Scotland is a magnificent country brimming with history, shining with natural beauty, and hiding enigmatic secrets in every nook and cranny. Located in the northernmost portion of the United Kingdom, Scotland has everything to enchant and mesmerize even the most skeptical tourist. It's no surprise that Scotland received over 150 million visitors in 2019.

When you think of Scotland, picture irregular cliff coastlines, still gray-blue lochs, and wild Highland hills. Visitors can enjoy some of the best road trips in scotland: ancient castles, legendary lakes and the best whisky distilleries. You can even go on a winter walk in the Highlands or visit Edinburgh Castle. With so many alternatives, what are the most incredible destinations to know in Scotland? 

From its unique culture and excellent cuisine to architecture and beautiful landscapes, journey with us as we share with you five of the most remarkable must-see locations in Scotland.

1. Edinburgh


The capital city of Scotland is nothing short of fascinating. Edinburgh's cobbled streets tell ancient stories, and the medieval architecture is rich in history. The beautiful Edinburgh Castle, positioned majestically atop Castle Rock, crowns the city's skyline, a clear symbol of Edinburgh's perseverance throughout time. 

The city lies between the sea and green hills, offering great outdoor opportunities like 'Arthur's Seat’ and other dormant volcanoes. For visitors looking for a touch of Edinburgh's vibrancy, Princes Street, the city's bustling shopping center, is in the city's heart. The Royal Mile, with its lovely shops, taverns, and historical sites that line this ancient street, is also worth a visit. Edinburgh is a fascinating destination due to its rich world of culinary, vibrant atmosphere, history, and nature.

2. Glasgow

Music fans will feel quite at home in Scotland's largest city. The city has birthed some great music bands with a strong indie and alternative music scene. Prepare to be intrigued by Glasgow's vibrant arts and cultural background, as well as its world-class museums and galleries. The beautiful building will keep you taking pictures all day, and the pleasant and welcoming ambiance will make visitors wish they didn't have to leave.

The shopping scene is thriving, with high-end boutiques, popular retail chains, vintage antiques, and locally made crafts. A journey to Glasgow allows you to explore a city full of genuine character, creativity, and excitement.

3. Isle of Skye

 Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye, which many regard as the jewel in Scotland's crown, is a place that will astound you. Known affectionately as the "Misty Isle," the area is packed with charisma that will enthrall guests as soon as they arrive. Its striking geological formations, beautiful landscapes, and medieval castles provide visually appealing imagery. 

The rough mountains have some secret fairy pools along with mesmerizing waterfalls. On the other hand, the quaint coastline villages and magical lochs await realization. Visitors can experience a touch of local life by filling their stomachs with traditional seafood from the vibrant harbors. The Isle of Skye offers a unique experience because of its captivating beauty and rich history.

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4. Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are a sought-after treasure, a sanctuary for nature lovers, hikers, and bikers. The UK's highest peak is in this mountain range, which offers a magical escape into Scotland's never-ending stunning scenery and lush landscape. Ben Nevis lures trekkers from across the country, all eager to tackle this climbing challenge.

The area is rich in culture and history, in addition to its wild, spectacular beauty. While the conventional Highland games, along with ceilidh dances, give a rich cultural experience, the impressive castles and historic battlefields provide a view into the past.

For those looking for a revitalizing journey that will leave them feeling renewed, the Highlands is a great destination.

5. Stirling


Tucked down in the heart of Scotland is a fascinating city full of energy and history. Situated on a volcanic crag, the Stirling Castle attracts attention with its fantastic setting and powerful presence. In addition to being a work of breathtaking beauty, this remarkable architectural structure serves as a portal to Scotland's extensive historical background, which includes numerous royal coronations and armed battles. Stirling Castle not only had a significant impact on Scottish history, but the Wallace Monument also provided insight into the country's independence battle.

Stirling has a distinctive fusion of a vibrant, historically significant arts sector and a welcoming, busy market environment. Ideal for a thrilling and memorable journey.


There are many unique places TravelWise helps people find, especially when taking road trips in Scotland. Every destination offers a different adventure, from the stunning Highland scenery to the historic Edinburgh. Scotland's many attractions will leave you with lifelong memories on your travels, regardless of your interests in history, nature, or culture.

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