Are you looking for an adventure? Are you looking to take on a tricky hike? We have got you covered.

The Crouching Lion Hike packs a punch with its exciting walkway that is otherwise considered dangerous. A little caution and some common sense can make hiking this trail a memorable one. 

Where Is Crouching Lion Hike Located?

Where Is Crouching Lion Hike Located

This trailhead is situated at Kahana Bay on the northern windward side of Oahu. It can be found approximately 9 miles off of the south of Laie on the North Shore. If you are planning to come in from Laie, you could head south through the Kamehameha Hwy and go around to the other side of Kahana Bay. 

When reaching the other side of the bay, a dirt patch will show up on the left of the road where cars are parked. You can park your car here, but make sure not to leave any valuables as this place is notorious for car break-ins. 

If you dont find any parking space, you can wait for a spot to open. Make sure not to park on the nearby Trout Farm Road. It is a private road that can make your car end up getting towed. On the other hand, you can park your car at Kahana Beach Park, located 0.7 miles away from the trail, or Swanzy Beach Park, which is a mile away from the trail.

As the trail is closed, it gets a bit tricky to find the crouching lion trail without any administrative signboards to lead the way. After parking, walk for a few hundred yards up the road right up to a speed limit sign on the right. You will see two signs near the trailhead, marking it as closed and hazardous. 

Once you start walking, the trail diverges. The way to the left is the shortest path of about 0.4 miles (according to the All Trails App). However, you will find that the trail to the right is better, with more spectacular views. Both trails lead to the same point. 

What Does The Crouching Lion Trail Have To Offer?

What Does The Crouching Lion Trail Have To Offer

When you start out on the trail, it becomes a steep ascent upwards through the thick rainforest. The shabby path is relatively easy to tread, but you need not panic if you think you lost your way. As long as you are moving upwards, you are on the right path. You will simply arrive through a different path, albeit at the same location. 

Because this trail is not maintained by official authorities, you are entering at your own risk. It can be quite strenuous, and in some places, there are ropes to assist a slick vertical incline. Rain can make this trail even more difficult. Avoid hiking on this trail when there has been heavy rainfall. Microspikes are highly recommended to be worn with tennis shoes to help get a better grip. 

A pair of climbing gloves can help ease your handwork while climbing, holding on to rocks, roots, and ropes. The beginning of the hike is a bit stressful, but soon enough, the gorgeous views of the bay take away all the exhaustion. In about 25 minutes, an open area shows up with panoramic views of Kahana Bay. 

The summit of the Crouching Lion is also visible from up there. The trail keeps on along the ridge with a few paths to hike back on. 

The Crouching Lion Hike Oahu Summit  

The Crouching Lion Hike Oahu Summit

The last bit of the trail that leads up to the summit is the most dangerous. In fact, many of the crouching lion hike deaths have been reported to have happened at this spot. Several hikers have been lost from falling off the steep cliffs that, resulted in the trail being closed by the government. 

If you keep a keen eye out and be alert, this trail can prove to be quite the opposite. One of the prime examples of heedlessness is taking photos without watching their step. And definitely do not be under the influence for this trail. 

It gets windy at the top, so make sure you are away from the edge of the cliff, where the sudden gusts of winds can topple your balance. Even then, there is a lot of space to walk around. The first parts of the trail are covered by rainforests, and the ending is quite open, which means it gets hot during summer. Pack enough water and sunscreen accordingly. 

The switchbacks are not too steep, but you might need to scramble up the rocky peak to reach the top. Once reached, the views are jaw-dropping and stay imprinted in your memory forever. The incredible Pacific Ocean, and the emerald waters of Kahana Bay, paired with the rugged terrain of the Ko’olau Mountain Range in the background, make for the most spectacular views. 

There is yet another trail that leads to the lower points of the hike offering a panoramic view to be enjoyed in solitude. When taking the way back down, it is recommended to take the shorter trail down. 


Here are some common questions asked about the crouching lion trail in Oahu:

Is The Crouching Lion Hike Closed Or Not?

The Crouching Lion is officially closed and unenforced by the state, so hikers should hike at their own risk. It is not illegal and is not enforced by the state. 

Can Kids Hike Crouching Lion?

This trail is not suitable for kids. It is steep and has steep drop-offs with no railing.

Can I hike Crouching Lion in 1.2 mi?

Yes, you can hike 1.2 mi out and back or 0.4 mi. There is a longer trail that is 4-5 hours long, but it is very steep and difficult. Please pack plenty of water.

To Conclude…

Now that you know all about crouching lion oahu, get planning for a super fun weekend hiking on these amazing trails. Drop a comment if you have been here and want to share your experience with us!

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