Living is about the here and now and not the past. Every day, we face ups and downs that ultimately shape us into who we are and who we become. We often must perform specific tasks and meet the expected goals, which may be overwhelming. However, amidst these tasks and expectations, there is always a silver lining which, if identified and well-practiced, enables one to be very productive and lead satisfactory resilient lives.

Embracing gratitude ultimately helps us let go of the past and focus on what is within our reach, staying hopeful for the future. It makes us stay peaceful and happy with others. It involves staying positive and appreciative of the situations we face in life. This article outlines the various ways you can practice gratitude for your benefit.

Gratitude Boxes

Gratitude Boxes

With this technique, you must create gratitude notes by writing what you are grateful for on a sticky note or piece of paper and throwing it into a box. It is both a short and long-term way of staying appreciative, as you can do revisiting on a weekly, monthly or even yearly basis. Sourcing these boxes is easy mainly because you can opt for a DIY. If you cannot make one, you can source one online or from a nearby store.

Gratitude Prompts

Gratitude prompts are a question format technique for reflecting upon appreciation. They ask questions that help us ponder upon what we give regard to. These questions can be general to specific. They involve our interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. Answering them helps us think positively, be mindful, and be thankful for what and whom we engage with.

Gratitude Mapping

This method requires you to make a visual representation of everything for which you are thankful and hang it somewhere in your house. Alternatively, you can create a visual board on a device and have it on display as you work on other devices to affirm yourself daily. A universal control system will give you access to this display across all your devices. You can research how to use universal control Mac if you intend to sync all your devices as you work simultaneously from one task to another.

Leaving one of your devices to carry your visual board, should fill you with positive energy to tackle your daily activities and targets. You can easily and constantly view it as it fills you with hope and purpose for every new day.

Prayer And Reflection

Prayer is a powerful way to express thanks and awe and has been linked to good health results. When you pray, you reflect upon your blessings. It can be used to express gratitude for the environment, air, and body or to be in awe of life and the miracle of existence. It doesn’t have to be a specific belief or practice. It can be as simple as reflecting on the things that have inspired you to be a better version of yourself.


Meditation helps you to concentrate on the past with heed to the present. You must sit and think of the past concentrating on the good and bad of a situation you encountered. Consider your progress since then. It helps you feel thankful for what got you here by putting the present into perspective and enabling you to view it.


Having gratitude and maintaining it is an essential factor in enhancing our productivity. These gratitude techniques are bound to give you a legitimate starting point for leaving in gratitude and practicing mindfulness. It would be best if you considered them for your well-being.

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