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Chico Hot Springs: Hotels, Resorts, & Tourist Places To Visit In 2023

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I am sure you are aware of the Ojai hot springs in Southern California. Well, this time, moving towards the Northern part of California, you will come across the Chico hot springs. The Chico hot springs are not as varied as the former, but the place is beautiful enough to make you fall in love with it. Travelers not only from the US but from various parts of the world come around to visit these hot springs. They tend to relax and seize the moment while bathing in the hot waters. 

What Is A Hot Spring?

What Is A Hot SpringHot springs usually originate from the Earth’s crust. It is also known as hydrothermal or geothermal spring. It is caused by the geothermally heated interiors of the earth. These generally occur in volcanic areas where there is a possibility that the underground waters might come in contact with the hard rocks which have been heated by magma. 

Some hot springs comprise water with a temperature that is suitable for bathing, while others might be extremely hot and harmful. The Chico hot springs are related to a deep fracture zone. The temperature of these waters is slightly higher than the body temperature set at 45℃. These hot mineral-rich waters are discharged from the surface at a rate of 37 gallons per minute. 

About Chico Hot Springs

Chico Hot SpringsThe Chico Hot Springs is situated in Park County, near Pray Montana. It is set along 800 acres of land in the heart of the Paradise Valley. The place has an exquisite location as it is quiet in the vicinity of the Yellowstone River and the Yellowstone National Park. 

The place came to be recognized in 1900, and gradually, with time, the natural Chico hot springs have been converted into a vacation resort. Tourists can get indulged in a variety of adventurous outdoor activities as well. 

Overall, this is the perfect place if you want to spend a short family vacation, or organize a destination wedding, or go for a fly fishing trip and camping. The Native Americans were among the first to have used the hot springs. 

The resort is not a very lavish one, yet the ancient architecture and other historical details of the place add to its charm. If you want to refresh your mind and relax your body, there could be no better place than Chico hot springs. 

Chico Hot Springs Resorts & Hotels 

Well, many of you might be bothered about where to stay in Chico hot springs. Let me tell you that there are a lot of options for accommodation, so you need not worry. While the hot spring itself possesses a  hotel, there are some other boutique hotels, luxury cabins, rustic lodgings, and spa retreats where tourists can opt to stay. 

Other than the main resort, the other hotels have built artificial pools that gather water from the hot springs. This has been undertaken for tourists to avail other places of accommodation. Let us take a look at a few of the best resorts that are in the vicinity of Chico hot springs: 

1. Chico Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa

Chico Hot Springs Resort & Day SpaIf you visit the Chico hot springs, make sure to book a prior reservation so that you can be able to spend a few days residing in the historic main lodge of this resort. The Chico hot spring resort comprises several other cottages and cabins that are located a little further away from the main town. 

The rooms are standard enough and some of them even have private bathrooms. The rooms are filled with antiques and historic regional details. These hot spring pools are connected through the second floor. The lodge offers one of the best wine and dining options in the region. 

2. Sage Lodge

Sage LodgeLocated along a mile of the Yellowstone River, the Sage Lodge is one of the best options for accommodation. If not the Chico resort, tourists often prefer this one over anything else. The resort offers a great panoramic view of the rugged yet majestic Paradise valley. 

This resort offers a rustic environment with 50 guestrooms. There is also a separate space for conducting events. This place also comprises an all-time service luxury spa and a wood-fire grill and bar food outlet. 

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3. Yellowstone Valley Lodge

Set along the banks of the Yellowstone River, lies another good place for tourists to stay. The establishment has been built with a very distinct concept which comprises a  collection of contemporary cabins. There is also a five-star gourmet restaurant attached to this lodge that offers a great menu for tourists to relish. 

The Yellowstone national park being quite near to the lodge allows visitors to get indulged in a variety of outdoor activities. The resort offers great facilities and some of the best amenities for guests to sit back and enjoy. 

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4. Yellowstone Village Inn

Yellowstone Village InnLocated a little further away from the Chico hot springs. The Yellowstone Village Inn is a great option for accommodation. Located just below the rolling hills, this hotel offers very good facilities for its guests. There is a pool, free parking space, room for conducting events, and much more. 

This lodge remains closed during the months of winter for carrying out renovation. The rooms are spacious, clean, and comfortable. They also provide you with some delectable complimentary breakfast. 

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Tourist Places To Visit Near Chico Hot Springs

There are a lot of places where tourists can visit for sightseeing during their course of stay in Chico hot springs. Some of the best tourist attraction spots that I would recommend are listed below:

  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Museum of Rockies
  • Roosevelt Arch
  • Mammoth Hot Springs
  • Fort Yellowstone Historic District
  • Bunsen Peak

Final Thoughts

That’s all that I could let you know about Chico Hot Springs. It is a place that can make people get a feeling of rejoicing in life, have inner peace, and get associated with ancient history. 

If you are a Californian and still haven’t been to this mesmerizing land, I suggest you make plans and take your family or friends to this amazing retreat. 

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