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10 Best Camera Backpack For Hiking – 2023 Travel Guide

| March 8, 2022 | Travel Guides

Are you the one who loves to hike a lot? Well, it is for sure that you just do not hike but take pictures of the trails. You know, it is very normal to keep an expensive camera with you when you go for a hike. However, most cameras are expensive and you would need to keep a camera backpack for hiking. So, you should always purchase it while planning for a hiking trip.

Now, finding the right camera backpack can be a tough job for you. As there are several brands manufacturing the same commodity, you might face a dilemma choosing the best. However, you can read this article to check the stats of the top ten hiking backpacks. Before that, check out the utility of the backpacks below.

Utility Of Camera Backpack For Hiking

Here are some points regarding the hike-friendly camera backpacks. Take a look at the points:

Camera backpacks can act as a multipurpose carrier when you go for a hike. You can keep all accessories of both your camera and phone in your backpacks while hiking. Some camera backpacks come with water-bottle pouches so you can keep them safe while walking. 

So, as you now know the basic advantages of a camera backpack for hiking, it is time to look at some commodities. Here is the list:

Top Ten Camera Backpacks For Hiking You Need To Know

In the following list, you can check out ten bags that you can take while going for a hike. Take a look:

1. Wandrd Prvke Lite

Wandrd Prvke Lite

The Wandrd Prvk Lite is a small backpack in which you can keep your camera along with its accessories. Moreover, it is quite small and that makes the backpack really handy. Apart from the cameras, you can keep other accessories like laptops and chargers in the bag. 

The Wandrd Prvk is made with durable materials and you can expect it to serve you for years. This bag contains a lot of chambers and the zips are outstanding. 

2. Lowepro Flipside Trek

Lowepro Flipside Trek

The Flipside Trek Bag from Lowepro is yet another hike-friendly bag in which you can carry your camera and accessories. This bag contains two compartments and you can keep your total photography setup in it. Moreover, there are padded straps in the bag as you can comfortably wear them all day. 

3. Bagsmart Camera Backpack

Bagsmart Camera Backpack

The Bagsmart Camera Backpack can be considered one of the top favorites in the case of camera bags due to its smart technology.  There is an anti-theft mechanism in this bag that can enhance safety for your camera and accessories. Remember, this bag is a bit more expensive than others on the list due to technological advancement. 

4. Mountainsmith Tanuck 40L

Mountainsmith Tanuck 40L

The Mountainsmith Tanuck Backpack is basically a full-sized ruck-sack. You can easily use its compartments to keep cameras and their accessories. It has a rugged masculine build and the quality of compartments and zips are also outstanding. You can buy the Mountainsmith Tanuck 40L bag if planning to be on a long hike. 

5. Nomatic McKinnon Camera Pack

Nomatic McKinnon Camera Pack

Nomatic is one of the most prominent backpack manufacturers in the world. You can check out the McKinnon backpack for your camera. The best you can do is order it online. As per the features of the bag, you can get a lot of compartments, a pair of padded shoulder straps, and many more. Apart from hikes, you can take this bag on excursions. So, this bag in any form can be your best friend while traveling. 

6. Endurax Extra Large Camera Backpack

Endurax Extra Large Camera Backpack

The extra-large camera backpack from Endurax can be a good choice when it comes to keeping your camera safe while hiking. It is a large bag that you can take for a hiking trip. So, you would need to skip this if you are looking for a small camera backpack for hiking. 

7. Thule Aspect DSLR Camera Backpack

Thule Aspect DSLR Camera Backpack

The Thule Aspect DSLR Camera Backpack can be a sleek choice for you if you are a hiker who needs to carry a DSLR  camera. One marvelous feature about this bag is the presence of air mesh on the rare side. Due to this feature, you can carry this bag easily on your back for a whole day. Furthermore, this bag comes with hip belts. So, you can get add-on support. 

8. Vanguard Alta Sky

Vanguard Alta Sky

The Alta Sky backpack from Vanguard can be the best camera backpack for hiking as it contains multiple compartments. In this bag, you can easily put two camera bodies and two lenses. Moreover, there are side compartments where you can put monopods and tripods. The rare side of the bag contains mesh that can again, give you the ultimate comfort. Yet another feature of this backpack is the full rare opening. 

9. Manfrotto Gitzo Adventure

Manfrotto Gitzo Adventure

The Manfrotto Gitzo Adventure bag is yet another choice for hikers when it comes to a camera backpack. It is a medium-sized bag and you can keep two DSLR bodies and 4 lenses in it. Yet another good thing about the bag is the presence of Gitzo cushions. You can either add or remove them while keeping the camera. 

10. Osprey Aether

Osprey Aether

The Osprey Aether bag is one of the gen-next backpacks you can carry your camera in while going out for a hiking trip. The best you can do is place the order of this bag along with its accessories. You can get away with the commodity and apart from the camera, you can keep tents and other necessary items in it. This bag can give you outstanding comfort as there are hip belts and sleeping pads present in it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How Do You Carry Your Camera While Hiking?

It is always a bold measure to carry your camera and its accessories in the backpack while hiking.

2. How Do You Pack A Camera In A Hiking Backpack?

It is always important to pack a camera in their loops in a hiking backpack. 

3. Is Thule Aspect Waterproof?

Yes, the Thule Aspect bag is waterproof.

4. What Is A Good Backpack For Hiking?

Any backpack that is soft and handy can be the right choice of luggage for hiking. 

Final Take Away

The camera backpacks for hiking might seem to be a luxurious commodity for many. However, you can purchase them if you are planning for a trip anytime soon. In case, you are going for a solo hiking trip, you can organize the entire luggage in your camera backpack itself. It can lead you to save both space and money.

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