his thoughts covering the invoking of the twenty-fifth Amendment for removing Biden.

The Brandon Reference: What Does It Mean?

Now that you are aware of the true story behind the mysterious Brandon Falls location let’s talk about this Brandon reference in detail.

During a race at the NASCAR Xfinity Series being held in Alabama (Talladega Superspeedway) in 2021, the NBC reporter Kelli Stavast ended up telling Brandon Brown, the race winner, how his fans were cheering with a chant of, ‘Let’s Go, Brandon!’ Certainly, that was far from the reality.

In reality, the people cheering from the front stretch were saying something completely different. The crowd was actually chanting, ‘F— Joe Biden.’ The fun certainly doesn’t end here. Before Google Maps took down the location, the new tourist spot managed to obtain a killer 4.9 out of five stars.

And that’s not all! The place also had multiple politically charged thoughts, opinions, and reviews simply lampooning the American President as well as his administration. Sean Hannity, host of Hannity, in this context, ended up telling Nehls, ‘People are too funny online.

Further, Hannity also noted how Nehls had, in fact, grilled Buttigieg and that too on Joe Biden’s actual mental fitness. He said, “Meanwhile, more and more Americans are now raising serious questions about the president’s mental fitness.

According to Nehls, previously, Buttigieg had questioned Trump’s cognitive abilities publicly. And he had also asked all witnesses to analyze Biden essentially with the exact same rubric. He recalled that he had asked the former mayor from Indiana, “If our presidency is not in good shape, then our country is not in good shape – Mr. Secretary, I could not agree with you more.

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Biden Vs Nehls: What Further Happened?

Biden Vs Nehls: What Further Happened

If you are still looking for Brandon falls photography details, then let us stop you right now. Because we are not done – the story is not yet over!

Nehls also shared with Hannity how, after spending eighteen months in the Presidential office, Joe Biden was seen ‘shaking hands with Casper.’ Of course, Nehls was referring to Casper, the ghost. Biden’s move enabled the Easter Bunny of the White House to simply goad him away from all reporters early last year.

In this context, Nehls also mentioned,

I thought it was a very fair question [of Buttigieg] because [Biden] is the leader of the free world, and our adversaries are taking advantage of this weakness. And I thought it was a very fair question to ask Mayor Pete about the 25th [Amendment].

While the hearing was going on, Buttigieg was pretty agitated and couldn’t help replying to Nehls and even criticizing Donald Trump in the whole process. The words? “First of all, I’m glad we have a president who can ride a bicycle – and I will look beyond the insulting nature of your question.

Once Nehls’ time actually expired, he simply asked Tom Malinowski, D-N.J., the Acting Chairman, for time so that Buttigieg could respond fully, but of course, Malinowski simply refused. The Democrat hailing from New Jersey not just refused but also ended up calling the whole questioning completely ‘ridiculous.

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Things To Do At Cape Henlopen State Park:

While Cape Henlopen State Park suddenly came under the spotlight, thanks to, President Biden’s bicycle fall. But that doesn’t mean there’s absolutely nothing to do in this beautiful spot. 

Here’s what you can do at the Cape Henlopen State Park if you do visit this place anytime soon!

1. Sunset At Herring Point:

Sunset At Herring Point

Herring Point happens to be one of the best places to watch a beautiful sunrise at the Cape Henlopen State Park. The sun, here, rises over the water directly. Plus, the rock outcroppings make it the ideal spot for beautiful photographs. 

2. The Aquariums And Touch Tank At Seaside Nature Center:

The Aquariums And Touch Tank At Seaside Nature Center

In the Seaside Nature Center, you will encounter local fishes, reptiles, and other marine organisms. There’s also a nice touch tank where you will be able to spot whelks, horseshoe crabs, and so much more. You can have a conversation with a well-informed naturalist, grab a map of the park, and pick up souvenirs. 

3. Climb The Observation Tower:

Climb The Observation Tower

Originally built to control the Second World War Fire, the Observation Tower is a symbol of WWII that is now a great place for spectacular views of the entire park. You can climb to the very top for the beautiful views up there. 

4. Visit The Fort Miles Museum:

Visit The Fort Miles Museum

Originally, Cape Henlopen used to be a military fort during the Second World War – in fact, you will be able to check out the bunkers as well as the batteries where the guns were stored during that time. Explore the historical artillery park and go on a battery tour with a guide if possible.

Cape Henlopen State Park Reviews: What Are People On The Internet Saying?

While Brandon Falls is not really a location, Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware definitely happens to be a great spot. 

Here are some of the reviews about Brandon Falls, A.K.A Cape Henlopen State Park, on Google – scroll down to find out now! 

“We’ve visited the park in the past, but this was our first time camping at the campground. One of the best state parks we’ve ever visited. Facilities are clean and well-maintained. Bike paths will take you anywhere you want to go within the park. Our favorite spot is the west side of the point, especially at low tide, when you can search for snails, hermit crabs, horseshoe crabs, and other wildlife. Definitely a perennial for us. I can’t wait to stay again next year!”

Review By Brandon Moyer

“Park is beautifully maintained by volunteers. It has a great historical Fort Miles Museum. The trails are great for biking or hiking. The Ocean views, dunes, and beach areas are well-maintained with beautiful views. There is also an observation tower with spectacular Ocean views.”

Review By Jeremiah Griffith

“I love the State Park. With that being said, I only go in the fall and spring due to my work schedule. I know the summer is a little hectic, but that is summertime in a resort area. I enjoy sitting on the pier, watching the water, and watching the wildlife as I drive through. If you are calm and patient enough, the deer will eat out of your hand, and even the turkeys will come up to you. This place is absolutely relaxing for me.”

Review By R H

“What a beautiful park. The lady at the front was so kind and informative. The signage, the park, the bathroom, and the beach was all so great. We got to see horseshoe crabs, played the disc golf course, and just overall loved everything about this park. I would love to see more state parks like this across the US! They are doing something right here. Thanks so much!!”

Review By Chelsee Beck

And That’s A Wrap!

And that’s a wrap on the mysterious Brandon Falls. Now that you have a fair idea about what state is Brandon falls in – what’s stopping you? If you make love visiting quirky places on weekends, then you can definitely visit this legendary spot and laugh at Google Map’s sheer cruelty. This is precisely why we love the internet – anything can happen.

But what are your thoughts on this interesting event? And if you have heard about similar stories where Google Maps was more sarcastic than we knew, then feel free to share those stories and your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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