Ever vacationed in Dubai? If you haven’t, there’s a whole new city with towering skyscrapers, luxurious malls, and thrilling adventures to explore. Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world, and if you’re thinking of going on a vacation this festive season, you should visit the “Burj Khalifa” city. 

Many vacationers and tourists that visit Dubai to spend some quality time are repeat visitors, given its glitz and glamour, and many of them stay in rentals, not hotels. Why? Because it’s cozier.  

Finding holiday homes in Dubai to stay in is far better than lodging in the nearest hotel you find. This is because rentals offer you far more comfort and luxury than hotels.

Ditch Hotels, Rentals Are Better 

While traveling to a city that is nothing but luxurious, you need to think about ways of saving every penny. In numerous ways, rentals give you more benefits than hotels. Here are the benefits rentals offer vacationers. 


Rentals offer far more comfort, yet they are considerably cheaper than hotels. Staying in a rental with a well-equipped kitchen allows you to cook your own meals instead of eating out. If you’re also vacationing with some friends, you can all decide to share the cost of booking the rental.

This way, everyone spends less. Once you’ve paid for the duration of your stay, you have access to a furnished living room, well-equipped kitchen, swimming pool, and many other amenities. 

Access To The Culture & Tradition of the Locals 

Dubai has hundreds of rentals situated in neighborhoods. This allows guests to socialize with the locals and get immersed in the culture and traditions of the Dubai people. This makes your vacation experience genuine. 

Hotels don’t offer such an experience. Rentals expose vacationers to the local life of Dubai and they allow visitors to live life like a local. 

Ideal for Remote Workers 

If you’re a remote worker, rentals, not hotels, are also perfect for you. Typically, hotels have busy environments, and this could affect guests. On the contrary, rentals are located in calm, quiet neighborhood environments. 

This gives you the right atmosphere to be more productive. With an entire apartment to yourself, work gets done easily and without much hassle.


In general, rentals are far more flexible than hotels. Typically, hotels are pretty strict on their check-out and check-in times. This could be quite inconvenient for vacationers who stay out till very late hours. 

On the other hand, most rentals offer flexible arrival and departure times to their guests. The flexibility of rentals also extends to the following:

Duration of Stay 

Hotels require guests to book a minimum number of nights they’ll be staying. And this isn’t ideal for vacationers who want to stay for a shorter or longer time. On the other hand, you can book rentals for as long as you intend to stay. 

Whether you want to stay for a short or long time, rentals work either way. 

Number of Guests Allowed 

Hotels have a specific number of guests they allow per room. If you intend to travel with many friends or family members, this won’t be conducive for you all. However, with rentals, there’s ample space and bedding to accommodate you guys. 

Furthermore, the short-term letting lets people stay on a temporary basis. There is partial renting out too, which is not regarded as a holiday home. 


Typically, hotels have limited amenities they offer guests and they usually include restaurants, pools, and gyms. But rentals offer more amenities such as a well-equipped kitchen, game room, an outdoor patio, and a furnished living room.

Plus, you can enjoy all these amenities without leaving the rental. 


Many Dubai hotels don’t allow guests to travel with pets, and this is a problem for vacationers who prefer traveling with their furry friends. Some other hotels only allow pets on the condition of paying additional fees.   

So, if you want to travel with your cat or dog, consider rentals, as many hosts allow their guests to stay with their pets. 

However, not all rentals have the same flexibility in all they offer vacationers. They vary, but generally speaking, rentals are far more flexible than hotels. 

Tips For Vacationing In Dubai

Any place is great if you know the right spots to hit. And Dubai, being one of the most marvellous cities in the world deserves to boast about it. If you truly want to make your trip worthwhile, here are some tips that’ll help you to stay safe:

Dressing Style

It’s against Dubai’s local customs and traditions to wear clothes that reveal sensitive parts of your body in public. So, be sure you dress decently. The public in the city is extremely sensitive. Hence, ensure not to provoke them by dressing in the wrong manner. 

Internet Access

For cheaper internet access, buy a local SIM card. This will save you from the unlimited bills and recharges coming your way. Look out for a SIM card with cheaper plans and buy it for a seamless tour. 


Of course, Dubai is a safe country, but be safety-conscious. Don’t carry large sums of cash to attract criminal elements. Also, ensure to visit a place only if you know everything completely about it. If possible, try bringing someone with you, and never hit a spot alone. 

Have Essential Apps Installed On Your Phone 

The following apps will definitely come in handy when on your Dubai vacation- Uber, Careem, and RTA Dubai. These apps are necessary for transportation and information.


Dubai is a pretty luxurious city to visit. It has top-notch places such as the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world), The Dubai Mall, and many other great places. If you haven’t visited this Arabian city, add it to the list of places you’d like to visit.  

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