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Dahanu Beach In Mumbai Of Maharashtra – Dream And Travel

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If you are planning to spend some quiet time on a beach in India, without any hesitation visit the Bordi Dahanu beach, in Thane District of Maharashtra. The beach happens to be very calm and refreshing.

Bordi Dahanu beach falls under the green zone, where there is no urbanization. The land is well connected by air, railway, and road.

 In the morning the day starts by watching the fishing boats return and in the evening Dahanu beach market lights up.

Seafood like prawns, lobsters, fishes is all over the Dahanu beach market. The Parsis and Warli tribes live in Dahanu town.

Tourists are allowed to interact with them and know their lifestyle and culture. Mural paintings are considered to be popular here. 

The tribes connect with nature very much. 

There is another place to visit near Bordi Dahanu beach is the Asavali dam. The dam is made out of sand. 

One side of the dam has water and the other is covered with paddy grassland.

Know More About Dahanu Beach

This place is also perfect for adventure as it has activities like exploring the wide-open seas, trekking, and gliding.

Tarpa is a spot where rappelling and rope climbing are affordable and available. 

Tarpa also has Tarpa Agri Eco-tourism Centre, where tourists can stay, it includes a museum related to the environment and agriculture.

If you are adventurous, then I am sure this place will not bore you. One more thing that you have to attend while you visit Bordi Dahanu beach, the Chikoo festival.

It is organized to tell tourists about the culture of the tribes, it also engages tourists in kite flying and Tarpa dance. There are fine resorts on Dahanu Bordi beach.

Dahanu Road And Bordi Beach

Dahanu Beach

Dahanu Road is known for fruit orchards, it owns some of the country’s best and beautiful Sapodilla (chiku) orchards. The earliest settlers in Dahanu Bordi were the Iranis and Parsis, therefore their touch is still somewhere here.

Smt. Anutai Wagh founded an education center here to give the tribes their right to education.

The amazing yet spiritual fact about this place is that there are large and beautiful temples that guard the sacred fire. The temple has a fire lit up for almost a millennium by the Zoroastrians, as Udvada is nearest from Dahanu. 

Best Time To Visit Dahanu Bordi Beach

Dahanu Beach

During winter, it will be a comfortable time to visit Dahanu beach, as it has brisk air. Therefore plan a visit between November to February.


Some of these involve the Dahanu Fort, Mallinath Jain Tirth Kosbad Temple, the Kalpataru Botanical Gardens, the Dapchari Dam and Reservoir, Bahrot caves. 

You can also make another list for the next day: Mahalaxmi Mandir Dahanu, Zoroastrian Atash Behram, Zoroastrian Heritage Museum. 

How To Reach Dahanu Bordi Beach By Road?

Just so you know that Dahanu beach is directly connected to Mumbai through National Highway 8.

There are many transport busses available from Mumbai, Thane, Vasai, Virar to Dahanu.

How To Reach Dahanu Bordi Beach By Train?

The fastest and nearest station is Dahanu Road which connects the beach with major cities like Jodhpur-Pune express, Veraval-Pune express, and Ahimsa express.

 The railway station can also be accessible via Mumbai- Ahmedabad highway. Shuttle trains are provided from Virar railway station to reach Dahanu beach. You can also access a taxi from Dahanu railway station. 

How To Reach Dahanu Bordi Beach By Air?

Since Dahanu is a small coastal town situated in Thane District, it does not have its own airport. Therefore Mumbai airport plays a role here, the Mumbai airport is considered to be the nearest airport to Dahanu beach.

It is 150km from the beach. There are multiple flights linking Mumbai to major cities across the world.


Bordi beach to Dahanu beach – 24 kilometers (road)

Mumbai to Dahanu road- 138 kilometers by Mumbai Ahmedabad HIghway.

Things To Not Forget At Dahanu Beach

Dahanu Beach

Relish The Long Walks

Nowadays beaches are filled with people and rubbish. There is continuous disturbance while having alone time. Dahanu beach will win your heart at this, as it gives nothing but peace to your mind and soul.

There will be no one to interrupt you when you are doing soul searching all by yourself with a cold breeze touching your face and the sound of waves.

Don’t Miss The Snacks

Do try all kinds of snacks and chaats that are there at the beach. Shev bhel puri is the best of all, once you have it you will ask for more, it’s a delicious drooling snack.

Also taste butta (corn), bhel puri pani puri, cotton candy floss, and so on.

Put Up Towards A Clean Beach

Dahanu Bordi beach is itself a clean beach, but to maintain that we always need to contribute. If you see any plastic or garbage at the beach please pick them up at once you notice it.

Because the seawater touches the shore with the garbage lying there, the sea will take it with her. Which will cause aqua pollution.

Throw the garbage or plastic in the dustbin which is placed in the front of every food store. 

This might look like an effortless step, but trust me it is huge.

Don’t Forget The Chikus Of Dahanu 

Dahanu is quite favourable for the chiku fruit. Irani settlers were the first to cultivate chiku at Dahanu. Plan an outing to some orchards and enjoy the delicious chikus.

In English, chikus has three names: mudapples, sapodilla, and noseberry.

Always remember the sunsets and shells.

Every beach has its own sunsets, never compare them, they are beautiful in their own way. When the beach is clean there are chances that you will find shells. Pick them up, make them your souvenir of Dahanu.

Resorts At Dahanu Bordi Beach

Resorts At Dahanu Bordi Beach

Resorts at Dahanu Bordi beach are very luxurious. They offer suites as well. There are rooms with a view of the sea. When you wake up in the morning, ready to start the day, sit with a cup of coffee in front of the window. Inhale the air as you are going to feel good.

Seacrest beach resort Dahanu is a beach in Dahanu which is a perfect getaway near Mumbai. Seacrest beach resort is the perfect place to relax.

Another resort in the Dahanu beach is the Hotel beach classic.

It has been rated by all the visitors pretty average which all total gives a 3.7 star to this hotel. Hotel Beach Classic Dahanu reviews enough points for people to trust the resort so that they can have a good time all together.


This article is completely for those who are wanderers. Dahanu Bordi Beach is a calm beach where people often visit spent a quiet vacation. 

The festival celebrated by the tribes is something to witness. This article has covered almost everything that a traveller needs before picking a place for vacation

Let us know in the comment section what do you think about this article.

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