We often tend to get bored looking at the same walls, doors, windows, and decor. Thus, revamping your home occasionally can freshen up your daily life and enhance your mood. 

However, when it comes to revamping homes, we usually start with our walls and decor. While repainting your walls is a good option, it is not always the most suitable one.

To repaint your walls, you need to move your furniture and compromise your routine.

However, what if we said you could give your home a fresh look without any of that hassle? 

Hence, in this post, we will explore one of the most chic door styles—the double barn doors. We will find out how it can help you make a simple tweak to enhance your home’s overall look. 

What Is A Double Barn Door? 

Barn doors are gaining popularity in home interiors and exteriors due to their convenience, aesthetics, and ease of installation.

They are charming and rustic, suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. However, the multiple varieties of barn doors have led to confusion and overlap in functionalities. Here are the different types of barn doors: 

  • Single. 
  • Double. 
  • Bypass. 
  • Single bypass. 

Nevertheless, double barn doors are increasingly attracting eyes due to their versatility. They allow light to pass through without obstructing the field of vision.

Moreover, these doors are ideal for small spaces with limited space for opening and closing, as they can easily slide against the wall.

Thus, their sleek design and two slabs of material create an open and wide environment. Designers are increasingly installing barn doors to maintain an open floor plan, create transitions between larger living spaces, and maintain privacy.

Overall, barn doors offer numerous benefits and are becoming increasingly popular in home design. 

Choosing The Perfect Barn Door For Your Home 

Choosing The Perfect Barn Door

Given below are the steps that can help you choose the perfect double barn door for your home revamping— 

1. Decide Where To Place 

When choosing a barn door for your home, it’s important to consider its purpose. Barn doors are ideal for rooms or entryways with limited space for swinging doors but require sufficient wall space to open.

For a stylish touch, consider using barn doors for pantry, closet, office, or bathroom doors. Measure the doorways, stairways, and hallways leading to the room and note their height and width.

The barn door should be slightly larger than the opening of the door frame it will cover. To determine the width of a doorway, measure the inside of the door frame from left to right and add 2″ – 4″ for complete coverage.

If the doorway has a trim, measure the width from one edge to another. Measure the width of the door opening and ensure there is enough space for the door slab to slide open.

If using double barn doors, ensure enough wall space for both doors to clear the opening. 

2. Choose The Right Color 

Door color depends on the desired look and can be divided into hollow and solid. Hollow doors are lighter and less dense, ideal for pantries or closets, and are filled with honeycomb cardboard, making them suitable for insulated rooms.

Moreover, solid core doors made from wood and particle board are heavier, of higher quality, and more expensive, so they are ideal for bedrooms or bathrooms.

The choice of door color depends on the situation, with darker doors creating drama and contrast, while lighter ones create a more subtle and cohesive look.

To choose the right door paint colors, choose complementary colors that work well together, such as shades of the same color in different tones or shades of various colors next to each other on the color wheel. 

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3. Pick The Right Style 

Barn doors are a popular choice for homeowners due to their unique style and utility, offering a convenient alternative to traditional doors requiring extensive open space. They open by sliding against the wall parallel to the doorway, making them ideal for tight spaces.

Barn doors can be installed on top of any finished drywall doorway, providing more flexibility than traditional doors. 

Barn doors offer numerous benefits, including uniqueness, space efficiency, ease of installation, and customization options. They come in various designs, including paneled, glass, and industrial options.

Barn doors can be simple planks of wood or intricate, paneled, glass, or industrial, featuring metal or bold features.

By selecting the right barn door, you can enhance the value of your home and make it stand out. 

4. Choose The Right Material 

Barn doors are a popular home choice, with wood being the most popular material. They can be made from metal, manufactured wood, or other materials, depending on the style of the home.

Metal and double glass barn doors interior suit modern and contemporary homes, while wood complements traditional or rustic homes. MDF is a great budget-friendly option.

Barn doors come in four finishes: primed, stained, unfinished, and painted. Unfinished doors offer a natural, untreated look, while stained doors highlight the deep, natural color of the wood.

Primed doors are ideal for future painting, while painted doors are completely primed and ready to go. 

5. Get The Hardware For Your Door 

When installing slab barn doors, it’s essential to have barn door hardware, including tracks and rollers. With the right hardware, you’ll have complete control over the design.

Barn door kits offer a convenient solution by providing all the components in the same style and finish.

To hang a barn door, you’ll need a track and rollers to slide it along. However, hardware kits provide all the required hardware in one place, including tracks, rollers, screws, and nuts.

Choose the correct kit for your door size and number. Handles, similar to common doorknobs or levers, are a popular choice for barn doors. They make opening and closing the door effortless, no matter how heavy. 

Install Your New Door 

Swinging doors require room to open, which can block or damage walkways and walls in small spaces. On the other hand, barn doors require less floor space and are ideal for smaller apartments or homes.

Furthermore, a real estate report says “barn door” can help homes sell 57 days faster. Moreover, it can fetch a 13.4% higher price than homes without a sliding door.

Lastly, Zillow’s research ranked double barn doors higher than any other design phrase seen in listings.

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