Crete is the ultimate among all the paradises, like the Greek islands. You can even call it the showstopper of all islands. Needless to say, because of its mesmerizing beauty, it has global popularity. 

To justify that, Crete saw a solid amount of 3.7 million international air arrivals from January to August in 2023. The captivating beachy shores are a part of the trademark, but there are still many beaches that are a lot less explored and are yet to be sought out. 

It was in 1913 when Crete became a part of Greece, and it is the largest of all the Greek islands. And the best part is that Crete has something for every visitor that goes there. It has blissful aquamarine beaches and sandy coves with see-through waters. 

The history of the place is rich, and the mysterious mountain trails will not fail to amaze you. Their cuisine is something they have discovered themselves, and you can definitely go for a picnic by the beaches and find other people as well chilling there. 

The best Crete Beaches You Will Find 

As far as beaches are concerned, there are an array of beaches on the island, and here is a list of the best Crete beaches you should definitely visit. You will find all sorts of hitting sights and secluded local shores that come with the local taste of Crete. 

Agiofarago Beach 

This beach is a little off-track on the Southernmost tip. This is right beneath one of the magnificent gorges; the name Agiofarago means “George of Saints.” you can take a boat from Agia Galini or Matala.  


But if you want to witness the most breathtaking view, you have to walk to it. Take a 45-minute hike, and it will take you to the gorge’s vertical walls and the beach. The water is calm primarily and impeccably blue.  

You can paddle on the calm waters, and on the western part of the beach, you will find a rocky arch where you can even enjoy a swim. It may seem difficult to reach there, but you will find it worth it in the end. 

Glyka Nera 

Glyka Nera is famous for the Ionian character, where the pine-strewn cliffs make way for the white pebbles, and you will find the most transparent turquoise waters here.  

It is difficult to reach this beautiful beach. You can either take a 30-minute hike through the Chora Sfakion path, or there are water taxis available; you can take them to reach the rugged shores.  

The name actually translates to “sweet water,” and it got its name from the refreshing calm waters that actually bubble up from the underneath spring. During the summers, it is usual to sport some of the sun lounges and some small taverns for food and drinks. 

Voulolimni Beach 

Voulolimni is not exactly a beach, it is a natural rock pool. This is quite a change from the pebbled and sand beaches that Crete mostly has. This one is unique in its own way; the locals of Crete love the saltwater place, which is just half a kilometer away from  Chrysoskalitissa’s Byzantine monastery. 


This is an amazing place to go for a swim, but remember to bring your mask and snorkel. If you are lucky, you might even spot an octopus. 


This lagoon beach is located in the south-west corner of Crete. Even though it is by the corner, it is pretty popular among the regulars who visit the island and get really busy during the summer weekends. 

This is the place where you get to witness the raw beauty of nature; the crystal clear water kisses the shore. The sand here is pastel pink, this is a natural phenomenon that is caused by numerous shells that have been washing over the shores for years. 

You can hire umbrellas and sunbeds, and they are scattered all through the beach and the lagoon. The water is also shallow here, making it a perfect place for people visiting with families. But if you are looking for privacy, head to the dunes and the coves.  


Located on the western coast of Crete, it might be underwhelming as the greenhouses across the olive groves block the sea view. But everything will seem worth it when you reach the beach.  


This is one of the best Crete beaches you will ever come across. There are a lot of places to spread out your picnic basket and have a gala time with your family or friends. You will get a fantastic view of the clear water and the picturesque beach. 

There is a sloping hill behind this beach with some villas and taverns that you can get for rent. There are better places to bring your families, as the waves of the Mediterranean might not be ideal for them, but this is a perfect spot for all surfers, and the beach is quite famous for its picturesque sunsets. 


This beach is correct at the meeting point of the Libyan Sea and Megalopotamus River, and it is famous for its beauty. With the backdrop of the craggy cliffs of the Kourtaliotiko Gorge, along with the woody riverbanks covered in palm trees, you can easily mistake it for a deserted island. 

Well, to get this fantastic view, you have to work your way through it. You have to climb your way down a steep path, and disclaimer alert: it is going to be more difficult while you go back up.  

But as you go down, a beautiful white sand beach along with crystal clear water welcomes you, and this is an amazing spot to go snorkeling. You can also visit the Preveli Monastery while you go to the beach. The view of the monastery on top of the hill is amazing. 


Balos is one of those Crete beaches that you have come access numerous times in travel brochures. It calls out to the travelers, and promises them turquoise water, with lily-white sand along with a secluded wild setting over the Gramvousa Peninsula, and it delivers. 


