Chincoteague Beach is a place with which I fell in love immediately after moving to Virginia. 

I remember there was a poem we had to read in school days called ‘Misty of Chincoteague’. It is about a wild horse. 

The island was far away from where I live. But my curiosity kept growing about that place until one day when I finally took a trip down there and while on the road I came across many beaches near Chincoteague Beach. 

Here is my article where you will find the name of the beaches that I came to know about during my trip to the island. To learn more about Chincoteague Beach, I have another blog coming up. For now let's talk about the beaches that you might enjoy, once you are there. 

4 Beaches To Visit Near Chincoteague Beach Island 

Chincoteague Beach KOA is just a few hour’ drive from many beautiful beaches

There are private shires on the Chesapeake Bay as well as pristine barrier islands on the Atlantic.

So, the next visit must have your beach gear.

Chincoteague Island National Wildlife Refuge Near Chincoteague Island

Chincoteague Island National Wildlife Refuge Near Chincoteague Island

It is a gateway to wildlife with the sandy beach of Assateague Island National Seashore. This place covers miles of both Maryland and Virginia. Located just a few miles away from Chincoteague.

One section is filled with lifeguards as families occupy the beach in Virginia and the other section is all about surfers and skimboarders. 

There are many activities that you can become a part of such as clamming, crabbing biking, horseback riding, surf fishing.

Ocean City Near Chincoteague Island

Ocean City Near Chincoteague Island

If you look for a beach where you can have a boardwalk with your partner all day long, talking to each other about your favorite things then plan a day trip to Ocean City, Maryland. 

You don’t have to even drive long to reach the destination. The ride is just for an hour from Chincoteague Beach, KOA. The sand is beachy enough to take a sunbath and play games or build sandcastles and the water is suitable for swimming. 

Attractions, while you take your boardwalk, are shops and restaurants. 

Tangier Island Near Chincoteague Island

Tangier Island Near Chincoteague Island

A perfect Sunday trip would be a trip to Tangier. Though the island is tiny of the Chesapeake Bay, the unique thing about it is the dialect the residents speak. The beach happens to be very beautiful and the best secret kept intact by the Eastern Shore.

The trip is a bit tricky, not that easy to suddenly plan it. You have to drive 45 minutes south towards Onancock and then ride a ferry to Tangier and then you can walk on the beach on Hog Ridge Road. 

The cars are limited on Tangier, but golf carts can be seen operated by the locals. It is also a good choice if you want to get that ride with the guides because I can guarantee you will know a lot about the place. 

Barrier Islands Near Chincoteague Island

Barrier Islands Near Chincoteague Island

Same as Tangier when it comes to the trip to the Barrier Islands. The shore of the 14 barriers is the longest and not developed shoreline on the East Coast, maybe that's why it has its own essence. 

If you always have thought about lying down in the daylight and feeling the sand on your body and mind. Then this beach is going to be perfect. The beach is so empty that strolling as much as you want will never make people look at you in surprise. 

These beaches are home to some wildlife, therefore taking pictures of the way they live or just capturing the scenes with your bare eyes, both are going to make you remember the place after you wave goodbye. Be careful and stay under the high tide line, as there are nests with birds. 

Assateague is the only barrier island that you travel to with a car. 

For a better experience, you can think about booking a stay at Chincoteague Beach.

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Best Time To Visit Chincoteague

Best Time To Visit Chincoteague

The above information was all about the nearby beaches that Chincoteague has. But in any case, if you plan to visit Chincoteague too then here is some information about the island.

The best time depends on why and for what you are visiting Chincoteague.

  • For the annual Pony Swim, you should target the month of July.
  • For just vacations, spring is the best time.
  • During summer the place becomes crowded and obviously hot. 
  • Winter is going to be difficult because of the constant change in temperature.

How To Get To Chincoteague

How To Get To Chincoteague

Chincoteague is a remote part of Virginia on the Eastern Shore. To get there from mainland Virginia take the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel that picks you up in between Norfolk and Virginia beach. 

The price is 14 dollars( one way) during off-peak and 18 dollars during peak. Peak periods are Friday to Sunday. May to September. 

For a round trip to the Eastern Shore within 24 hours, the return price is 6 dollars (off-peak) and 2 dollars (peak) period. If Maryland or Delaware is the place you are traveling from to Chincoteague, take Hwy 13 that starts from south of Pocomoke. 

Things To Do In Chincoteague

Things To Do In Chincoteague

If you're traveling with kids or maybe all alone here are some activities that can add more fun to your trip. 

  • Go to Chincoteague Kayaking Adventure
  • You must visit the beautiful lighthouse in Assateague.
  • Enjoy the Pony Express Nature Cruise.
  • Check out the Museum of Chincoteague. For sure. 
  • Don’t skip the NASA Wallops Visitor center on Wallops Island.
  • Of Course the Beach. 
  • The National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Get to know about the Historic Main Street Merchants.
  • Enter Ray’s shanty and enjoy the food, thank me later. 
  • Do not forget to taste the craft beer.

Wrapping It All Up

So, here you go with a full picture of beaches that are near Chincoteague, and also if you change your mind and decide to take a look at Chincoteague Beach island, this article too supports it. 

Often we plan for more fun when we have enough and also can’t get enough of it. Therefore we must take some days off from our busy work and take trips to see places that most people don’t know. 

I hope my article helps a lot of people to have a  basic idea about the place and rest you can have it on your own. 

Leave a comment down below and share with me your experience. 

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