Popular Desert Festival In Jaisalmer Of Rajasthan

Most Popular Desert Festival In Jaisalmer Of Rajasthan

| July 31, 2021 | Culture

Rajasthan is the famous dessert of India where people get every time for visiting the beautiful sides. Here you can see a series of camels that make a ride in the deserted land. Apart from its beautiful sights, another attractive thing for tourists comes, and also they enjoy it.

Desert festival is one of the popular parts of Rajasthan where you can go and enjoy. Generally, the native people gather at a particular time, and they have lots of fun. If you are thinking of visiting Rajasthan, you must visit Jaisalmer. 

A Brief Of Desert Festival

Brief Of Desert Festival

The desert festival in Jaisalmer is one of the famous occasions where you get ultimate enjoyment. This festival happens once a year, and if you see from a kaleidoscopic view, for the native people of India, it is the leading platform to celebrate. 

The occasion is generally held in February and Bengali month, Magh. Jaisalmer has sweltering weather, and that is why wintertime is best to make fun with tourists. On full moon days, the occasion is generally held. 

On this occasion, people used to dance that somehow matches with the tribal dance pictures. Their people play folk tunes and make another event. So, the festival is fantastic for those who do not have any idea about desert events. 

Here, you must visit the Jaisalmer Fort that has historical relevance. First, however, You go and enjoy folk tales, folk tunes. Then, in the coming winter, go and visit Rajasthan.

Best Things To Do In This Desert Festival

When you go to the famous incredible festival, please stay away from social stigma and color racism. As many people come to look forward to the festival, people sell handmade crafts that are beautiful for decoration. 

Indeed, you will enjoy the festival’s view and will get in touch with the new culture. So, let’s see what you can do here.

1. Camel Race

Camel Race

Camel racing is one of the best things to do, Jaisalmer. Here, the local people arrange a race where several people gather camels that will do a race. So, which camel will be first, its master will get the prize. Sometimes people bet on the camels and they make a run in a specific field. 

In this activity, the master of the camels decorates them in new looks that look unique, with new kinds of designs. It looks fantastic when all the camels start their race. You also can spend money on a camel if you love to do it. You will enjoy the event when you see them. 

2. Reconnoiter Desert WildLife 

If you love to look at the wild tiger, elephant, and multiple desert birds, you must go for the reconnoiter. This journey sometimes looks like a jungle safari. You can go to the forest area where the wild animals generally stay.

There you will see wild elephants, tigers, poisonous snakes, birds, and other fantastic creatures. You are free to take pictures of them. You can take a guide along with you who will drive you to the forest. Here, you also can see the precious animals. 

However, go and get a fantastic taste of the forest.

3. Visit The Desert

Visit The Desert

When you go to make a trip to Rajasthan, don’t forget to visit the desert where you will only have a sandy valley, nothing else. In the desert festival, looking at the desert will be a relevant part of this trip. However, you can go for the camel ride and visit the whole desert by sitting on its back.

So, go and visit the desert in the winter season. The desert area remains boiling, and you can’t get out of the house. Winter is the best time for visiting Rajasthan, so go for the desert and see the sandy beach.

4. Sand Camp Living

At night, the temperature decreases. That is why you will feel the airy and cooling atmosphere. Generally, at night, people make tents where they stay throughout the night. It is a fantastic experience if you want to do this. 

In the desert, you will only have moonlight that looks, and on the sand, the light gets reflected. This is going to be a fabulous idea. You stay with your buddy there and enjoy the desert at night.

5. Shopping


People of Rajasthan are not very rich as they lack money. So, they do not get anything quickly. That is why in this Jaisalmer desert festival, they sell crafts and handmade products like bags, wall hangings, home ingredients, etc. So, you can buy things from them to get a profit.

These gifts are very nice to look at that you can give your close people as well. So, don’t overthink; buy the products from the Rajasthani people. Tourists are the primary source of their income. So, help them to grow up. You will be highly profited in doing this. 

6. Dancing With Natives

In the desert festival, there is an event where all people dance together. If you know how to dance, do it in your own way. Now, do it your way and entertain everyone. There are some specific Rajasthani songs with which they generally dance. However, you also take a place to be a part of the entertainment. 

The Final State

The Desert Festival in Rajasthan is one of the significant parts when almost thousands of people visit the land. In the summertime, no one goes to see the state. You also can go and make a visit when there is a festival going on. If you do so, you will be able to see many new things. These are adventurous too.

However, don’t waste time. Prepare yourself for visiting the new area with many adventures and cheers. Be ready for this winter and go forward.

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