A bachelorette party should be an unforgettable experience.

These events bring together the closest of friends for some fun-filled hours. Some brides-to-be head to day spas, or choose to head to a festival. A night of karaoke and cocktails is also a bachelorette party favorite.

But, how about getting outdoors and on the water? Instead of taking your party to a static location, you could be having fun on one of the biggest bodies of water in Texas. Party boats date back over a century, and there is recorded evidence of a paddle steamer being used for parties in London all the way back in 1879.

Nowadays, party boats are commonly seen on lakes and rivers in the US, and can be hired for birthdays, sunset tours, or bachelorette events.

Is a Lake Travis boat party a good idea for a bachelorette event?

Boat parties are intimate. They are a way to get a small, select group of people together in what is an exclusive setting. A boat provides privacy from gatecrashers and provides a suitable setting for party events.

Typically, you could expect a party boat to be kitted out with sound equipment, room to dance and mingle, and your supply of drinks. The people behind a Lake Travis party boat rental company take care of everything so the guests can experience a one-off bachelorette event. But, why Lake Travis?

Why have a bachelorette party on Lake Travis?

bachelorette party on Lake Travis

There are some solid reasons why Lake Travis makes a good party destination. The availability of party boat hire is a clear benefit, but the area itself is appealing. And the lake is huge. Lake Travis is 63.75 miles long and has 271 miles of shoreline.

The weather

Austin has what is known as a humid subtropical climate. That means Austin enjoys long, hot summers. Sunny summer days are perfect for boat parties but don’t forget the sunscreen. Temperatures have frequently hit 100 degrees for days in a row in Austin.

The scenery

Lake Travis is in the Texas Hill Country. This gorgeous area has lots of natural beauty with swimming holes and places to explore. Lake Travis has crystal clear blue waters too. This is a beautiful lake for boating with friends.

If you’re looking for fun things to do near you such as kayaking and sailing, then Lake Travis has it. Come for the boat party but stay for the weekend.

What can you expect from a party boat?

Instead of a dull bachelorette party, take your best friends on a party boat. An exclusive party on a lake for just the closest besties might be the ultimate bachelorette party.

Expect a boat that is staffed and suitable for your group. Different boat operators do different packages, but you should expect options to customize your party event.

Benefits of a bachelorette boat party

There are some great gains to be had by opting for a boat party for your bachelorette event. Here are some gains a boat party can bring.

It’s cost-effective

One study by The Knot showed that 50% of attendees spend over $300 on a bachelorette party. And 20% of attendees admitted to spending nearly $1,000 on a party.

A Lake Travis boat party could cost as little as $100 per attendee for the boat rental which is significantly under the average spend shown in The Knot survey.

You will get to celebrate in style

Partying on a lake means you are surrounded by gorgeous scenery and can soak up some beautiful views. Party on the boat, take time for a dip in the lake, and relax with a cool drink as the sun goes down.

And as mentioned above, it is affordable. The cost to rent a pontoon boat on Lake Travis is as little as $400 plus captain’s fees. Even at peak booking times, a pontoon would set you back a maximum of $1,100 for 11 people.

Make lasting memories

No doubt you will return from the bachelorette boat party with a phone full of selfies and snaps of your best friends. But, you will create beautiful long-lasting memories too. If you explore the area during your time there, you may also find some hidden gems in Texas.

How do you book a Lake Travis party boat?

The best place to start is online. Compare boaty party operators and their prices.

You might find some discounts or early-bird specials so booking early might be a good call. Also, understand what is and what isn’t included in the booking. For instance, is it BYOB for drinks, and are there separate captain’s fees to consider?

It may be worth asking friends too. As the most visited lake in Texas, one of your friends may already have enjoyed a boat party there, and have a recommendation.


Organizing a boat party might not have been the first idea you had for your bachelorette event but perhaps it should be the one you choose. After all, you can go to karaoke any night. And spa days are unlikely to create any lasting memories.

If you enjoy a bit of travel, like the outdoors, and live close to Lake Travis, then a boat party might be the spark you want for your bachelorette event.

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