With the backdrop of the rugged hills, it is not easy to reach out to the beach as well as the lagoons, but it is worth it, so take the risk and go for the drive. But if you don’t want to take that road, then take a boat. But pack yourself a picnic, as you won’t get any food stalls there. 


Kommos is very close to Messara Bay, and you will witness the green mountains ringing it and the dunes backing it. You have to walk through a steep, winding road to go to the beach. But the blue water, along with the pearl-white sand, is going to make all of it up. 

You will also get a view of the old Minoan port, which is currently in ruins. You will find some decent-sized waves because of the wind. So, if you are planning to visit with your daily, it might not be the ideal spot for it. 

But people at the north end do not seem to care much about it. At the southern end, there are umbrellas and sunbeds that you can hire and relax by the beach. There are a few taverns as well, perfect for sundowners. 


Matala was discovered back in the 1960s by the hippies, and it used to be a laid-back fishing village. It is quite close to Kommos Beach and has become a popular spot. So, it is best to visit this beach during the off-season.  


The honeycomb-like sandstone cliffs flank the gentle waters. The mysterious caves are there as well, to add to its features. Legend has it that Zeus swam to this shore in disguise as a bull and carried kidnapped Europa with him. There are a few restaurants overlooking the sea, where you can enjoy a meal or have some snacks.  


This part of Crete is like a little slice of the Caribbean. This beach has a backdrop of large palm trees. The shimmering calm water is going to soothe your mind and soul. Because of the popularity of this beach, it can get a little busy sometimes. 

But it is also not very difficult to escape all these crowds. Just take a 10-minute stroll and walk along the Minoan site of Itanos. And you will land in some of the secluded bay beaches. 

Seitan Limania 

Situated on the northeastern side of the Akrotiri Peninsula, this Crete beach is a bit hidden from the locality. It will just take a short drive from Chania to reach there. It is worth all the difficulties that you go through while reaching the beach. 


The small, perfectly formed beach has all the reasons why locals love going to this beach. The almost fluorescent blue water between the cliffs will make a mark in your mind, which will not be easy to forget. 

You can take this amazing view from the top of the hill, or you can scramble through the rocky path and go to the beach and take endless dips as a reward for all your efforts. 


This is one of the best Crete beaches that you will find. This is a dreamy beach, uniquely trimmed with a 14th-century castle, and has a backstory to it.  

Even though it is not like the other dazzling beaches of Crete, it has powder-blue pale water backed by dramatic mountains and biscuit-hued sands, and it still manages to impress tourists.  

There are some wild coastal trails close by, where you might find it difficult to find another soul here. You will spend some time with yourself and the sea here. You will get an amazing view of the mountains from this beach. 


If you want to escape all the crowd and have a taste of paradise, then you should definitely visit a desert island. This one is just a 50-minute boat ride from Crete.  


You can have an amazing time here, on this perfectly formed island. This could turn out to be a lovely experience for you. You can choose any beach, but the one that you should not miss is Shell Beach. 

This beach justifies its name, it is like a carpet made with colorful mollusc and artful shells, and you just cannot miss this one out. The air here has a scent of cedar forest hat feels like going into a sweet slumber. 


Istro is an exquisite, beautiful, and peaceful bay in Lassithi which you just can’t overlook. You have to take some time out of your itinerary and visit this beach.  

It offers an amazing front-row view of the cerulean-blue sea with some day beds spread across the beach. To get away from the daily hustles this is the best elixir to calm your mind and spend some peaceful time.  

Well, doing nothing is also an art, and that is something you can master here by just relaxing around the beach. Just plan a relaxing day, go for a swim, have a picnic, or just gaze at the glittering sea and enjoy the picturesque landscape. 


This beach is popular for windsurfing, as this is the exact place where the waves hit. The windswept part of the coast is ideal for the experienced windsurfers and learners. 


Professional surfers can get out in the blue waters, and first-time learners can take winging lessons and go windsurfing. The sandy sweep is also impressive, with a stretch of pebbles and sand.  

You and spirited locals hit this beach and hang around this place with the other surfers from time to time, or relax on a lounger and watch as the waves crash along the beach. 

Which one is your favorite? 

Every beach here has something special about it. Either the beach is special for some reason, or it is popular because of the backdrop it has to offer. There is always something that is going to catch you off guard with its natural beauty. So, here is the list of the best Crete beaches that you can visit on your next trip. 


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