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Top 10 Busiest Airport in India

| February 26, 2020 | Travel Blog

The more you hear about your favorite celebrity’s “Airport Look”, the more you should be aware of the fact that the Aviation industry is rising extremely in India. Some of the busiest airports in India are sheltering in India currently. The volume of traveling within India and also Internationally is gradually increasing these days. Right now India is the third busiest aviation market in the world, people from abroad have increased their tour to India. Every country plans to have an airport and in India, every state has at least one airport. Like very few countries in the world, the busiest airport in India is drawing the aviation industry in the market. 

busiest airports

India shelters some of the busiest airports which provide comfortable commuting to a huge number of people every day. All the airports in India were pretty much inactive a few months ago but now they are the busiest airport in India.

There are 100+ busiest airports in India and there are more than 20 Airlines in India who are making money in India through the aviation business. The importance of the busiest airport is majorly for all people who travel in India and across the world for business purposes.

10 Busiest Airport in India 

Here we have listed the top 10 busiest airports in India, which are most taken while flying. These top 10 busiest airport definitely includes the airports in the metropolitan cities of India. 


Name of the Airport

Name of Place

Facts about the Airport

Indira Gandhi International


  • IGI is one of the busiest airports in India 
  • During financial 2017-2018 the cargo and passenger movement was highest 
  • 16th busiest most airport in World

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International


  • Chhatrapati Shivaji International is the second busiest airport in India
  • 29th busiest airport in the world for carrying human traffic within India and across the world
  • Serves 50+ million passengers every year


  • The third busiest airport in the country
  • 600+ aircraft move from this airport regularly
  • It handles 150000+ flights from a single terminal and single runway

Chennai International


  • This airport is 21km away from Chennai
  • The fourth busiest airport in India
  • 50th busiest airport in Asia

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose


  • This airport stands in 5th position with respect to being the busiest airport in India 
  • The runway of this airport has CAT III instruments installed in the landing system 
  • 20 million passengers commute through this airport yearly

Rajiv Gandhi International

  • 22 km away from the city of Hyderabad
  • In 9 years, the airport has exceeded its human capacity exceedingly well
  • 6th busiest airport in India

Sardar Ballav Bhai Patel

  • Serves to two major cities in Gujarat they are Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad
  • There are two terminals in this airport, one for domestic and one for international
  • There is a 500m long travelator 

Cochin International

  • This airport is situated in Kerala 
  • This the largest airport in Kerela and busiest in India
  • The first airport in India which runs completely in solar energy

Pune International 


  • This airport is accessed by 8 million people every year 
  • This airport comes under Indian Airforce
  • There are two runways, one for flight and the other for military aircraft



  • This airport is located beside the beach
  • This airport was constructed by Portuguese in 1955
  • 50,000 flights are handled in a season

Which is the First International Airport in India?

busiest airport, Juhu Airport

As we already know that the first airport in India is the Juhu Aerodrome was the first airport in India but the first international airport in India was Cochin International airport. The Cochin International Airport is now one of the busiest airports in India and has an excellent commuting facility.  

Which Indian City has the Best Airport?

The Indira Gandhi International airport in Delhi has been declared as the best in India. 

Which are India’s International Airports?

There are more than 20 international airports in India and they are the following;









There are also a few more international airports in India, we have mentioned the best ones here. 

Which is the Largest Airport in India?

largest airports

The Rajiv Gandhi International airport in Hyderabad is the largest and one of the busiest airports in India. The second-largest airport in India is the Indira Gandhi Airport, Delhi and the difference of size is just 500+ acres.

How Many Airports in India During Independence? 

The aviation industry in India started in 1912, with an air route that was first between Delhi and Karachi. This was opened by the Indian Airway service in collaboration with the UK. By 1948, there were 9 airport companies in India which have now raised up significantly. 

Which of the Airports are Located in the Southern Part of India?

Southern airports

In southern India, Kerala alone shelters 4 airports within the state. 

  • Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru
  • Trivandrum International Airport in Trivandrum 
  • Cochin International Airport in Cochin 
  • Calicut International Airport in Calicut

Among the four above mentioned south Indian airport the Kempegowda and the Cochin International airport are among the busiest airports in India. 

Know All About the Busiest Airport in India

There is a lot of responsibility on the Airport Authority of India who looks after all the airports that India hosts. They have taken up some projects that we are unaware of. Here are the facts that you should know about the busiest airport in India. 

airport in India


  • The Airport Authority of India has planned to spend Rs250 billion by 2022-2023 for all infrastructure developments. This expenditure also includes the parking charges of 250 new aircraft in various airports in India.  
  • A new greenfield airport is under construction for Maharastra at Parule Chipi
  • The Pakyong airport which has a greenfield airport facility was inaugurated in 2018. This airport is located almost 1400m above the ground level. 
  • A new terminal has been planned for Patna’s Jay Prakash Narayan Airport which will now hold even more passengers for their flights. 
  • A new airport will be built near the Shirdi temple town. 

You often fly across the country or across the world but have you ever thought about these airports. It feels great to come across such quick facts about the airport in your country. The 10 busiest airports in India are here and know them before you take another flight. You will love to fly when you know how important your flight is.

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